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Praetorian Magnesium Citrate - Gods Rage

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Strengthen your body with the highest quality form of vital magnesium with the best bioavailability that would be worthy of a true praetorian

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If you want to belong to the elite of warriors against cold steel, heavy weights and all enemies of the Empire, your supplementation must fulfil this claim of the elite.

Strengthen your body with the highest quality form of vital magnesium with the best bioavailability that would be worthy of a true praetorian.

"Vivere militare est. To live means to fight. Praetorians! In the rows Minifex! I am Praefecto Praetorii. My command is subordinated to the elite of Rome. The spearhead of the Imperial Army. Nine cohorts, armored legionnaires, cavalry, scouts and mobile artillery. Over 5000 of Rome's best fighters are under my command. The Emperor may show mercy to the enemy who stands against him. I won’t! Caesar, call the Praetorians to arms and I will conquer the Elysium. We are the sword arm of the Emperor. We are the Emperor's armoured fist. As the main troop of the Eternal City, we are the instrument of the emperor to fight conspiracies and rebellions and quell unrest. We are the core of the imperial power. Ave Caesar! Honor and strength!"

Product Highlights:

  • Contains magnesium citrate, the form of magnesium that shows the highest bioavailability and that will be absorbed better than any other form of magnesium by your body.
  • Magnesium is essential for an optimal functioning of your steel hard muscles and your nervous system
  • Magnesium promotes the energy production of your body to help you survive even the longest and most merciless battles
  • Magnesium promotes the stability of your bones and joints to make them withstand even the heaviest of inhumane weights without damage
  • Magnesium promotes healthy heart function - may your heart always beat powerfully for honour and glory
  • Magnesium can help prevent muscle cramping and will prevent your muscles from ever letting you down when you need them most in combat
  • High dosage of 625 mg of magnesium per serving, sufficient to meet the needs of the toughest fighters of the Roman Empire
  • Comes as delicious drink instead of bulky capsules that will give you a well-deserved refreshment after hard fights

Why Magnesium may decide over Victory or Defeat during your merciless Battles against overpowering Opponents and the cold steel of the heavy Weights....

Sometimes a small amount of a metal that is crucial to your body may be more important than the steel of your razor-sharp sword that can kill any opponent with one blow - or the steel of your ornate breastplate protecting you from the weapons of your enemies. Of course we are talking about magnesium which is probably the most important mineral, when it comes to improving the performance of your muscles and the resilience of your bones and joints, which may add more to your fighting power than your weapons could.

Magnesium is an essential component of a myriad of compounds in your body, including hundreds of enzymes that are essential for the energy and protein metabolism of your body. Without these enzymes, your body could not produce the energy you need for murderous fights on the battlefield or in the weight room, nor build the muscles you need to defeat your opponents and the inhuman weights during your merciless workouts.

These enzymes that are so important for your fighting power also include the enzymes your body desperately needs to burn body fat for fuel. Not only do these enzymes support your fat loss and help you to shape the steel-hard and defined body of a Roman elite fighter - they can also sustain your physical performance and stamina during the longest battles of your life by an increased use of body fat for fuel by your hard-working muscles and by sparing your precious muscle glycogen stores. Magnesium also fulfils other important tasks inside your muscles, which can decisively contribute to your fighting power. Amongst other things magnesium is involved in transmitting impulses to your nerves and muscles, and this impulse transmission is, what ultimately will make powerful muscle contractions possible in the first place.

At the same time magnesium is also responsible for the relaxation of your muscles. Even though this may not seem to be important for fighting ability at first glance, a relaxation of your muscles is just as important as hard and powerful contractions. Without this ability for a muscle relaxation, painful cramps that could paralyze you during the crucial phase of your struggle could quickly set in.

However, the essential importance of this relaxing effect of magnesium is not just limited to the muscles you use to fight your opponents and to move tons of heavy weights. An inadequate relaxation of the muscles of your bronchial tubes can literally take your breath away during a brutal fight and may even lead to a shortness of breath or asthma attacks in extreme cases.

This relaxing effect also affects the smooth muscle tissue in the walls of your blood vessels. If these muscles can not sufficiently relax, this may lead to high blood pressure and a shortened supply of your hard-working muscles with oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood. This is just the opposite of what countless warriors and strength athletes achieve by the use of pump boosters and what has contributed so crucially to the fame and fighting power of Spartacus.

However, the power of magnesium is not limited solely to the unbridled power of your steel-hard muscles and your infinite energy during merciless battles. Like calcium, magnesium is also critical for the stability and strength of your bones and joints. A lack of magnesium can make your bones fragile and lead to joint discomfort - and which praetorian fighter could be victorious when he limps, groaning because of joint pain on the battlefield and has to fear that his bones could break if he strikes too hard ...

Why should a heroic Fighter of the Roman Empire supplement with Magnesium?

Although it may seem paradoxical that there may be something like a lack of any nutrient in our world of wealth and abundance of food, more than half of the population suffers from a more or less pronounced magnesium deficiency.

This is primarily related to our unhealthy diet that is dominated by heavily processed foods and fast foods. Additionally, the stress we experience on a daily basis and our hard physical exertion during battles, exercise and other physically demanding activities further an increase of our magnesium needs. Even banal and seemingly unsuspected factors like alcohol consumption, certain medications such as diuretics, antihypertensive or laxative drugs, as well as an increased mineral loss through our sweat, can significantly increase our daily magnesium requirements.

The Praetorians prevented a potential magnesium deficiency by an above-average diet that was rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and other delicacies from all provinces of the Roman Empire. And even simple staple foods such as bread were rich in magnesium in ancient Rome, since they did not consist of highly processed flour, purified from all wholesome ingredients, like it is the case with our bread. Of course it would be best to take on the example of the Praetorian Guard. Unfortunately this is not always possible thanks to our hectic lives - and in this case Praetorian Magnesium Citrate is a convenient and delicious source of this vital mineral.

What makes Praetorian Magnesium Citrate the Elite Fighter of Magnesium Products?

Just like there are large differences between a simple Roman legionnaire and a soldier from the Praetorian Guard, different magnesium products available on the market differ significantly in their effectiveness and bioavailability. Numerous products contain only simple and cheap magnesium carbonate, which shows only a modest bioavailability and will not be absorbed very well by your body. Using such a product is like trying to fight a sword of forged steel with a wooden club.

At Praetorian Magnesium Citrate we use only magnesium citrate as the name already states clearly. This citrate form of magnesium offers the highest bioavailability of all magnesium forms available on the market and can be used optimally by your body.

Since Praetorian Magnesium Citrate is a product for the toughest of all elite fighters, we did not settle for the lousy daily needs of a sedentary, decadent, fat, Roman senator, but instead used 166% of the average daily magnesium requirement per serving to make sure that Praetorian Magnesium Citrate will meet the increased demands of any hard-working and fiercely fighting elite warrior.

Since it would be difficult to pack such a mega dose of magnesium into a small, easy-to-swallow capsule, we launched Praetorian Magnesium Citrate as a delicious beverage powder, giving you your daily dose of magnesium in form of a refreshing, fruity drink.

It is no shame to be defeated by an overpowering opponent in a hard but fair fight - but it is all the more disgraceful to bring about your own defeat by such a trivial negligence as an inadequate supply of magnesium. Do not let yourself be thrown into the dust by something as trivial as a magnesium deficiency!


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Praetorian, pour 5g (1 scoop) powder into your mouth and swallow it with at least 200ml of water. Bene tibi!

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