Scrunch butt leggings 222 Grey - Nebbia

Scrunch butt leggings 222 Grey - Nebbia


Scrunch butt leggings 222 Grey - Nebbia

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    One of the most demanded leggings in new color!

    Leggings with scrunch butt are made of ultra-cozy material which features great combination of comfort, functionality and perfect fit!

    Leggings 222 from our Melange collection are suitable for all kinds of work out or just for casual wear. They don’t loose out while you’re running, jumping or doing squats thanks to the special belt made of silicone rubber with small NEBBIA logos inside. Every woman will fall in love with voluminous effect on back side ("scrunch butt") which is perfectly highlighting your well shaped gluts! ;) The material which is bringing these awesome leggings ensure, that you will be not only looking perfect, but also feeling perfect! It's must have of every fitness queen!

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