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Warm Up Performance - GN Laboratories

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  • Content: 150ml

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Convenient, easy to apply warming foam for an optimal warm up of your muscles before exercise and for treating, muscle pain, joint pain and back pain

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6,16 €

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Convenient, easy to apply warming foam for an optimal warm up of your muscles before exercise and for treating, muscle pain, joint pain and back pain

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to apply foam without the unpleasant greasy feel you know from thermal ointments
  • Fast onset of warming effects
  • Supports warm-up before exercise
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Helps to prevent sports injuries
  • Counteracts muscle spasms
  • Pain relief for muscle, joint and back pain
  • Circulation-promoting effect
  • Ideal for treating acute sports injuries in combination with our Muscle Cooling Spray
  • Free of side effects such as skin irritation or skin flushes

What are the benefits of WARM UP compared to thermal ointments and creams?

Thermal ointments are very popularity amongst athletes and people who suffer from muscle, joint or back pain. But even if these ointments work, they share some significant disadvantages compared to our WARM UP thermal spray. Who does not know this unpleasant, greasy feeling on the skin that only disappears when the ointment is completely absorbed? A thermal spray like our WARM UP that is applied in form of a foam will be absorbed immediately and does not have the greasy consistency you know from many thermal ointments. The second advantage of our WARM Up thermal spray is that its effects will set in immediately. This is especially useful when WARM UP is used for a pre-workout warm-up of your muscles or for treating acute sports injuries where every minute counts. In addition, WARM UP is free from unwanted side effects does not cause any skin irritation or skin rashes.

WARM UP for relief of muscle, joint and back pain, as well as for treating sports injuries

Treatment of chronic back, muscle and joint pain, as well as rheumatic pain is probably the best known field of application for thermal products such as sprays, ointments and thermal patches. Since these products stimulate circulation of the affected tissue, there is a better supply of oxygen and nutrients while at the same time toxic metabolites can be removed faster. This circulation-promoting effect can also be beneficial for treating chronic sports injuries such as tendon inflammations or tennis elbow, because these ailments are often accompanied by a restricted blood flow to the affected area which impairs the healing process. Heat and increased blood flow also counteract muscle tension and muscle spasms, which are often the underlying causes of muscle and back pain. In addition the heat generated by an application of WARM UP can reduce inflammations and relieve pain and other discomfort. In acute sports injuries such as sprains, muscle strains, ligament strains, muscle and tendon tears, dislocations and bruising a cooling spray such as our Muscle Cooling Spray is the product of choice for an initial treatment of these injuries to minimize potential consequential damage. WARM UP can be used to compliment such an initial treatment.

The use of a cooling spray serves two purposes. The first one is to alleviate pain by blocking the pain receptors and to prevent bruising and bleeding in the affected tissue by a cold-induced constriction of blood vessels. 15 minutes after applying a cooling spray, an effect can be observed that is called reactive hyperaemia - a kind of rebound effect in response to hypothermia, resulting in an increased blood flow and a feeling of warmth in the previously cooled area. This effect results in a better supply of the injured tissue with oxygen and nutrients needed for the healing process. The desired increased blood circulation can be significantly enhanced by using WARM UP 15 minutes after applying our Muscle Cooling Spray. Ideally, such an alternating cold and heat treatment should be performed several times during the first 2 days after a sports injury.

WARM UP to support a pre-workout warm up and to prevent sports injuries

The usage of WARM UP is not limited to treating muscle, joint and back pain and acute sports injuries. Many athletes use WARM UP directly before exercising to warm up their muscles and to increase blood circulation for a better supply of their muscles with oxygen and nutrients, as well as faster removal of toxic metabolites during exercise. In addition, a heat treatment with WARM UP counteracts cramps and muscle tensions and can thereby prevent sports injuries.

WARM UP for supporting post-workout recovery

After intense workouts, WARM UP can help accelerate post-workout recovery of your muscles by improving blood circulation. As a result your exhausted muscles can be better supplied with nutrients, oxygen and endogenous anabolic hormones needed for recovery and growth. In addition, WARM UP provides a muscle relaxant effect that prevents muscle tensions after exercise while effectively counteracting excessive inflammatory responses caused by exercise-induced micro trauma that can impair and prolong the post-workout recovery process. A faster post-workout recovery means that you can get back to the gym faster to stimulate strength and muscle gains. WARM UP is a versatile thermal product with benefits that go far beyond treating pain and tension.

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