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Ginger Extract GN Health Line

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The traditional medicinal plant with a wide range of health benefits that has been used for the treatment of numerous ailments and diseases for nearly 3,000 years!

Product Highlights:

  • Concentrated ginger extract with a high content of active ingredients
  • Promotes a healthy digestion and a healthy function of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Can help with various types of digestive problems
  • Can relieve almost all types of nausea
  • Can relieve colds and influenza infections
  • Has pronounced analgesic effects comparable to the effects of pharmaceutical painkillers
  • Can inhibit the growth and promote the death of cancer cells
  • Can help against menstrual pain
  • Supports the immune function and possesses direct antibacterial and antiviral effects
  • Possesses antioxidant effects and can reduce the damaging effects of free radicals on the body's cells
  • Stimulates the metabolism, reduces hunger & cravings and promotes fat loss results
  • Can improve performance and recovery in athletes

What is ginger and what active ingredients does it contain?

Ginger is much more than just a spice that can refine many foods and drinks. Ginger has been used in the Asian region as a traditional remedy since the 6th century BC and is an integral part of traditional Chinese and ajurvedic medicine, where ginger is regarded as a kind of panacea. Considering the multitude of scientifically proven effects of ginger, this does not even seem to be far-fetched. These effects, which will be discussed in detail later, range from relieving the symptoms of a cold, relieving nausea, promoting a healthy digestion to analgesic effects and a treatment of cancer. Even aphrodisiac and fertility improving effects are attributed to ginger. To date, more than 160 active ingredients have been identified in ginger, of which the so-called gingerols and various essential oils such as zingiberol, zingiberen, phellandren, borneol, cineol, citral and rasin acid are responsible for most of the primary effects of ginger. In total, there are 3 gingerols ([6], [8] and [10]), which are converted during the drying process into so-called shoagols, which are attributed even stronger positive effects. Because we use a concentrated ginger dry extract, you can maximally benefit from these active ingredients. In addition, ginger contains ingredients such as borneol and cineol, which are known for their positive effects on the digestive tract. Other ingredients include a variety of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Which ailments and diseases can ginger be used for?

Ginger has been used in the field of traditional medicine for nearly 3000 years to promote a healthy digestion and to treat digestive problems. In fact, scientific studies have shown that the gingerols contained in ginger and the essential oils borneol and cineol stimulate the production of gastric juice and bile acid, while at the same time promoting the intestinal motion that is important for a proper digestion. This can alleviate digestive discomfort such as flatulence, constipation and bloating, and make hard to digest, high-fat food more digestible. Due to its pain-relieving effects, ginger can also reduce stomach cramps, while at the same time inhibiting the growth of the Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which is responsible for stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. In Addition to this, the active ingredients of ginger can protect the mucous membranes of stomach and intestines.

Another traditional application of ginger is the treatment of almost every type of nausea and vomiting. This includes treatment of nausea during the first month of pregnancy, treatment of seasickness and travel sickness and treatment of nausea during a chemotherapy treatment. These effects of ginger seem to be related to the fact that some ingredients of ginger can directly affect the vomiting centre in the brain. These ingredients can attach to the serotonin receptors in the brain and prevent an activation of the vomiting centre. However, there is an exception - ginger is not suitable for treating virus-related or bacterial conditions, that are associated with nausea (e.g. a gastrointestinal viral diseases). Because of the proven mucolytic effects of gingerol, Ginger has been used for treating colds and flu since ancient times. Scientific studies have also shown that ginger acts as a cough remedy and has a soothing effect on bronchitis-irritated airways. In addition to this scientific studies have shown, that ginger possesses fever-reducing and sweat-inducing effects and can relief headaches and limb pain. But ginger will not only help in case of colds and flu – it can generally reduce the risk of infectious diseases, because of it possesses antibacterial effects and supports the function of the immune system.

Less well known is the fact that ginger also has pronounced analgesic effects. This is due to the contained gingerols, which have a chemical structure similar to the active ingredient of aspirin and inhibit the same enzymes as Aspirin. In addition, gingerols have anti-inflammatory effects comparable to the effects of pharmaceutical painkillers known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. Ginger seems to help with a wide range of different types of pain. There is a study that concludes that ginger works just as well as a drug used for treating migraine attacks. Other studies have shown that a chronic usage of ginger may be just as effective as pharmaceutical agents such as diclofenac for treating arthrosis-related joint pain and rheumatic pain. This effect of ginger can be attributed to the fact that ginger can inhibit the cyclooxygenase-2 enzyme, which is associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatism and painful inflammatory reactions. In contrast to prescription painkillers, ginger has the great advantage that it possesses none of the side effects associated with these drugs and neither stresses stomach nor liver. For women it may be of interest that ginger can help with menstrual complaints and can reduce menstrual cramps. It should be noted however, that ginger can increase bleeding during menstruation due to its blood-thinning effect. This effect, however, can also be desirable when it comes to stimulating a delayed menstruation.

Ginger as a promising natural product for cancer treatment

Over the last few years, a series of medical studies came to the conclusion that ginger is a very promising natural remedy for cancer treatment. Most of these studies were concerned with the treatment of breast cancer. Ginger - more specifically, certain active ingredients such as gingerols, paradoxes and shogaols - has been shown to inhibit growth and proliferation of breast cancer cells and to promote the programmed cell death of degenerated cells known as apoptosis. Interestingly, ginger still appears to have an effect even if classical breast cancer drugs  no longer work. In addition to promoting the apoptosis of cancer cells, ginger inhibits certain proteins such as the proteins of the Blc-2 family, which are particularly active in cancer cells, and also acts against genes that can promote cancer growth, while simultaneously activating genes that can counteract a progression of cancer.

Other types of cancer that could be treated by ginger include skin cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and even very therapy resistant pancreatic cancer. In addition to this, ginger may be an ideal complement to any chemotherapy, due to its anti-nausea effects.

What other health benefits does ginger have?

According to scientific studies, the gingerols contained in ginger possess pronounced blood sugar lowering properties. This effect is due to the fact that these active ingredients of ginger stimulate an uptake of glucose by the cells of your body so that less insulin has to be released in order to reduce the blood sugar levels to a healthy level. In case of diabetes II patients who are suffering from a reduced insulin sensitivity and whose body can not produce enough insulin, ginger has not only been able to acutely reduce blood sugar level after meals but also to reduce the HbA1c value known as long-term blood sugar value. There are also indications that ginger might counteract a development of cataracts in diabetics. Ginger has pronounced antioxidant effects and can protect cells and DNA against the damaging effects of free radicals. Excessive levels of free radicals that can be attributed to various factors such as environmental toxins, an unhealthy diet, and many more are associated with an accelerated aging process and numerous diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer. Because ginger has vitalizing effects, acts as a mood elevator and can alleviate mild depressions, many people use ginger to improve their overall well-being and to reduce the effects of increased stress and fatigue.

In the field of traditional medicine, ginger is regarded as an aphrodisiac and has the reputation of promoting the function of reproductive organs.

What are the benefits of ginger for athletes and dieters?

Ginger stimulates the metabolism and has a blood thinning / circulation-promoting effect, which makes it an ideal supplement for dieters who want to increase their calorie consumption. In addition to this, ginger is known for its detoxifying effects, which help to eliminate toxins and toxic metabolic waste products that are released during a fat loss diet and strenuous physical exertion. Both athletes and dieters can benefit from the already mentioned effects of ginger on blood sugar levels. Thanks to ginger, dieters will suffer from less blood sugar fluctuations, which are one of the main reasons for cravings for sweets and carbohydrates that can ruin any fat loss diet. Athletes can greatly benefit from an increased transport of glucose into the muscle cells induced by ginger, since this not only prevents fat build-up, but also accelerates and promotes the recovery of muscles exhausted by exercise. More sugar stored in form of glycogen in your muscles will result in an increased athletic performance and a better endurance - two things that every athlete will appreciate. The already mentioned antioxidative effects of ginger are of particular interest for hard-working athletes, as intensive physical efforts will inevitably lead to a higher production of free radicals during the natural energy metabolism of muscle cells. Neutralizing these free radicals can reduce training-induced muscle damage and accelerate the post-workout recovery. For many athletes, the pain-relieving effects of ginger may also be very interesting - and these effects are not only limited to joint pain. Scientific studies have shown that ginger can also be very effective for treating exercise-induced muscle pain. This makes hard training sessions better tolerable and may reduce recovery time after your workouts.

Precautions and warnings:

Pregnant women should consult their physician before taking ginger products. Ginger can be successfully used for treating pregnancy nausea, but also possesses uterus and labour stimulating effects, which could lead to premature birth, if high doses of ginger are used. Patients who are treated with blood thinning medication should refrain from taking ginger products without consulting their treating physician, since ginger also has blood thinning effects. It is possible that the dosage of medication must be adjusted.


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