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Curcumin Novasol® - Gods Rage

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  • Content: 60 capsules

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Spartan Curcumin is one of the most potent active ingredients to support your immune system and your health

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Curcumin Novasul - Spartan Blood


Spartan Curcumin is one of the most potent active ingredients to support your immune system and your health. Spartan Blood liquid therefore contains curcumin in the form of the patented active ingredient NovaSOL®, so that you become strong as if the blood of a Spartan was flowing through your veins.


Product highlights

  • pure Curcumin NovaSOL®
  • optimal availability due to the active ingredient in dissolved form
  • anti-inflammatory effects and relief from joint problems
  • promotes bone and joint health
  • relieves indigestion and promotes healthy digestion supporting effect on your organs
  • strong antioxidant effect
  • highest quality made in Germany


What makes Spartan Blood so special? Curcumin is a naturally occurring curcuminoid in the turmeric plant that has been scientifically proven to have a variety of health benefits. The turmeric plant has therefore been used in naturopathy for over 2,000 years to alleviate various symptoms and to help heal illnesses and injuries.

However, the absorption of curcumin poses some problems for the human body. Curcumin is not soluble in water and is therefore poorly transported to the intestinal wall, where it can be absorbed and processed by our body. The new Spartan Blood from Gods Rage does not have this problem due to its already solved form and the use of pure Curcumin NovaSOL®.

The patented active ingredient NovaSOL® not only ensures unrivaled product quality, but the particularly pure and dissolved form of curcumin also ensures that the bioavailability is 185 times higher than that of comparable curcumin products. Due to the specially developed form, your body can use Spartan Blood optimally to fully support your immune system, your musculoskeletal system and your organs.

Spartan Blood Curcumin NovaSOL®. So that your health is strong like a spartan phalanx


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    Transparente beschreibung, wo ich direkt weiß auch wofür ich das produkt nutzen kann.
    Vom Kundenservice empfohlen und ich kann es auch weiter empfehlen!
  • Titel:Curcumin
    Liquid Caps direkt probiert und für super verträglich empfunden, ich habe auch nicht diesen scharfen geschmack wie sonst bei anderen.
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spartan, consume two (2) liquid caps a day with plenty of fluid.

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