Velvet Boyfriend Hose 649 Grey - Nebbia

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Velvet Boyfriend Hose 649 GREY - NEBBIA

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47,93 €

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Velvet Boyfriend Hose GREY - NEBBIA

New SIGNATURE LINE presents models inspired by beautiful feminine elements from Beautiful Inside & Out collection and also by your maximum comfort.

Feel nice and super comfy in our new soft sweatpants. Forget the classic design of the pants, the favourite "drop crotch" cut is really perfect to wear - at home, in the gym or during your workout. This model is made from beautiful extra-pleasant material that is airy, soft and fluffy.

Rubber in waist and hems and thin strip with NEBBIA logo on the sides. It’s upon you if you wear it with feminine sport bra or you choose cute boys‘ look ☺

  • soft fluffy material
  • „drop crotch“ cut
  • airy and comfy
  • rubber in waist
  • two pockets
  • thin lace strip on the sides with NEBBIA logo
  • rubber on hems
  • material: 81% cotton, 19% polyester

Take care of your clothes and your planet

  • Wash at lower temperatures
  • Do not iron and dry in dryer
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • If you don’t want your clothes anymore, recycle it or give away ☺

How wonderful is it to be a WOMAN, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if we are tall or tiny, blond, brunette or redhead, with cute freckles and imperfect sun-kissed skin, with a juicy butt or small tits. It doesn’t matter if we love hard workout, thoughtful yoga or dance of any type. It is important to be confident, healthy and in love with our bodies. Because we are all BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT.

We have created the line that best represent the heart and soul of NEBBIA - the new SIGNATURE LINE of Beautiful Inside & Out collection. This new line is the best of the best of what we have ever produced. It is our definition of perfect. It’s all in the details. Because details matter.

We will be glad to have you in our NEBBIA family and to see you enjoing wearing our clothes. Let’s inspire together every woman and girl around you, to be proud of herself :)

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