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Our highly effective fat burner, which was specifically designed to meet the demands of hard exercising women, to achieve maximum fat loss with the help of natural and healthy ingredients, without causing unnecessary discomfort and restlessness.

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Our highly effective fat burner, which was specifically designed to meet the demands of hard exercising women, to achieve maximum fat loss with the help of natural and healthy ingredients, without causing unnecessary discomfort and restlessness.

Product highlights:

  • Maximum fat loss with the help of natural and healthy ingredients with scientifically proven fat loss benefits
  • Contains no other stimulants besides caffeine to prevent restlessness and irritability.
  • Increases your metabolic rate and the amount of calories your burn
  • Can increase leptin levels during a calorie restricted diet
  • Increases the use of body fat as fuel
  • Glycogen sparing effects for more exercise energy during diet and contest preparation
  • Promotes and accelerates your fat loss
  • Effectively prevents any muscle breakdown that is usually unavoidable during dieting and contest preparation
  • Increases your IGF-1 levels and stimulates your natural growth hormone secretion.
  • Stimulates fat oxidation
  • Effectively counteracts a diet-related reduction of your metabolic rate
  • Reduces the absorption of dietary fats and carbohydrates by your body
  • Stabilizes your blood sugar levels and counteracts cravings caused by blood sugar fluctuations
  • Counteracts lethargy and listlessness
  • Ideal for dieting and contest preparation
  • Helps you to achieve the slim, tight and defined body you have always wanted in a healthy way
  • Contains several natural caffeine sources for a long-lasting caffeine effect without a crush
  • Pronounced antioxidant and health benefits

Welcome to Ironwoman Shred – the fatburner specifically designed for active women

You can find a variety of more or less effective fat burners on the market, but how many of these fat burners are specifically tailored to the specific needs and desires of intensively exercising women? The answer is "not many," and many fat burners offered as women's fat burners contain the same ingredients in the same amounts as the corresponding fat burners designed specifically for men. For these reasons, we considered it necessary to develop a highly effective fat burner that REALLY meets the needs and demands of women. A particularly important aspect of such a fat burner for women is a significant increase in calorie expenditure while preventing a diet-related reduction of your metabolic rate. As a rule, women need significantly less calories than men and can therefore not afford to drastically reduce their calorie consumption, because otherwise an adequate intake of important nutrients would no longer be possible.

Another very important aspect for women wanting to lose fat is an anti-catabolic protection against a diet-related degradation of lean muscle mass. This is much more important for women than for men, because women have significantly less muscle mass and therefore a strict calorie reduced diet can quickly result in a flat and skinny look instead of a well-defined, attractive, shapely, muscular, female body.

Furthermore, women often do not like extreme stimulant blends with their strong stimulating effects and unwanted side effects such as nervousness and anxiety, which are found in most effective fat burners on the market. That's why we refrained from using high doses of extreme stimulants in Ironwomen Shred and use just caffeine from different sources instead. Of course, you will find many fat burners on the market that are free from stimulants, but unfortunately, most of these products are not very effective, as they cover only a few, if not only one of the important aspects of an effective fat burner. That's not the case with Ironwomen Shred. We have invested a lot of time in scientific research and elaborate testing to come up with a formula that consists of highly effective, scientifically proven ingredients that will truly cover ALL aspects of a successful fat burner and help you to achieve the body you've always dreamed of!

But which aspects are we talking about here? Here is a brief overview:

Stimulation and increase of thermogenesis and metabolic rate

The term thermogenesis describes a process in which calories are burned and the energy contained is released in form of heat. In other words, your body "wastes" energy by producing heat. Ironwomen Shred significantly stimulates and increases the body's thermogenesis and metabolism rate, meaning that you can consume more calories and burn more body fat. This is contrary to popular belief also possible without extreme stimulants, as the descriptions of the individual ingredients of Ironwomen Shred will show!

Stimulation of lipolysis and increased burning of fat

An increase in calorie consumption is not all you need. Equally important is to ensure that fat is released from your fat cells and burned as fuel. For this reason, Ironwomen Shred stimulates your lipolysis (release of fatty acids from fat cells) and causes more fat to be used for fuel by your body - at rest and during exercise. As a result, you will not only lose more body fat, but your muscle glycogen stores will also be spared. Because of this you can continue to exercise hard and heavy even during a strict calorie-restricted diet.

Significant reduction of hunger and appetite

Every woman knows that nothing can jeopardize your dietary progress more than constant hunger, appetite and cravings. Fortunately, Ironwomen Shred can prevent food cravings by stabilizing your blood sugar levels and significantly reducing the release of the so-called "hunger hormone" ghrelin. Along with other appetite-suppressing properties, this will ensure that constant cravings during your diet will finally be a thing of the past.

Prevention of a reduction of your metabolic rate and a reduced calorie requirement by your body Even if horror stories about people gaining weight on 1200 kcal after a long calorie reduced diet are nothing more than myths, your body can reduce its metabolic rate and thus amount of calories needed on a daily basis by up to 20% during a low calorie diet, which will almost inevitably lead to a stagnant dietary progress. This is based among other things on a reduction of your body temperature and a reduction of your thermogenesis. Ironwomen Shred can counteract this reduced calorie requirement by increasing your metabolic rate and your thermogenesis as described earlier. More importantly, Ironwomen Shred effectively counteracts a diet-induced reduction in leptin levels. Leptin is important for many aspects of your metabolic rate, such as maintaining a proper thyroid function and decreasing leptin levels are considered to be the main cause of a diet-related reduction of your calorie requirements by many scientists.

Anticatabolic protection against diet-related muscle losses

Since women usually have less muscle mass than men and building muscle is usually harder for them, it is especially important for women to effectively protect their hard-earned muscle mass from a catabolic degradation during diet and contest preparation. Too often we see promising female athletes that look skinny and flat instead of well defined and well proportioned during a competition, because they lost too much muscle mass during their contest preparation. With Ironwomen Shred, you do not have to worry about losing muscle mass during your diet or contest preparation. Ironwomen Shred contains numerous anti-catabolic ingredients that will prevent a loss of muscle and can naturally increase the levels of your body's anabolic hormones IGF-1 and HGH.

Maintaining your exercise performance

Most hard exercising women know this highly frustrating and demotivating feeling during dieting and contest preparation, when their exercise performance decreases due to a lack of energy. Even worse is the fact that a reduced exercise performance will create only a weaker stimulus for your body to maintain its existing muscle tissue or to build new muscles, opening the door to a diet-related muscle loss.

Fortunately, Ironwomen Shred can help you with this problem. Ironwomen Shred will give you extra energy during your diet or contest preparation and can also increase the use of body fat to provide energy for your hard working muscles. As a result, your glycogen stores are spared and you can exercise harder and longer despite your calorie deficit! In combination with the previously described anti-catabolic and anabolic effects of Ironwomen Shred, these heavier and more intense workouts will make a loss of muscle during diet and contest preparation a thing of the past!

Reduction of insulin release

An insulin secretion has many negative consequences during an fat loss diet: it promotes fat storage, favors blood sugar fluctuations that can trigger cravings and - worst of all - inhibits the release of fatty acids from your fat cells (lipolysis), which will stop the fat burning process! Fortunately, Ironwomen Shred contains effective ingredients that will increase your insulin sensitivity and stabilize your blood sugar levels. Both will result in a reduced insulin secretion and thus also in a reduction of the unwanted effects of insulin.

Bonus: Reduced absorption of carbohydrates and fats by your body

Ingredients contained in Ironwomen Shred can inhibit the absorption of dietary fats and starchy carbohydrates in your gut, resulting in some of the carbohydrates and fats being excreted undigested without delivering calories to your body. You can eat more and still lose weight or eat the same amount as before and lose fat faster!


As you can see, we did not exaggerate when we said that Ironwomen Shred is a comprehensive fat burner that misses no aspect of a successful diet or contest preparation. But would you have seriously expected less from a fat burner from GN Laboratories?

"Ironwomen Shred, the comprehensive fat burner that covers all aspects of a successful diet and contest preparation to help you to achieve the body you've always dreamed of!"

Which ingredients make up the innovative ingredient matrix of Ironwomen Shred?

Ironwoman Shred contains a scientifically-engineered matrix of natural and nature-identical ingredients that are highly effective in covering all aspects of a successful fat loss diet and work synergistically together. Synergistic in this context means that the effect that results from the interaction of the individual ingredients far outweighs the added-up individual effects of these ingredients. In other words 1 + 1 is not longer 2, but rather 4 or 5. Since the ingredients of Ironwomen Shred are exclusively natural and nature-identical, this matrix of active ingredients is safe and won’t harm your body.

Green tea extract (standardized for 50% polyphenols)

Green tea extract is made from unfermented tea which, unlike fermented black tea, contains a variety of healthy polyphenols, of which epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is probably the best known. In addition to their numerous general health benefits, these polyphenols also have a number of properties that can be beneficial during diet and competition preparation and can significantly accelerate your fat loss progress. Among other things, green tea extract can significantly increase your metabolic rate, so you will burn more calories all day, while increasing your fat oxidation, so more of the calories you burn are from your body's fat deposits. A "nice" side effect of this preferred burning of fat is a glycogen sparing effect. This is important, because the glycogen stores of your muscles will be reduces during your diet. This will help you to do intensive workouts without the dreaded loss of performance that is affecting so many dieters. Interestingly, green tea tends to promote the use of fat from problem areas such as abdomen, hips and thighs in women, making your diet progress even faster. In addition, our green tea extract will improve your insulin sensitivity and stabilize your blood sugar levels after meals which will prevent food cravings due to strong blood sugar fluctuations and minimize a potential fat storage by insulin. Green tea also seems to affect the absorption of fat in your intestines, which means that some of the dietary fat you eat will be excreted undigested without delivering calories.

No less interesting is the fact that green tea extract inhibits the activity of an enzyme responsible for the degradation of catecholamines in your body. Catecholamines are endogenous messenger substances that are responsible for a release of fat from your fat cells and a stimulation of your metabolism. The longer these catecholamines are intact and active, the more fat will be burned. And since caffeine and other ingredients in Ironwomen Shred stimulate the release of catecholamines, green tea extract can significantly increase and prolong the fat loss effect of all these active ingredients.

Rosemary leaf extract (standardized for 25% Ursolic Acid)

Usolic acid is a compound that occurs naturally in small amounts in a few fruit and vegetable varieties and has some amazing properties that can be critical during diet and contest preparation. Human studies have shown that ursolic acid can significantly increase fat loss. Subjects who used usolic acid got slimmer, had less body fat in the abdominal area, and showed lower blood sugar levels, lower blood lipid levels, and lower cholesterol levels. These effects are attributed amongst other things to a reduction of ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is also known as "hunger hormone" because it increases your appetite and stimulates the storage of body fat. In addition, ursolic acid appears to increase your energy consumption at rest significantly. This is attributed to a rise in leptin levels that was observed in scientific studies. Leptin is a hormone responsible for maintaining your metabolic rate, and its levels may fall by 50% during the first week of a low-calorie diet. In other words, ursolic acid can effectively counteract the reductions of your metabolic rate and your calorie expenditure that are typically seen during any fat loss diet. But that's not all. Anyone who has ever endured a severe fat loss diet knows from painful experience that during such a diet a catabolism of lean muscle mass is nearly inevitable without using pharmaceutical assistance. The good news is that ursolic acid is one of the few natural compounds that can prevent this unwanted loss of muscle. Scientific research has shown that ursolic acid can effectively prevent a catabolic muscle breakdown. This is based, among other things, on an activation of certain genes that counteract catabolic effects on your muscle protein. In addition, ursolic acid can stimulate and accelerate your gains of strength and lean muscle mass. Subjects using ursolic acid showed a significant increase in strength and muscle mass. Among other things, this seems to be related to the fact that ursolic acid has been shown to increase the natural levels of the anabolic hormone IGF-1 and to stimulate the release of irisin hormones, which in turn stimulate the release of endogenous growth hormones.


Taurine is an amino acid that is naturally occurring in the human body. It is involved in many important body processes and is a well known ingredient of many energy drinks. What many do not realize is the fact that taurine can do much more than just support the stimulating effects of caffeine. Most people do not know that taurine can also be beneficial during a fat loss diet. Taurine can directly support your fat loss by several mechanisms. It has a pro lipolytic effect, presumably based on the ability to stimulate the beta-2 receptors that play a crucial role in lipolysis. Without adequate levels of taurine, the amino acid carnitine, which is necessary for the transport fatty acids into the mitochondria where these fatty acids are burned for energy purposes, can not unfold its full effects, because taurine plays an important role in the first step of the release of fatty acids from your fat cells. In addition, taurine can improve your insulin sensitivity, which means that your body needs to release less insulin. This results in more stable blood sugar levels and less blood sugar fluctuations which can lead to food cravings. Furthermore, taurine can reduce hunger by improving your energy production and your metabolic function.

But that's not all. It has also been shown that taurine can prevent a BCAA catabolism and thus will helps to prevent muscle losses during diet and contest preparation. Further studies have shown that taurine is able to increase your exercise performance in both aerobic exercise (endurance training) and anaerobic exercise (strength training) and can significantly delay the onset of muscle fatigue. This is especially important during a low calorie diet because your exercise performance is usually severely affected by this calorie deficit. In this regard, taurine works together synergistically with the caffeine contained in Ironwomen Shred. In other words this means that taurine can help you to exercise harder and longer during a calorie reduced diet, which increases your calorie expenditure and protects your hard-earned muscle mass from being broken down during a diet - not to mention the increase in overall energy, what can effectively counteract lethargy and listlessness that are often prevalent during a strict calorie reduced diet.


Caffeine is probably the most popular and most widely used natural stimulant. However, many do not know that caffeine not only has a stimulating effect, but also represents one of the best and most effective natural fat burners. Caffeine has a direct effect on your metabolic rate that is based on an increase in thermogenesis, resulting in increased calorie expenditure at rest. In other words, your body wastes calories by producing heat. At the same time, caffeine increases the use of body fat for fuel - even if you are just sitting lazily on your couch. This, in turn, results in a glycogen-sparing effect, meaning that you will have more exercise energy for longer and more intense workouts even during a rigorous fat loss diet - not to mention the fact that caffeine can directly increase your strength and your endurance. But caffeine will not only help you to burn more fat faster - it will also help you to excrete more dietary fat undigested, as it inhibits an enzyme responsible for splitting up dietary fat into fatty acids, that can be absorbed by your Body.

And if you are already at the finishing straight of your fat loss efforts and your dream body is in reach, caffeine can improve your look as it stimulates the excretion of water stored in your subcutaneous tissue by its diuretic effect. This will giving you a harder and more defined appearance if your body fat level is already relatively low.

Extract of green coffee (standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid)

An extract of green coffee is a good source of natural caffeine that will be released slow and steadily, providing you with long-lasting, constant energy. Much more interesting, however, is another ingredient that is virtually eliminated by the roasting process of “normal” coffee due to its heat sensitivity. We are talking here about chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid stimulates the production of a number of fat-burning enzymes and activates the fat metabolism in your liver. Both will result in a significant increase in fat burning. At the same time, chlorogenic acid can increase your metabolic rate and your calorie expenditure while actively inhibiting a build-up of body fat. In addition, chlorogenic acid optimizes the usage of glucose throughout your body, resulting in less insulin being secreted after consuming carbohydrates and more stable blood sugar levels. And of course, a lower insulin secretion and more stable blood sugar levels will prevent food cravings due to blood sugar fluctuations.

Another interesting aspect of chlorogenic acid is that it can actively reduce the absorption of dietary fats. Chlorogenic acid inhibits the activity of certain digestive enzymes known as lipases, which are responsible for the breakdown of dietary fats into fatty acids that can be absorbed by your body. As a result, part of the dietary fat you eat will be excreted undigested. In addition, chlorogenic acid inhibits the activity of certain digestive enzymes that break up long-chain carbohydrates, such as starch, into simple sugars like glucose, that can be absorbed by your body. The result of this is that part of the starchy carbohydrates you eat will be excreted undigested without providing energy to your body. Different studies conducted with human subjects have shown that chlorogenic acid can increase your fat loss by up to 60% during a fat loss diet compared to a placebo, and that this effect increases with increasing doses of chlorogenic acid.

Guarana extract

Guarana extract is obtained from the seeds of the guarana plant (Paullinia cupana). These seeds are rich in naturally occurring caffeine. Although the caffeine in guarana extract does not differ chemically from pure, isolated caffeine and has the same effects in your body, the usage of guarana has some distinct advantages for some other reason. The caffeine contained in guarana seeds is bound to fiber and other plant constituents, which results in slower release over a longer period of time. As a result, the caffeine found in Guarana seeds will exert its effects over a much longer time than pure caffeine, giving you all the benefits of caffeine for up to 6 - 8 hours. In addition these effects do not abruptly decrease as it is the case with pure caffeine. The result of that it, that you will not feel the crash after caffeine stopped working that many caffeine users know only too well. In short, guarana extract will give you long-lasting and even energy.

The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

We only use the purest ingredients of the highest quality that the market has to offer. In order to guarantee you a consistent high quality of all our products, each of our products is regularly tested for purity and quality of all of its ingredients.

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Take 2 capsules whole per day with water.

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