Thermodrene XT Stacker 2

Thermodrene XT - Stacker 2


Stacker2 Europe Thermodrene XT is developed by and for bodybuilders

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    Stacker2 Europe Thermodrene XT is developed by and for bodybuilders

    Do you want rock-hard, lean muscle mass? A six-pack? No excess fat on your stomach or legs? Thermodrene XT is a vital component of the “cut phase” of bodybuilding! Thermodrene XT, the energy-rich, metabolism-increasing and muscle-mass-protecting formula that burns body fat and helps you attain the physical appearance and strength of a top bodybuilder.

    NVE Pharmaceuticals has developed a reputation over the past 20 years as a manufacturer of “the world’s strongest fat burners”. NVE discovered hundreds of active, powerful substances in nature. Some of them are so powerful that they are even an added value for us bodybuilders. Thermodrene XT combines these powerful substances and supplements with essential nutrients to protect all of the built-up muscle mass by means of magnesium, zinc and B vitamins.

    Natural fat burner

    Thermodrene XT is not just any fat burner. In addition to the slimming properties of one of the most powerful polyphenols found in nature (proanthocyanidins), Thermodrene XT uses the metabolism-increasing extracts yerba mate, caffeine and guarana. The product also features the anti-oxidant effect of green tea (EGCG and polyphenols) plus the appetite suppressant of a cactus extract. This stack of 6 synergistic, fat-burning ingredients makes Thermodrene XT one of the most powerful and thus also one the most effective Stackers ever.

    Protecting built-up muscle mass

    A fat-burner for bodybuilders has to do more than burn fat. Bodybuilders who have built up their muscle mass for months with a bulk diet want to become drier and maintain their muscle mass. The muscles must be protected from catabolism. So make sure you get enough protein during the cutting phase. You can supplement your protein intake by combining Stacker2 Europe’s 100% Whey with Thermodrene XT. But Thermodrene by itself also helps make this product unique. Thanks to an added quantity of zinc and magnesium, you keep your body in an anabolic, muscle-building phase. This combination makes Thermodrene XT highly suitable for bodybuilders: powerful fat burning while retaining your muscle mass. You’ve never gotten fitter faster!

    As a dietary supplement, take two capsules of Thermodrene XT in the morning (1 hour prior to breakfast). Eat a reduced calorie breakfast. Wait at least 4 hours. Take a gain two capsules of Thermodrene XT 81 hour prior to lunch). Eat a reduced calorie lunch.

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