Hospitaller Glutamine Sword Brothers Gods Rage

Hospitaller Glutamine Sword Brothers - Gods Rage


Hospitaller Glutamine Sword Brothers - Gods Rage

: Gods Rage

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    Accelerate recovery and healing of your injured muscles after hard fights in the gym, to make you ready for new battles sooner

    Hospitaller Glutamine is the healing potion that will accelerate your recovery after hard and merciless battles in the gym and heal your injured muscles while boosting your strength and muscle gains and increasing your resilience to make you stronger for the next battle!

    "Our brotherhood will be everlasting, because the soil on which this plant is rooted is the weakness of the world, and because, God willing, there will be people who can alleviate this suffering and misery." In the time of the sacred War, the number of the sick in front of the walls of Jerusalem amounted to the two thousand, as I learned from the serving brothers themselves. They were so severely afflicted with wounding and weakness that sometimes within a full day more than 50 dead had to be carried by us. But more and more and more were added. The fight and the battle demanded their victims. I carry the white cross of our Lord on my breast and give you my hand. Falling is neither dangerous nor a shame - lying down is both. Praised be the Ordo Hospitalis sancti Johannis Ierosolimitani. I am a Knight of the Hospitallers. Protection, escort and care, this is my promise, these are my virtues, which I carry with chivalrous faith and sword into the world to protect your path and to strengthen you. Strength is your way and healing is my doing. Rise as a knight with new strength. God wants it!

    Product Highlights:

    • Accelerate recovery and healing of your injured muscles after hard fights in the gym, to make you ready for new battles sooner
    • Effectively prevents a catabolic breakdown of your hard-earned muscle mass in times of hunger and deprivation during diet and contest preparation
    • Promotes the function of your immune system, so no disease can reduce your fighting ability
    • If taken on an empty stomach, it can increase your growth hormone levels by up to 400%
    • Can boost gains of your rock-hard muscles and accelerate your transformation into an awe-inspiring, knightly fighter for the good
    • Increases and accelerates glycogen resynthesis to give you maximum power and endurance in combat

    Hospitaller - because healing and recovery are two of your strongest weapons in your battles in any gym and on any contest stage

    We all know the medieval knight as an honourable protector of the helpless and weak who has protected pilgrims from the attacks of murderous bands of Saracens on the journey to Jerusalem in the Holy Land. Few, however, will know that many of these knights, that were active in the Holy Land, belonged to the so-called Hospitaller Orders. The term "Hospitaller Order" stands for knightly orders dedicated not only to the protection of pilgrims, but also to the medical care of combatants and knights and pilgrims plagued by diseases and epidemics. The traces of these hospitaller orders are still visible today. The Maltese and Samaritans, whom we know today primarily as paramedics, are successors of orders of knights, that have already taken care of the sick and injured in the Holy Land. What could be more obvious than devoting a product that promotes and accelerates your recovery after hard and exhausting battles against the cold steel in the gym, as well as your resilience to diseases to these brave and self-sacrificing order knights? Our Hospitaller is a highly effective recovery and health promoting supplement, whose effects reflect the values and traditions of medieval knightly orders and that honours the selfless and self-sacrificing actions of these men.

    Hospitaller - more than just recovery support and improved immune function!

    Our Hospitaller is designed to support your post-workout recovery and healing of microtrauma and other damage to your muscles after hard fights in the gym, so you'll be ready for the next battle faster. At the same time, Hospitaller promotes the function of your immune system to protect you from weakening mundane diseases such as a cold or a flu, which may impair your fighting power. But that's not all. In addition, Hospitaller will promote and accelerate your muscle growth by increasing your muscle protein synthesis and promoting a positive nitrogen balance.

    When taken on an empty stomach, our Hospitaller can increase your growth hormone secretion by up to 400%, which will boost your muscle growth and your fat loss. At the same time, Hospitaller will increase your muscle cell volume, making your fast-growing muscles look even bigger and more awesome, and showing any potential adversary that he should better not mess with you. In addition, Hospitaller has a pronounced anti-catabolic effect and can effectively protect your hard-earned, valuable muscles from any catabolic degradation, which is especially important during periods of starvation like during a strict low-calorie diet or a tough contest preparation. Hospitaller will do everything to keep you strong and healthy, so that you are always prepared for your battle against the iron in the gym or for the knightly defense of the poor and the weak.

    What is the source of the unique power of Hospitaller?

    In the tradition of the knights of the Hospitaller order, which were known for their pure faith and spiritual and physical purity, Hospitaller is free from dubious and potentially harmful or unhealthy ingredients. It contains only pure and proven, natural glutamine. The effects and safety of glutamine have been proven beyond doubt by countless scientific studies.

    Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the human body and in virtually every source of protein. Glutamine accounts for 20% of the free amino acids in your body and more than 50% of the free amino acids in your muscles. This high concentration of this amino acid shows how important it is for countless processes in your body. These body functions include, among others, the function of your immune system, the function of the digestive tract and the protein metabolism of your muscles. And all these important processes would all come to a standstill without glutamine. Although glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that your body can produce itself in certain amounts, there are often situations in which your bodies own glutamine production is insufficient to cover an increased glutamine requirement. Triggers for such a dramatically increased need for glutamine include physical and mental stress, diseases, strong physical exertions and intensive workouts. If no additional glutamine is supplied by food or in form of supplements such as Hospitaller in such situations, it will come to the worst possible scenario for a fighter and strength athlete: your body will breaks down muscle tissue to get the contained glutamine or branched-chain amino acids (BCCAs) needed for a faster synthesis of the much needed, vital glutamine! In other words, too little glutamine can lead to losses of hard-earned muscle mass!

    But don’t be afraid, brave knights, Hospitaller can save you from the horrors of a catabolic muscle breakdown!

    The unique advantages of Hospitaller in detail

    We have already briefly mentioned some of the benefits that Hospitaller has to offer. Now is the time to take a closer look at these benefits and to show you what practical implications these benefits can have for you as a strength athlete or honourable, selfless knight. And as there are still some people today who still like to claim that glutamine is useless, we have linked some studies to show the opposite. We do this in the manner of the order knights, for whom honesty and sincerity are some of the most important virtues.

    Hospitaller to promote and accelerate your post-workout recovery

    A merciless fight - whether it takes place on the battlefield or in the gym - will leave you exhausted and weakened, with reduced resilience. A quick recovery can decide over success or failure of your efforts in the next battle of life and death or in the weight room. In both cases, you should leave nothing to chance and give your recovery a significant boost with Hospitaller. During hard and intense fights against cold steel in the gym the glutamine levels of your body can be reduced by up to 50%, and without a sufficient post-workout glutamine intake it can often take several hours for these levels to return to normal (8). As long as these levels are below normal, an exercise-induced catabolic environment in your body can not be converted into an anabolic, muscle-building environment.

    And since your digestive tract and your immune system rely heavily on glutamine as an energy source, your body will sacrifice muscle protein to meet its glutamine requirement (9) – so say goodbye to your muscle mass and your fighting strength! But it does not have to come that far. An oral intake of glutamine can increase your plasma glutamine levels by 200% in no time (4) and give your body all the glutamine it desperately needs. In addition, glutamine can accelerate your bodies glycogen resynthesis and replenish your glycogen stores that were depleted during exercise (4, 5), which is vital for recovery since you will not be fully functional until your muscle glycogen stores are fully filled - and your body will begin to build new muscle tissue only after the replenishment of your glycogen stores. Do you want to fall into a catabolic hole after your workout and lose muscle or do you want to benefit from a fast onset of muscle building? With Hospitaller you have it in your own hands!

    Hospitaller for faster gains of lean muscle mass and bigger and tighter looking muscles

    Bigger muscles usually not only mean more (combat) power, but also a more awe-inspiring appearance which will make it very clear to all of your opponents and competitors that it would be a very bad idea to mess with you. This reflects the sacred values of the knights of the order, for whom it was a sacred duty to help the sick and the weak, and who resorted to the sword only when it was inevitable, to protect the defenceless from barbaric and cruel robbers and murderers. Glutamine will stimulate your muscle protein synthesis and plays an important role in regulating your body-wide protein synthesis. Scientific studies have clearly shown that glutamine positively affects protein synthesis, nitrogen balance and muscle growth (7). In addition - similar to creatine - glutamine has a muscle cell volumizing effect, because it possesses the ability to pull water into your muscle cells, making them bigger and fuller (6). Apart from the fact that such an increase in muscle cell volume will make your muscles appear bigger, fuller and more awe-inspiring, an increased muscle cell volume also has direct anabolic muscle building effects, as it can increase your muscle protein synthesis rate. To maximize these muscle cell volumizing effects with all their unique benefits, you can combine Hospitaller with creatine, as these two active ingredients will act together synergistically and enhance each other's cell volumizing effects. Of course, you should also pay attention to maximum effect and purity when choosing your creatine product. Maybe you ask the Vikings next door, because the word is spreading that they have the purest creatine product on earth called Odin's Strength, which was sent by Odin himself from Asgard.

    Interesting for your muscle building aspirations may also be the fact that an isolated intake of just 2 grams of glutamine on an empty stomach can increase your natural growth hormone secretion by up to 400%. Human growth hormone is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones of your body and can both accelerate your muscle growth and promote your fat loss. These direct anabolic effects are further enhanced by the aforementioned accelerated recovery, which will allow you to exercise more often and harder for creating a stronger stimulus for building new muscle mass more often. Hospitaller - the fast way to bigger and more impressive muscles that will show all potential opponents who is the master in the gym!

    Hospitaller for the protection of your hard-earned, valuable muscles during times of hunger, fat loss diets and contest preparation

    During times of hunger, it is most important for every knight and fighter, to maintain his fighting power despite all adversities - and this means losing as little muscle as possible. Although famines are no longer on the agenda in our latitudes, there are very similar scenarios from a purely physiological point of view like during a strict fat loss diet or an intensive contest preparation. And just as the order knights had to maintain their fighting abilities to survive in combat, a competitive athlete has to maintain his muscle mass to defeat his opponents in competition. At this point Hospitaller comes into play. Because glutamine has strong anti-catabolic effect and also helps to build new muscle mass, it can effectively prevent you from losing muscle mass, when you can not afford to lose even a single gram of muscle.

    Hospitaller could decide over victory or defeat during your next fight or contest!

    Hospitaller to support your immune system

    Diseases and epidemics were among the most insidious enemies the religious knights in the Holy Land had to deal with. These enemies were not as easy to fight as plundering and murdering Saracens, and it was nearly impossible to protect peaceful pilgrims from them. Even today, the toughest fighters and strength athletes, who can not be defeated by any human opponent, can be put out of action by a few microscopic viruses or bacteria. If you are sick, you can not fight or train, which can lead to bitter defeats and may cost you a lot of your hard-earned progresses. Unfortunately, hard-working athletes are particularly vulnerable, as hard and intense workouts can have a negative impact on your immune system. Because of this your immune system will be significantly impaired during the first hours after your workout (10), increasing the risk of infectious diseases.

    Fortunately, the pure glutamine contained in Hospitaller can support and strengthen your immune system and protect you from illness-related compulsory breaks. Scientific research has shown that supplementing with glutamine after hard workouts can strengthen your immune system and significantly reduce the risk of infections (1,2) - and this effect is not restricted to athletes, which means that every health-conscious person can benefit from glutamine!

    With Hospitaller, illness-related compulsory off times will be a thing of the past.

    Crusader, stir 1 x 5 g (1 scoop) Hospitaller Glutamine into 150 ml water once daily and drink it!

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