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Train HARDER - B.A.M

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The perfect Intra-Workout Supplementation - the prodigal Son of the Supplement Industry

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Probably the most comprehensive Intra-Workout supplement the market has to offer, that will give you everything you need for murderous workouts with extreme intensity!

Product Highlights:

  • Super human strength and maximum energy for gruelling workouts
  • Maximum delay of muscle fatigue and increased endurance during your workouts to allow you these last, all-important reps for maximum gains
  • Extreme, formally skin-busting muscle pump
  • Accelerated recovery during and after your workouts that will allow for more frequent, longer, more intense and more productive workouts
  • Prevention of an exercise induced catabolic state during your workouts
  • Stimulation of your muscle protein synthesis for maximum gains of hard and lean muscle mass
  • Maximum supply of your hard-working muscles with urgently needed oxygen, essential nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones
  • Faster removal of exercise induced toxic metabolic waste products from your hard working muscles
  • Increased exercise energy and maximally filled muscle glycogen stores because of an innovative complex of fast and slowly digestible carbohydrates
  • Contains not only BCAAs, but all the essential amino acids your body needs to build maximum amounts of rock-solid muscle mass and for an optimum recovery
  • Optimum hydration of your muscles with the help of added electrolytes and other hydration promoting ingredients
  • Antioxidative protection of your muscles from damage caused by free radicals that are produced in high amounts during exercise.
  • Maximum bioavailability and absorption of the active ingredients thanks to an innovative digestive complex
  • Fast absorption without unnecessary stress for your digestive tract
  • Free of stimulants

The perfect Intra-Workout Supplementation - the prodigal Son of the Supplement Industry

You'll find an almost infinite amount of different pre-workout and post-workout products on the market, but when it comes to truly effective intra-workout products, things will get pretty tough. This phenomenon is completely incomprehensible when you start to realize the dramatic positive effects the right intra-workout supplementation can have on your exercise performance, your strength, your stamina and your gains.

Why do we use tons of effective supplement ingredients such as BCAAs, EAAs, innovative carbohydrate blends, citrulline, creatine, and more before our workouts, and then wait until after our workout before we ingest more important nutrients? Such an approach is not particularly effective. We will be well supplied with all the nutrients that will enable us to perform with maximum energy at the beginning of our workout, when we are still fresh and rested. But at the end of our workout, when we are exhausted due to our previous intensive efforts, there will only be traces left of these nutrients that are so important for our performance.

Okay, there are some products on the market that call themselves intra-workout supplements, but if you take a closer look at them, you will see that these products are just re-labeled BCAA or, at best, EAA products. Really effective and innovative would be something different.

This situation inspired us to develop a REAL intra-workout product that will cover all aspects necessary for hard, intense and above all productive workouts and maximum gains of hard and lean muscle mass and brutal strength. But which aspects are we talking about here? Well, an intra-workout product that deserves this name should at least provide you with maximum workout energy and delay the onset of muscle fatigue as much as possible to enable you to execute brutal sets with maximum weights that will provide a maximum stimulus for gains of mass and strength.

In addition to this, such a product should prevent the occurrence an exercise-induced catabolic state during your gruelling, intensive workout to prevent any muscle degradation during exercise and speed up your recovery post-workout as much as possible.

This should be accompanied by a stimulation of your muscle protein synthesis during and after your workout. To make this possible, you must supply your muscles with all the necessary building blocks. Of course, an optimum hydration and a protection of your hard working muscles from damage caused by free radicals, which are produced in large quantities as part of the energy metabolism during intense physical exertions, should not be missing. And an intense, formally skin bursting pump during your workout would also be a nice addition.

Apart from this, a perfect intra-workout supplement should of course accelerate your recovery during and post-workout, promote the replenishment of your muscle glycogen stores, and ideally also reduce an exercise-induced muscle soreness to get you ready for your next brutal and merciless workout as fast as possible. Oh yes, such a product should also be easily digestible and should not stress your digestive tract.

You may now think that such a combination of features is completely impossible, but we are here to tell you that Train Harder will do all of this and much more.


  • Titel:BAM!!
    Kohlenhydrate auf der besseren Art und Weise!
  • Titel:Dieses Produkt hat auf dem deutschen Markt gefehlt!
    Endlich! Das lästige mixen von den unterschiedlichen Supplements hat durch dieses Produkt endlich ein Ende!
    Und nicht nur das! Es hat noch mehr Highlights drin wie Electrolyte die man sonst wohl kaum nutzt.
    Absolutes MUST HAVE Produkt fürs Training!
    Mein Favorit ist lemon :)
  • Titel:Innovativ & Einzigartig
    Früher primär Wasser während des Trainings getrunken, später Saft Schorlen, dann Intra Workout selbst gemixed.

    Nachteil: Dauer ewig, zu viele unterschiedliche Geschmäcker zusammen gemixed und die Löslichkeit war mies.

    Mit Train Harder erübrigt sich alles, Zusammensetzung ist on point und die Löslichkeit geht auch nicht besser
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