Antidote Fat Burner - TF7

Antidote Fat Burner - TF7


Antidote Shredding Formula

: TF7 Labs


: 400g

: Extreme Fatburner

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    Reached a plateau with your training regime? Looking for that edge to give you the motivational

    push you need? Look no further TF7Labs has the answer; the Antidote to fat.

    Antidote Shredding Formula is specially formulated in the TF7 Laboratory in a precise ratio to provide super clean energy and a profound thermogenic response.

    This formula aids increased weight loss bene ts through increased fat metabolism, appetite control and heightened energy, all helping you to workout harder.

    Antidote is suitable for use by both men and women, and has rapidly become an essential supplement for those looking for that extra push to shed weight, Antidote users speak highly of the results they have seen, both as a weight management system and pre workout energizer.

    Antidote is provided in a powdered form rather than capsules. This allows the product to easily be added and mixed in to your current daily supplement routine.

    Antidote Benefts:

    • Long Lasting Energy
    • Aids Fat Loss
    • Increased Stamina
    • Boost Metabolism
    • Thermogenic
    • Safe & Reliable
    • Efective Pre-Workout


    Food Supplement with caffeine and sweetener. Not recommended for Children or pregnant women. High Caffeine content 100mg per scoop. Do not exceed more than 2 servings per Day. Store in a cool dry playce away from direct sunlight.

    This product is not catagorised as a herbal medicine, it is sold as a food supplement. The statement contained on this label does not imply that the product should not be used or efficiency. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.

    Take 1-2 servings prior to exercise (1 serving = 2 scoop, 2 servings = 4 scoops).

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