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Yggdrasil Rhodiola Rosea Viking Storm - Gods Rage


Highly concentrated Rhodiola Rosea extract standardized for 3% Rosavin in a clinical dosage

: Gods Rage

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: 120 capsules

: Focus & well-being

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    The secret of power and successes of the glorious Nordic fighters which will promote and enhance all the characteristics that make up an invincible Viking!

    Product Highlights:

    • Highly concentrated Rhodiola Rosea extract standardized for 3% Rosavin in a clinical dosage
    • A highly effective adaptogen that was already used by the Greeks and Vikings
    • Can relieve stress and improve your ability to cope with physical and mental stress
    • Can alleviate stress-related chronic fatigue and help with stress-related sleep disorders
    • Can improve attention, reaction time and neuromotor coordination
    • Can reduce irritability and improve your overall well-being.
    • Can delay the onset of fatigue during hard and brutal battles against merciless opponents and the cold steel of the weights
    • Possesses glycogen sparing effect by increasing the usage of body fat for fuel during maximum physical efforts
    • Can increase ATP resynthesis during your workout to allow you to execute these last and all-important reps at the end of your hard sets
    • Can increase your VO2 max
    • Can reduce lactate production during hard battles and workouts
    • Maximum promotion and acceleration of your post-workout recovers
    • Can reduce muscle damage during hard workouts
    • Can accelerate the replenishment of the glycogen stores of your muscles
    • Will stimulate your protein synthesis post workout for increased gains of muscle mass
    • Can reduce an exercise-induced elevation of catabolic cortisol levels
    • Will show muscle sparing effects during diet and contest preparation
    • Can reduce stress induced food cravings
    • Can counteract a stress-related loss of appetite
    • Can support and promote your fat loss and counteract body fat storage
    • May increase a reduced metabolic rate through a normalization of your thyroid function
    • Possesses a direct stimulating effect that will give you a subtle sense of power and invincibility without causing nervousness and irritability
    • Possesses potential anti-estrogenic effects that could reduce unwanted side effects of oestrogen and may increase your natural testosterone production
    • Can counteract stress-related reduced libido and sexual dysfunction and could increase your sexual desire
    • May help against premature ejaculation
    • Can promote your immune function and possesses antiviral effects
    • Can increase your cognitive function and memory
    • Can relieve depression and anxiety
    • Possesses pronounced antioxidant effects
    • Can activate enzymes responsible for repairing DNA damage caused by free radicals
    • Potential life-prolonging effects
    • Can stabilize your blood sugar levels
    • Can reduce carbohydrate absorption and utilization
    • Possesses neuroprotective effects and may protect you from neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson and Alzheimer
    • Seems to promote neurogenesis and nerve growth
    • Could speed up healing in case of nerve damage
    • Can support your cardiovascular health and may reduce the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases
    • Could protect your heart cells from damage caused by circulatory disorders and a lack of oxygen
    • Can lower elevated blood lipid levels
    • Could lower high blood pressure
    • Can protect your liver from damage caused by toxins and may promote liver regeneration
    • One bottle will last for 120 days!


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    Eine Kapsel täglich. Da Rhodiola eine leichte stimulierende Wirkung besitzt, sollte es am besten morgens oder während der ersten Tageshälfte eingenommen werden. Für eine maximale Wirkung sollte Rhodiola auf nüchternen Magen eingenommen werden. Die empfohlene Einnahmemenge sollte nicht überschritten werden, da Rhodiola in zu hohen Dosierungen einen Teil der wünschenswerten Wirkungen verliert.


    Da Rhodiola das Enzym CYP3A4 hemmt (1), das für den Abbau unterschiedlicher Medikamente verantwortlich ist, sollte eine Einnahme von Yggdrasil in Kombination mit Medikamenten im Voraus mit dem behandelnden Arzt abgesprochen werden, da es sein kann, dass die Medikamentendosierung angepasst werden muss. Da die Wirkungen von Rhodiola Rosea bei schwangeren und stillenden Frauen noch nicht ausreichend untersucht sind, sollte dieser Personenkreis Rhodiola Rosea sicherheitshalber nicht verwenden.

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