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    The most brutal fat burner you can (legally) buy for money! With Shredded B*tch you will be so hard and defined that you can get any b*tch while making your competitors look like b*tches!

    Product Highlights:

    • Pronounced thermogenic effect for maximum fat burning
    • Powerful suppression of hunger and appetite
    • Keeps you performing extreme and brutal workouts even during a strict diet
    • Gives you maximum energy and will prevent any annoying dietary lethargy
    • Synergistic enhancement of the active ingredients through a sophisticated matrix of ingredients
    • Contains Kigelia Africana, the most effective, legally available stimulant
    • Optimizes glucose uptake into your muscle cells for maximum performance during a strict diet
    • Minimizes fluctuations in blood sugar levels
    • Causes preferential use of body fat as an energy source, thus sparing your limited glycogen reserves during a diet
    • Inhibits a possible fat gain and prevents the formation of new fat cells
    • Inhibits the absorption of dietary fat
    • Anti-catabolic protection against diet-related muscle losses

    Important Warning: Shredded B*tch is a real B*tch of a fat burner and is not intended for wimps or half-hearted recreational athletes - its effect is simply too extreme and can cause unpleasant and unwanted side effects in people who are new to hard stimulants. It will also as cause an extreme loss of body fat.

    Shredded B*tch - the fat burner that deserves the label "Hardcore"!

    We do not know if you feel the same, but our tiresome experience has shown us that most so-called fat burners are not really a burner. If you have been working out with heavy iron for some time, you might remember wistfully the extreme hardcore fat burners with legendary ingredients like ephedrine and yohimbine that used to burn fat with the speed of a blast furnace.

    Unfortunately, all of these good supplements have long been banned, and most manufacturers have resigned and reacted with products that will even disappoint dieting housewives. To be honest, almost all fat burners available today do not really deserve the name "fat burner" anymore. Maybe "Moneyburner" would be a better term, because you burn more money than fat with these products.

    Shredded B*tch is different. Who needs another alleged fat burner, which is not much stronger than cold (decaffeinated coffee)? We have looked at all legally available ingredients that could speed up your fat loss without prejudice. When evaluating these agents, we left out any bro science or hearsay, and relied solely on scientific research and facts. In the end, a handpicked selection of the most effective ingredients was left, and we placed great emphasis on combining active ingredients that synergistically complement and enhance each other's effects.

    Of course, we did not rely solely on scientific theory, but carried out countless beta tests with experienced strength athletes and bodybuilders to determine the optimal mixture of these ingredients in the optimal proportions to each other. Only after the last of our testers firmly believed that Shredded B*tch had a more extreme effect than anything he had ever tried before, we launch this B*tch of a fat burner.

    How does Shredded B*tch work?

    Shredded B*tch covers all the aspects that are necessary for the development of a hard and defined muscular body - something that can not be said about most other products that boldly call themselves fat burners. If these products have any effect at all - which unfortunately is often not the case - then it is usually limited to only one or two aspects of improving your body composition, while other factors are completely ignored. Shredded B*tch is different - it covers the 5 most important aspects of a successful fat loss, and without this a successful fat loss and the development of a stunning hard, defined and muscular body is difficult to impossible:

    1. Stimulation of your Metabolism and an increased Amount of burned calories

    If you want to lose fat, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Shredded B*tch will help you to achieve this by increasing your metabolic rate and the amount of calories you burn through its thermogenic effects - even when you are sitting idly on the couch.

    2. Suppression of Hunger and Appetite

    If you are always hungry or feel cravings, it will be very hard to consume fewer calories than you burn. Shredded B*tch will suppress your hunger and your appetite with its powerful mix of stimulants and will also stabilize your blood sugar levels to prevent food cravings.

    3. Prevention of a Slow Down of your Metabolic Rate

    During any calorie-restricted diet, your body will sooner or later reduce its metabolic rate to protect itself from starvation. As a result, your fat loss results will slow down or come to a standstill despite of your calorie deficit. Shredded B*tch will stimulate your metabolism and prevents a reduction of your thyroid function to maximize your fat loss throughout the whole duration of your diet.

    4. Maximization of your Workout Energy despite a caloric Deficit

    If you consume less energy than your body uses, your workout energy will suffer sooner or later, which can result in a loss of muscle mass and strength. Shredded B*tch will give you the extra energy you need during a diet through its highly effective stimulant mix and its glycogen-sparing effects, that will protect your muscle's glycogen reserves, which are so important for intensive workouts.

    5. Protection of your lean muscle mass

    During any strict diet it is almost inevitable that lean muscle mass will be lost as your body uses muscle protein for fuel. Shredded B*tch prevents this by inducing the body to resort more to fatty acids for fuel and to spare your muscle glycogen stores. In addition, Shredded B*tch can lower the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol, which are often elevated during a strict diet, and thereby counteract any muscle loss. And since a heavy workout will tell your body that he can not afford to lose even one gram of muscle mass, the aforementioned increase in exercise energy will also contribute to an effective protection of your hard earned lean muscle mass.

    Shredded B*tch blend

    The Shredded B*tch blend contains the most potent, synergistically-interacting ingredients for extreme fat loss – without any ineffective fillers. In order to maximize the effect of these already highly effective ingredients, we have combined them in optimal ratios for a maximally synergistic effect. As a result, the overall effect of the Shredded B*tch blend is much stronger than the combined effects of the individual ingredients – and your body fat will melt with an almost frightening rate because of this.

    N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine

    N-acetyl l-tyrosine is a "pimped" version of the naturally occurring amino acid l-tyrosine. N-acetyl l-tyrosine is characterized by a 20-fold better water solubility and a superior bioavailability compared to regular l-tyrosine. In practice this means that it will work much better.

    L-tyrosine is the precursor that is needed by your body to produce fat burning neurotransmitters such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, as well as the thyroid hormones T3 and T4, and it has been shown to increase the levels of all of these endogenous compounds. In practice, this means that you will burn more body fat and that your metabolism will be turbocharged by the higher levels of thyroid hormones. The latter will prevent a reduction of your metabolic rate that is otherwise nearly inevitable during any strict calorie reduced diet.

    But l-tyrosine can do more. It can significantly increase the effect of stimulants that exert their action through an increased release of epinephrine and norepinephrine, including the active ingredients contained in Shredded B*tch. For some stimulants, this effect is so pronounced that the stimulant dose can be halved without reducing the overall effect when l-tyrosine is administered. But don’t worry we did not include this turbocharger to save Stimulants. Shredded B*tch contains a maximum dosage of all ingredients whose effects are further enhanced by N-acetyl l-tyrosine.


    If you think that caffeine is useless, because you do not feel a strong stimulating effect after drinking coffee, you should read this section very well. Caffeine is not only by far the most popular stimulant, but also one of the most effective natural fat burners that is superior to many far more exotic drugs.

    Caffeine has a pronounced thermogenic effect, which stimulates the metabolism and increases the amount of burned calories and thus also increases fat burning - even at rest, when you sit lazily on your couch! Your fat burning will also be accelerated by the fact that caffeine increases the use of body fat for fuel. A nice side effect of this is that your muscles' glycogen stores will be emptied at a much slower rate during your workouts, and that you will have more energy for long and intense workouts even during a calorie-restricted diet.

    In addition to increasing fat burning, caffeine can also promote the excretion of undigested dietary fats similar to the prescription diet drug Xenical, because it inhibits an enzyme that breaks down dietary fat into free fatty acids that can be used by your body.

    As a natural stimulant that works together synergistically with Kigelia Africana and other ingredients of Shredded B*tch, caffeine can also effectively counteract diet-related lethargy and listlessness.

    Kigelia Africana

    We do not hope that you belong to those pussies who are still complaining because allegedly all good fat burner ingredients such as ephedrine, ephedra and DMAA have finally disappeared from the market. If you do, stop crying - there's a new kid on the block: Kigelia Africana!

    The fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree contains an active ingredient that can easily keep up with all the good stuff of the old days when it comes to appetite inhibition, an extreme increase in exercise energy and a thermogenic, fat-burning effect. This active ingredient will make ingredients like AMP citrate look like cold coffee. We can guarantee you from our own experience that once you have used our extremely strong Kigelia Africana extract, you will not cry a tear for either Ephedrine or DMAA.

    Kigelia Africana will maximize your thermogenesis, meaning that you will burn large amounts of calories and fat throughout the day - even if you're just sitting around! At the same time, this ingredient will suppress your appetite and hunger so effectively that you must be careful not to eat too little. And as if all this were not enough, Kigelia Africana will give you extreme energy and the kick you need to move the heaviest weights in the gym even during an extreme diet.

    White Willow Bark Extract

    White willow bark extract contains the active ingredient salicin, which is something like natural aspirin. Do you still remember the good old ECA stack? If so, then you may also remember that A stands for aspirin. In our context the focus is not on the pain-relieving effects of salicin, but on the effects of salicin on the breakdown of norepinephrine and stimulants such as Kigelia Africana.

    Salicin inhibits certain prostaglandins that break down norepinephrine and stimulants such as Kigelia Africana. This inhibition results in a scenario in which these substances can increase lipolysis and fat loss for a longer time and to a higher degree. This effect is so strong that the addition of salicin to a thermogenic fat burner can significantly reduce the needed dosage of certain stimulants without any loss of effect. But do not worry, we have not added salicin to Shredded B*tch to save stimulants - we use the full dosages of stimulants and intensify their effects with willow bark extract.

    Green Tea Extract

    Green tea extract is made from unfermented tea containing a variety of ingredients, such as polyphenols, which are destroyed during the fermentation to black tea. In addition to its nearly infinite proven health benefits, green tea also has a number of properties that can promote and support your fat loss.

    This begins with the ability of green tea extract to increase your metabolic rate and thus the amount of calorie burned at rest. At the same time, this extract stimulates your fat oxidation, with the result that body fat is used as fuel at an increased rate, which spares the already scarce glycogen reserves of your muscles during a strict diet. In other words, this means that you can continue to exercise intensively while on a diet without prematurely running out of gas ... err glycogen.... As an added bonus, green tea extract causes an increased fat loss in your abdominal area, which in other words means "welcome six-pack".

    Another interesting feature of green tea extract is that it inhibits the enzyme responsible for breaking down the body's catecholamines epinephrine (aka adrenaline) and norepinephrine, resulting in higher levels of these catecholamines. This can significantly increase your fat loss, as epinephrine and norepinephrine are responsible for the stimulation of lipolysis - the release of fatty acids from your fat cells.

    As a green tea extract will stabilize your blood sugar levels after meals and will thereby reduces the release of insulin, your body will store less fat in your fat deposits and will use the additional calories to replenish your glycogen stores. In addition, it has been shown that a green tea extract inhibits the absorption of dietary fat in your gut, which means that some of the fat contained in your food ends up in the toilet bowl rather than on your hips or your belly.

    Bitter Orange Extract

    Bitter orange extract contains a variety of active ingredients, of which synephrine is the best known. Synephrine has a strong structural similarity to ephedrine and also possesses some of the benefits of ephedrine, without sharing the potentially harmful side effects of ephedrine.

    Numerous scientific studies have shown that a bitter orange extract actively supports fat loss and counteracts a fat storage in adipose tissue. One of the reasons for this is that the active ingredients in this extract will stimulate your body’s thermogenesis, thereby increasing your metabolic rate and the amount of burned calories. In addition, these ingredients can attach to the beta-3 receptors of your fat cells, thereby stimulating and enhancing the process of lipolysis - the release of fatty acids from adipose tissue. As an added bonus, a bitter orange extract can reduce hunger and appetite and thus reduce your food intake.

    Of course, synephrine - one of the active ingredients of bitter orange extract - is and remains an effective stimulant that can effectively counteract diet-related lethargy and listlessness and has a hunger and appetite reducing effect.

    But a bitter orange extract can do even more. Some of its ingredients may inhibit the liver enzyme responsible for breaking down other stimulants and active ingredients contained in Shredded B*tch. This means that it will significantly extend the duration of action of the complete Shredded B*tch formula and will significantly enhance its fat loss-promoting effects!

    Banaba Extract

    A banaba extract contains a number of active ingredients and is used in traditional Filipino medicine to treat diabetes. But even if diabetes is certainly not an issue for you, this extract can help you lose weight and can also increase your exercise energy during a strict diet.

    In addition to supporting the repair of damaged insulin receptors, a banaba extract can increase your insulin sensitivity and increase and accelerate the transport of glucose from your blood to your muscle cells through an increased activation of GLUT-4 glucose transport molecules.

    In practice, this means that the blood sugar reaction and insulin secretion after a meal will be less severe as your body uses less insulin to deliver blood sugar to your muscle cells. This brings with it a whole range of advantages. Because insulin is also responsible for the incorporation of body fat into your fat cells, less insulin also means a lesser risk of fat build-up, while an increased insulin sensitivity will increase the anabolic and anticatabolic effects of insulin.

    The increased transport of glucose into your muscle cells through Banaba Extract means that less glucose can be converted into body fat while your muscle glycogen stores will be replenished faster. The latter will help you continue to train hard and mercilessly during a strict diet. The increased insulin sensitivity also causes an increased transport of amino acids and other important nutrients into your muscle cells, which will accelerate your recovery and promote gains in muscle mass.

    And since hunger and appetite are the worst enemies of successful fat loss, you may also be interested to know that a banaba extract will minimize fluctuations in blood sugar levels due to the mechanisms described above.

    Berberis vulgaris

    Berberis vulgaris contains the active ingredient berberine, which has very similar effects as a banaba extract in improving insulin sensitivity and transporting glucose and other nutrients into your muscle cells. We have combined both active ingredients in one product, as berberine and banaba extract seem to work synergistically together and will mutually reinforce each other for maximum results.

    In addition, berberine will inhibit your appetite and can prevent the formation of new fat cells. Interestingly, berberine is also a weak alpha-receptor blocker, which means that like yohimbine, it could help to break down persistent body fat in your problem areas.

    We will not elaborate on all the health benefits of berberine at this place, which include an improvement in cholesterol and lipid levels. However, during a diet, it may be beneficial that berberine can promote your immune function, which is normally compromised during a calorie deficit. This is more important than you might think at first glance, because hardly anything can ruin your diet more effectively than a troublesome cold or other infectious diseases.

    Nehmen Sie nicht mehr als 2 Kapseln am Tag mit ausreichend Flüssigkeit zu sich.

    By Philipp S on 02/18/2018 5
    Title: Top
    Text: Super Produkt
    Sehr gut verträglich
    Wirkt wie ein booster
    Nehme seit einer Woche täglich eine Tablette vor dem Frühstück
    Man wird fit leistungsfähiger und meine konzentration nimmt zu

    Wenn man mittags eine zweite nimmt bekomme ich allerdings Abends ein down und bin total platt. Daher nehme ich nur morgens eine
    By Fabian P on 02/1/2018 5
    Title: Mega
    Text: Schnelle Lieferung so muss das 5 Sterne dafür ;)
    By Marcel B on 10/6/2017 5
    Title: Genial
    Text: Ich habe noch nie zu einem Produkt eine Bewertung geschrieben weil ich denke, dass jeder andere Vorstellungen und Ziele hat. Bei Shredded jedoch bin ich voll und ganz zufrieden! Als Unterstützung zu einer gesunden Ernährung und Sport hat es einwandfrei funktioniert. Ich habe Shredded ohne Probleme vertragen, hatte weniger Hunger und trotz Kcal Defizit gut Power im Training. Jedem der seinen Fettverlust noch etwas ankurbeln möchte, kann ich Shredded empfehlen! Top Produkt!
    By Marc H on 08/16/2017 5
    Title: Shredded
    Text: Ich benutze den Fatburner nun seit gut 1 1/2 Wochen. Die erste Woche morgens direkt nach dem Aufstehen 1 Cap und danach ins Training (06:00 Uhr). Man schwitzt definitiv anderst und fühlt sicht viel wacher. Auch der Hunger wird sehr gut für ca. 6-8 Stunden unterdrückt!
    Nach 5 Tagen habe ich 2 Tage Pause eingelegt und nun am Montag morgen erneut mit 1 Cap am morgen und 1 Cap am Nachmittag. Man sollte sich langsam herantasten. Bis jetzt habe ich keine unverträglichkeit festgestellt und kann es daher nur weiter empfehlen. Bei der nächsten Bestellung werde ich noch Yohi in Kombination probieren, da dies den Effekt nochmals verstärken sollte

    Däumchen Hoch! :-)
    By Dominik H on 08/16/2017 5
    Title: Es wirkt !!!
    Text: Stärkster Fatburner den ich je hatte und ich habe schon einige NON-EU Burner probiert. Einmal vor der Arbeit genommen, was ich nicht empfehlen würde, war die ganze Zeit hibbelig und musste ständig mein Körper anspannen um nicht durchzudrehen, nach 2 Stunden wurde es dann besser. Vorm und während des Trainings aber Super. Wer Psychisch leicht anfällig ist aber mit Vorsicht genießen das das Down schon hart sein kann. Geht aber auch vorbei.

    Zur Info: Habe es zusammen mit Yohimbin genommen.

    Ob es mein Fett besser verbrennt kann ich noch nicht beurteilen aber es passiert definitiv was im Körper.
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