Stacker E2 Ephedra Free - Stacker 2

Stacker E2 Ephedra Free - Stacker 2


Stacker 2 Ephedra-free is a part of the weight loss supplement line, developed by NVE Pharmaceuticals

: Stacker 2

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: 100 capsules

: Fat burning supplements

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    Stacker E2 is a part of the weight loss supplement line.

    This formula has been on the market for almost 20 years and hasn’t changed during that entire time: simply because it works and meets the needs of users who are looking for a fat burner which doesn’t feel too potent but is still effective. If you’re looking for something stronger, check out our Stacker 4, or Black Burn.

    At the time that the composition of Stacker E2 was developed, this was a unique product that enabled effective fat burning without unpleasant side effects, such as nervous agitation. In the meantime, much has changed and more powerful versions of Stacker have been developed. Even so, this product is still just as popular as ever and has been one of the most successful formulas in the United States for many years.

    This Stacker 2 product contains Tri-GuggLyptoid3 Complex, an unique blend that is responsible for this product’s main weight loss effects. The added caffeine will give you more energy, just like cola nut, yerba mate and gymnema.

    The combination of energy-increasing ingredients, Tri-GuggLyptoid3 Complex and antioxidants are perfect for everyone who needs just a little help from a herbal supplement to lose weight or get some energy.

    One capsule after meals. Do not exceed three daily.

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