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It helps supplement iron deficiencies and covers the demand for vitamins

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    Olimp Chela-Ferr Bio-Complex Iron of new generation!


    Dietary supplement with folic acid, vitamins B6, B12 and vitamin C, containing the best assimilable and the safest form of iron to dose, i.e., amino-acid chelate in an advanced complex with vitamins C, B6, B12 and folic acid. It helps supplement iron deficiencies and covers the demand for vitamins participating in blood production, growth regulation, cell functioning and growth processes.


    What are the effects of iron deficiency in the system?

    Iron is most of all necessary to create red blood cells. The deficiency of this element in the human system appears promptly. The characteristic symptoms are: physical weakness, disorder of sleep, drop of intellectual and mental abilities, defected immunity. Women of childbearing age, pregnant women, teenagers and elderly people are those who most frequently face the problem of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is really common and often causes one of the anaemia types.

    Why should iron be administered together with some vitamins?

    It is particularly recommended to take iron in combination with vitamins C, B6, B12 and folic acid, because these components accelerate the blood production process additionally and independently of iron, thus preventing the occurrence of anaemia.

    Vitamin B6 helps the system administer iron and participates in blood production processes, it also is important for the proper functioning of nervous and immunological systems. Vitamin B12 participates in the production of red blood cells, prevents anaemia and, together with folic acid, plays a significant role in cell separation. Vitamin C facilitates the assimilation of hard assimilable non-hemous iron, present in vegetable products, which increases the global pool of this element in the system and its distribution into bone marrow, where the production of blood elements takes place with the participation of iron.

    Folic acid regulates the growth and functioning of cells, contributes to proper fetal development in the maternal womb and induces blood production processes.


    Which iron preparations are most efficiently utilized by the system?

    In general, iron is poorly assimilable, therefore, the forms of iron with the highest extent of bio-accessibility should be used in the supplementation process. The most efficient type of supplement is iron in the form of amino-acid chelate (Chela-Ferr Bio-complex), whose assimilability is several times higher than ordinary iron preparations. It is also the safest form of iron offered on the supplement market.


    Electron micrography comparing the intestinal absorption of inorganic iron originating from sulphate to FERROCHEL amino-acid chelate


    Other preparation (with iron sulphate)


    Absorption of iron from sulphate. Non-assimilated iron is visible below the villi and only a low amount of absorbed iron on the villi (red).
    Absorption of iron amino-acid chelate.
    The areas marked in red on the villi indicate a high absorption of iron into the intestinal mucous cells


    Ref.: Ashmead HD, et al. Intestinal Absorption of Metalion Sand Chelates (Springfield Charles C. Thomas) 1985

    Proper iron absorption from the alimentary tract is provided by the amino-acid chelates made of this element, characterized with unusually high bio-accessibility and total safety of use.


    Ferrochel® - ALBION® iron amino-acid chelate used in CHELA-FERR BIO-COMPLEX® preparation received the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) Certificate from the American Health Department FDA.
    EFSA European Food Safety Authority also recognized Ferrochel® as a safe and bio-accessible product. Ref.: http://www.albion-an.com/human/Certifications.htm


    Who is CHELA-FERR BIO-COMPLEX® recommended to?


    The product is particularly recommended to pregnant women or women planning pregnancy, women in their premenstrual period, in anaemic conditions, people with iron deficiencies and endurance sportsmen.


    REMEMBER! When choosing mineral preparations always look for the ALBION ® MINERALS logo.


    Albion Laboratories®, is the only company worldwide to have designed a more precise and effective procedure for transformation of minerals to the form which is highly assimilated by the body. Albion®’s unique technology of mineral chelation (a special way of binding them to amino acids) means minerals are more than tenfold more absorbable than traditional preparations! Moreover, they are resistant to the action of anti-nutritive components, they do not antagonize vitamin action and they are linked to lower risk of overdosage. The result of Albion’s novel, patented achievement in production of minerals can be found in OLIMP CHELA-FERR bio complex®.

    Note! Olimp Laboratories® use IRON AMINO-ACID CHELATE from ALBION® only for the production of Chela-Ferr Bio-complex® - superbly assimilable and safest form of iron obtained in a unique patent protected technology owned by ALBION®.


    Do not purchase cheap, unchecked preparations. You would be putting your health and good condition at risk!

    Dosage for Chela Ferr Bio Complex

    It is best to take 1 capsule once a day, after a selected meal or otherwise upon consultation with a physician.

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