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Protect your musculoskeletal system with a legion of powerful ingredients from damage and wear during hard and brutal battles, and optimize healing, regeneration, and rebuilding of your joints that have been battered in countless glorious battles.

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Do not let wear and tear and joint problems affect your fighting power.

Protect your musculoskeletal system with a legion of powerful ingredients from damage and wear during hard and brutal battles, and optimize healing, regeneration, and rebuilding of your joints that have been battered in countless glorious battles.

Product Highlights:

  • Supports the maintenance of stable and resilient joints and will effectively counteract the development of signs of wear and other joint problems, so that you can emerge victoriously from endless glorious battles in many years to come
  • Will provide your body with all the important building blocks it desperately needs to regenerate, rebuild, and maintain healthy joints
  • Offers a highly effective antioxidant protection of your joints from damage caused by aggressive free radicals that will inevitably be produced in large amounts during hard and brutal fights
  • Boosts the resilience of your joints against harsh shocks and compression forces caused by brutal hits of your opponents or heavy weights in the gym
  • Promotes the production of synovial fluid, which lubricates your joints and promotes a smooth functioning of your joints while will preventing wear and tear
  • Promotes recovery and healing of worn and damaged joints
  • Possesses strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can relieve joint pain and swelling and will help you to forget about all your joint problems during combat
  • Can relieve joint stiffness and improve your joint mobility
  • Contains highly effective ingredients that can relieve pain as effectively as certain pharmaceutical painkillers - without any unwanted side effects
  • Will tackles the root of the problem instead of simply fighting the symptoms like painkillers
  • Highly effective formula that relies on scientifically proven ingredients in extreme dosages
  • Maximum bioavailability and effect of the ingredients thanks to the innovative absorption enhancer piperin

Do not allow joint complaints to put you out of action!

What could be more lamentable for a glorious legionary in the service of Rome, who has always been heroic and victorious in countless battles against the enemies of the Roman Empire, than being driven to his knees and put out of action by something as miserable as joint pain? How humiliating must it be for a real fighter, when worn or injured articular cartilage manages to do what not even the strongest opponent in combat was able to achieve? Is this the fate of any hard fighter?

In the past, the answer to this question would probably have been "yes," but we have good news for you. Thanks to intensive research and months of testing and further refinement, we have managed to declare war on all joint complaints and signs of wear and tear with Legion Joints. And Legion Joints is the name of the game. This unique formula is like an invincible legion of powerful ingredients with scientifically proven effects. Every single ingredient is highly effective on its own, but united as a glorious legion these legionaries will support each other in the fight against joint wear, joint pain and limitations of mobility and thus become truly invincible.

The power of Legion Joints resembles the Roman legions during the legendary Battle of Zama, where the brave Legions won a glorious victory against Hannibal’s numerically superior army that was even supported by war elephants because of their cohesion and strategy. And just as powerful as these legendary legions, Legion Joints will take on the fight against even the worst joint pain and erosion of your joints and help you to win this fight, even if you were firmly convinced that you had lost this fight forever.


  • Titel:Mega Geschmack und Wirkung!
    Meinem einen Knie was ewig Probleme gemacht hat, geht es nun deutlich besser... bzw habe ich keine Beschwerden mehr! Der Geschmack ist auch richtig lecker
  • Titel:Für Gelenke so tragfähig wie die Säulen des Olymp!
    Der Geschmack ist top!
    Selbst einfach in den Rachen gekippt und mit einem Schluck Wasser runtergespült schmeckt das Pulver sehr gut.
    Die Wirkung wird sich erst noch zeigen, aber die Inhaltsstoffe sind vielversprechend.
  • Titel:Qualitativ hochwertig
    Der Geschmack ist jetzt nicht der Brüller, aber man kann es trinken. Die Inhaltsstoffe finde ich sehr gut und die Verpackung sieht auch Bombe aus.
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legionary, pour 10 g (1 scoop) powder into a shaker and mix it with at least 400 ml of water. Bene tibi!

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