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  • Content: 90 capsules

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Heimdall will turn you into truly invincible and fearsome Northman, who will emerge victorious from any brutal battle, and will earn a place at Odin's table of gods and heroes in Walhalla at the end of his life

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Benefit from the effects of a unique combination of ingredients that will give you the strength, razor-sharp focus, and alertness of the legendary guardian of the gate between the world of humans and world of gods and maximize your fighting power and mental capacity during all your battles.

Product Highlights:

  • Increased power output, harder contractions, and increased coordination of your hard-working muscles to help you to bring all your opponents to their knees with unprecedented brute force
  • Reduced fatigue, a razor-sharp focus, and an improved mood to help you to dominate during brutal fights against the cold steel of the weights.
  • Glycogen sparing effect because of an increased use of fat for fuel to give you maximum endurance for the longest and most brutal battles
  • Accelerated recovery even after the hardest and longest fights to get you ready for the next battle against superhuman enemies or the merciless cold steel of the weights as soon as possible.
  • Maximum gains of strength and muscle mass by more brutal repetitions per set, more murderous sets per workout and more frequent hard battles in the hell of cold steel without burning out
  • Increased alertness and reduced reaction time, to help you to stay in control even during the hardest battles against a myriad of enemies
  • Increased blood flow and increased supply of oxygen, essential nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hungry, hard-working muscles during brutal combat
  • Enhanced memory and cognitive awareness even under stress to improve your performance during all tests and exams of life
  • Synergistic enhancement of the positive effects of caffeine on fatigue, reaction time, increased alertness and attention by theanine
  • Alleviation of anxiety and improvement of an impaired response time caused by anxiety, because a true Northern warrior must not be paralyzed by anxiety
  • Reduced risk of muscle cramps that could affect your fighting ability
  • Reduced unwanted side effects of caffeine and other stimulants including nervousness and anxiety without any loss of the desired effects of stimulants
  • Support for and acceleration of your fat loss by an increased thermogenesis and an increasing burning of bodyfat to help you to build a steel-hard body that will terrify all your enemies
  • Reduced absorption and utilization of dietary fats Use the power of Heimdall to achieve the fighting power and the unique abilities of the mighty Guardian of the Northern gods

Of course, this includes first and foremost a razor-sharp focus, a maximum increase of your reaction time, your concentration and your memory, as well as a pronounced stimulating effect that will eliminate any tiredness and fatigue. This will help you to be maximally focused and to give your best in any situation - no matter how hard the challenge may be. During the development of Heimdall we have taken special care to achieve a maximum stimulation WITHOUT accompanying nervousness and inner restlessness, because nothing should distract you from what really matters. This will help you to execute any task with maximum concentration and a real tunnel vision.

Since a powerful guard who wants to defend the gods from all invaders must of course also possess superhuman combat powers, we made sure that Heimdall will maximise your muscle power, while at the same time giving you superhuman stamina and strength to be able to fight even the longest and hardest battles without tiredness or fatigue affecting your fighting ability.

Heimdall will turn you into truly invincible and fearsome Northman, who will emerge victorious from any brutal battle, and will earn a place at Odin's table of gods and heroes in Walhalla at the end of his life.


  • Titel:Guter Focus
    Der Focus ist wirklich gut und durch das Theanin werde ich nicht so hippellig und nervös! 1Kapsel davon und der 300 Pumpbooster und ich habe eine super Kombinations fürs Training
  • Titel:Perfekt für Sport und lange fahrten
    Nutze das Produkt mittlerweile täglich, nach einem harten arbeitstag immer für die Autofahrt.

    Gelegentlich dann sogar wenn ich mal sport betreibe, dann in doppelter Dosis.
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Viking, take 1 capsule once daily with plenty of fluid.

The recommended daily intake indicated should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children! Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.


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