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The new and groundbreaking way to deliver your magnesium supplements right through the skin into the bloodstream. No other form of magnesium achieves similar absorption rates and no other form of magnesium can match the bioavailability of magnesium oil!

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    The new and groundbreaking way to deliver your magnesium supplements right through the skin into the bloodstream. No other form of magnesium achieves similar absorption rates and no other form of magnesium can match the bioavailability of magnesium oil!

    Product highlights

    • improved absorption and bioavailability compared to capsule, powders or effervescent tablets
    • no intestinal side effect such as diarrhea and other issues that are common with oral magnesium supplements
    • easy to use
    • no pills and capsules you have to swallow
    • fast absorption and immediate effects
    • boosts chronically deficient magnesium levels into the normal range up to six times faster
    • can be used locally to prevent cramps and promote muscle recovery
    • easily tolerable even for people with very sensitive skin

    Why do I want to make sure that I get enough magnesium?

    • magnesium is important for the optimal function of muscles and nerves
    • magnesium promotes the energy production in the human body
    • magnesium is necessary to build muscle protein
    • magnesium promotes the stability and strength of bones and teeth
    • magnesium can prevent cramping in people with low(ish) magnesium levels
    • magnesium promotes cardiovascular health

    What exactly is GN Laboratories' Magnesium Oil?

    Our new Magnesium Oil is the logical next step in magnesium supplementation. Thanks to GN Laboratories, you will never have to swallow annoying tablets or capsules again to make sure that you get enough magnesium on a daily basis.

    GN Laboratories' Magnesium Oil contains 31% magnesium-chloride – that's the maximal amount you can properly solve in water. Due to its high potency, you will get the recommended daily allowance of magnesium (RDA) with only 3-4 ml of Magnesium Oil (1 ml = 103 mg of elemental magnesium).

    You will now probably be asking yourself whether it is even a good idea to solve magnesium in water to then apply it onto your skin instead of swallowing it in capsule form. Well, the main differences to oral preparations are: (A) When GN's Magnesium Oil is applied to the skin it will simply bypass the digestive tract and get right into the screen. (B) Magnesium Oil has immediate effects: even the touch of the oily liquid (there's no oil in Magnesium Oil, but it has the same texture due to the high MgCl content) on your skin is going to help your muscles relax.

    Don't make the mistake to think of Magnesium Oil was nothing but a gimmick for people who cannot swallow large(r) pills, though. As you are about to learn in the following paragraphs, there's much more that speaks in favor of Magnesium Oil compared to any other form of administration: scientific studies which unequivocally confirm that Magnesium Oil is superior to any other oral form of magnesium supplements – studies we are going to discuss in the following.

    Why is Magnesium Oil from GN Laboratories superior to any other form of magnesium such as tablets, capsules or effervescent tablets?

    The answer to this question is easy. Usually magnesium is supplemented in capsules, pills, powders or, after dissolving an effervescent tablet, in water. The problem with any of these methods is that they use the oral administration route which achieves a bioavailability of maximally 20% - in some cases, personal health issues or even something as simple as your last meal will reduce this figure even further.

    Among the most important factors that inhibit the absorption of magnesium in the intestinal tract is a lack of stomach acid. Especially older people tend to suffer from low stomach acid levels and will thus have a hard time to absorb oral magnesium supplements. In addition, the previously hinted at food ingredients, more specifically tannins, oxalic acid and phytic acid, which can be found in large amounts in many healthy food products, like tea, whole grains or spinach, can significantly impair the uptake of magnesium from the digestive tract.

    Unfortunately, you cannot overcome these problems by simply taking more magnesium. Why's that? Well, first of all, any increase in the amount of magnesium in your digestive tract will further reduce the uptake efficacy. And second-, and more importantly, high(er) doses of magnesium are a bulletproof way to get diarrhea. It will thus take months or even longer to replete low magnesium levels with nothing but oral magnesium supplements.

    The good news is that GN's Magnesium Oil has no such limitations. Its absorbed right through the skin and thus avoids all the previously described digestive problems. Diarrhea is thus never going to be a problem with Magnesium Oil – against that background, the fact that you do no longer have to swallow pills or capsules is actually of really minor importance.

    Now, skeptics will rightly ask themselves, whether magnesium can actually be taken up in significant amount via the skin. We can assure you, however, that scientific studies have shown that this does not just work, but that magnesium oil applied to the skin will increase your magnesium levels significantly more effectively than oral supplements. A seminal paper from the year 2005, for example, showed that the magnesium levels of subjects with chronically low magnesium were restored to the normal range within only 4-6 weeks of using Magnesium Oil. With oral preparations, this process took 6-12 months! As you can see, Magnesium Oils, such as our newest product, are not just an alternative to pills, capsules and powders, they are the better magnesium supplements.

    Ah, … and there's more: Magnesium Oil isn't just absorbed significantly faster, it can also be applied topically, right where you want it to work its anti-cramping magic – like on your calves, for example, or any muscle part you want to recover faster.

    Why is magnesium so important for your body?

    Magnesium is a mineral that is involved in a plethora of vital physiological processes in your body. This means that a lack of magnesium can have anything from annoying to downright life-threatening consequences, because without sufficient magnesium all these processes will work suboptimally or not at all.

    Magnesium is an important constituent of hundreds of enzymes in the human body. It is involved in the carbohydrate and protein metabolism. For the latter, it is in fact so essential that you cannot build a single gram of muscle without sufficient magnesium. Magnesium is also important for the energy production in the mitochondria of your cells and it is an essential regulator of the signal transduction from nerve to muscle, where it is an essential factor for optimal performance. Since magnesium is also used in the process of fatty acid oxidation, it should not surprise you that it has been shown to promote fat loss and improve endurance performance – mostly, because it will allow your body to tap into its fat stores when you work out.

    Finally, it should be mentioned that magnesium is also a muscle relaxant and thus an agent that can prevent muscle cramps and twitches. The very same mechanism is also responsible for its effects on your bronchia and blood vessels, and the subsequent amelioration of breathing problems like asthma, and hypertension (high blood pressure).

    The last thing on the long list of magnesium benefits is one that is often falsely ascribed exclusively to calcium: bone and tooth health, for which magnesium is just as if not more important than calcium.

    Why are so many people magnesium deficient?

    Several scientific papers from organization such as the WHO or the European Uniwn show that almost half of the world's population consume too little magnesium to cover at least their baseline requirements of 300-400mg per day. This is particularly detrimental for people who are exposed to a high amount of stress, because their magnesium requirements are elevated, anyways.

    But why don't people get enough magnesium? Well, that's partly because we initially don't even notice that we lack magnesium, because our bodies will simply remove it from bones and soft tissue. A thus magnesium depleted body will need months if not years to fully replenish its stores, even if the serum levels look normal.

    The reasons for the lack of magnesium in our diets are manifold. There's the high stress level, which increases our magnesium requirements significantly. And there's the ever-increasing percentage of highly processed low magnesium foods in our diet and the lack of unprocessed, healthy, high magnesium foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole gains or other products that are naturally rich in magnesium.

    If this diet is then combined with medications such as diuretics, ACE inhibitors, or other blood pressure controlling drugs and / or laxatives, a magnesium deficit is inevitable – and that's even more true for athletes who are losing extra electrolytes in their sweat.

    As you can see, there's a whole bunch of excellent reasons to do something for your health and to prevent becoming magnesium deficiency by using GN Laboratories Magnesium Oil!

    How is Magnesium Oil applied?

    If you want to cover your daily magnesium requirements, …

    … apply 5-10 pumps of Magnesium Oil (that's ~75-150 mg of elemental magnesium) on your skin wherever you want: arms, shoulders, legs, abs – everything works; and massage the liquid in to improve absorption.

    If you want to improve your endurance and recovery during and after workouts, …

    … apply 5-10 pumps of Magnesium Oil (that's ~75-150 mg of elemental magnesium) right onto the trained muscle and massage it in; this will significantly accelerate your recovery.

    If you want to combat muscle cramps

    Apply 5-10 pumps of Magnesium Oil (that's ~75-150 mg of elemental magnesium) on the muscle group that's affected by the cramping and massage it in

    After 10-15 minutes any magnesium oil that has not been absorbed, yet, may be washed off.

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