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  • Content: 90 capsules

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The traditional medicinal plant used in the traditional Chinese medicine that possesses a wide range of very interesting health benefits.

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The traditional medicinal plant used in the traditional Chinese medicine that possesses a wide range of very interesting health benefits.

Product Highlights:

  • 1000 mg Astragalus extract per serving
  • Standardized for 10% biologically active polysaccharides
  • Stimulates the function of the immune system
  • Immuno-regulating effect, that can reduce an overreaction of the immune system in allergies
  • Protects the liver and kidneys from stress and damage
  • Improves the blood fat levels and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Protects the nerve cells from damage
  • Can lower blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity
  • Has promising effects for cancer therapy
  • As an effective Adaptogen it can relieve stress and help with exhaustion, weakness and loss of appetite

What is Astragalus and what are the active ingredients?

Astragalus is one of the best-known medicinal plants of the traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of diseases and as tonic. The primary used part of this medicinal plant is the root, which contains the highest content of biologically active ingredients. The seeds of the plant are also used for some fields of application.

Astragalus belongs to the family of leguminous plants grows in China, Korea, Mongolia and Siberia. The root of the plant contains two groups of polysaccharides called astragalans and astraglucans, as well as two groups of triterpene saponins, known as astraglosides and isoastraglosides as active ingredients. The extract we use is standardized for a high content of 10% polysaccharides in order to guarantee you a constant effect.

What are the health benefits of Astragalus?

Astragalus has a wide range of health benefits, including a stimulating effect on the immune system, a positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system and a protection of the detoxification organs of the body and the nervous system. In addition, this medicinal plant possesses pronounced antioxidant effects, can lower elevated blood glucose levels and improve your insulin sensitivity.

Scientific studies have shown that the polysaccharides contained in Astragalus activate the killer cells and the T cells of the immune system and stimulate the antibody reaction, which significantly improves the immune function. In addition, Astragalus extract shows an antiviral effect, which is based on an increased natural interferon production of the human body. In other words, this powerful plant extract will strengthen your defences and reduce your susceptibility to infectious diseases of all kinds.

But Astragalus can do much more than most other medicinal plants that also stimulate the function of the immune system. Astragalus has a so-called immunomodulating effect which down-regulates an excessive response of the immune system as it occurs in allergies, to a healthy level. For asthma patients this can reduce inflammatory responses in the lungs and an increased mucus formation in the respiratory tract. Astragalus can also relief chronic hay fever. Studies have shown that an Astragalus extract can be as effective as the cortisone derivative prednisolone for the treatment of allergic skin reactions, without causing prednisolones numerous undesirable side effects.

Astragalus has a number of positive effects on the cardiovascular system. The saponins contained in the root of this medicinal plant can improve the contractile force of the heart muscle, which was demonstrated by 17 (!) different Chinese studies. The flavonoids contained in Astragalus can reduce an excessively elevated blood pressure, while Astragalus simultaneously reduces the cholesterol uptake in the digestive tract and promotes an increased breakdown of unhealthy LDL cholesterol by the liver. This can lead to a significant reduction of the levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol and a reduction of blood triglyceride levels by over 45 %. This contributes to a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In type 2 diabetes patients the contained astragalosides and isoastragalosides appear to lower blood glucose levels while significantly increasing the insulin sensitivity of the cells. As a result of this less insulin is needed to achieve the desired effect. These effects of ​​Astragalus have already been documented during the Ming Dynasty in China. In addition, Astragalus appears to be able to alleviate diseases connected to diabetes, including diabetic neuropathy and atherosclerosis.

As an added bonus, Astragalus has a pronounced antioxidant effect that can protect the cells and the DNA of the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Elevated levels of free radicals are associated with the development of numerous diseases including cancer, as well as with an accelerated aging of the body. For this reason Astragalus is also regarded as a natural anti-aging agent by many naturopaths.

The antioxidant effects of Astragalus may also be responsible for the liver and kidney protecting properties that can be seen during an Astragalus supplementation. Scientific studies have shown that Astragalus is able to slow down the development of an alcohol-induced fatty liver and to slow down or even stop the progress of incurable liver cirrhosis in rats. In cases of renal diseases that are associated with an increased excretion of protein via the urine, Astragalus may have positive effects because the contained active ingredients can reduce a fibrotic destruction of the kidney tissue and alleviate an inflammation of the kidneys. The diuretic and the excretion of sodium-stimulating effects of Astragalus may also contribute to relieving the kidneys.

Astragalus also appears to protect brain and nerve tissue and may reduce the damage resulting from a stroke. In degenerative disorders of the nerves, such as Parkinson's disease or a diabetic neuropathy, the active ingredients of Astragalus can prevent or at least slow the destruction of nerve cells and inhibit the progression of these diseases, while promoting a regeneration of the damaged nerves.

Astragalus has even shown very promising effects for a treatment of cancerous diseases, as it can inhibit the development and growth of tumours caused by chemical carcinogens. In addition, Astragalus can support a chemotherapy or a treatment with interleukin 2, while alleviating the unwanted side effects of a chemotherapy.

With all these pronounced health benefits, it seems to be almost trivial to mention that Astragalus is also an effective adaptogen that can help the body to better cope with stress and that can relieve fatigue and a loss of appetite.

Precautions and Warnings:

The active ingredients contained in Astragalus can decrease blood pressure and blood glucose levels. People who take diabetes or blood pressure medication should discuss the usage of Astragalus with their physician beforehand in order to rule out unwanted interactions with their medication.

Due to the strong immune system stimulating effect of Astragalus, people who take medication for suppressing of the immune function after transplantations, in the course of the treatment of autoimmune diseases or in the context of a cancer therapy should discuss the usage of Astragalus with their physician.

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Recommended daily intake: take 2 capsule without chewing and with sufficient liquid

The recommended daily intake indicated should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children!

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.

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