Black Burn Micronized - Stacker 2

Black Burn Micronized - Stacker 2


Black Burn Micronized is a unique formula, containing key ingredients backed by scientific studies

: Stacker 2


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: Fat burning supplements

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    Black Burn Micronized is a unique formula, containing key ingredients backed by scientific studies

    Are you ready to get ripped?

    This new formula is a powerful new addition to Black Burn’s weight loss family. It complements the classic version of Black Burn and Black Burn STIM-Free.

    Black Burn Micronized is a unique formula, containing key ingredients backed by scientific studies. We only bring you the best ingredients, for the best results! This formula contains ketones. Ketones are used by professional athletes to get into top shape in time for competitions. It’s one of the hottest new ingredients on the market.

    Unmatched thermogenic experience.

    But there’s more, our Black Burn Micronized contains a never-before-seen combination of 10 ingredients to speed up your metabolism. In addition to the previously mentioned ketones, it has garcinia cambogia extract, choline, ginseng, various types of tea, guarana and pepper extracts. In contrast to the other weight-loss products in our assortment, Black Burn Micronized doesn’t come in capsules but in the form of powder (4 gram doses), which you dissolve in a glass of water. The big advantage of powder is that the product is absorbed more quickly by the body. You even absorb some of the extracts via your palate! Thanks to this you may feel Black Burn Micronized working in just a couple of minutes. In addition to the fast effect, it’s easier to split up a dose if it comes in powder form (such as half a dose in the evening to help you sleep).

    The advantages of Black Burn Micronized

    • Contains new super ingredient: ketones
    • Advanced thermogenic weight loss formula
    • Powerful cutting matrix in powder form
    • Helps increase fat metabolism
    • Appetite suppression

    Black Burn Micronized is so powerful that you should never take more than one scoop per serving. This is our ultra-concentrated and most convenient Black Burn formula ever. Designed to assist your body to reduce fat fast!

    Available in three delicious fruity flavors (fruit punch, orange and strawberry).

    Do I have to exercise to experience the effect or does Black Burn Micronized work even without exercise?

    Black Burn Micronized naturally belongs to one of the most powerful and effective fat burners. The effect is tangible and measurable on the scale without exercise. However, exercise provides additional combustion, which speeds up and improves the result. So if you want the maximum effect, then Black Burn Micronized works even better (and quicker) in combination with exercise.

    Dissolve 1 scoop Black Burn Micronized in 200ml water. Drink 15 minutes before your breakfast. Take another scoop 8 hours later in the afternoon.

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