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Eat Better is the ideal support for hard-training athletes who need to eat more to meet their increased energy and nutritional needs, and thereby stress their digestive tract.

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Eat Better is the ideal support for hard-training athletes who need to eat more to meet their increased energy and nutritional needs, and thereby stress their digestive tract.

Eat Better will supports and enhance your digestion and put an end to malodorous gas and an unpleasant bloated sensation because of a high protein intake.

Product Highlights:

  • Promotes a healthy digestion and will effectively counteract various digestive problems including bloating, diarrhoea, gas and stomach and intestinal pain
  • Supports an optimum protein digestion and will ensure that the protein you eat can be used by your body faster and better.
  • Can significantly reduce fatigue and lethargy after large meals
  • Can prevent gas and a bloated feeling because of a high protein intake or the ingestion other foods and nutrients that are difficult to digest.
  • Supports a faster and better digestion of larger amounts of complex carbohydrates, making whole grains products, fruits and vegetables better tolerable
  • Allows the consumption of whey protein and casein despite of a lactose intolerance in many cases
  • Can improve the tolerance of dairy products in people suffering from lactose intolerance
  • Highly concentrated blend of effective digestive enzymes
  • Facilitates and promotes the digestion of dietary fats and supports a better absorption of fat soluble vitamins
  • With betaine hcl for a natural gastric acid regulation, a better protein digestion and an increased uptake of vitamin B12
  • The ideal supplement for athletes who have eat large amounts of food due to their intensive workouts

Support your digestion with the help of Eat Better

As a hard working athlete you need a lot more nutrients than the physically inactive average joe and if you are a strength athlete, your protein requirements will also be much higher. At first glance, this may look like something great. You can eat more without worrying about unwanted body fat deposits, and more meat and protein products to meet your increased protein needs may sound inviting, too. However, almost all of us know that an increased food intake - and especially an increased protein intake - may also have unpleasant side effects. For many, a significant increase of their food and / or protein intake is unfortunately synonymous with unpleasant, foul-smelling flatulence, a bloated feeling and indigestion - not to mention heartburn and lethargy after a big meal.

Most of these unpleasant side effects of a higher intake of protein and other foods are primarily related to an overload of our digestive tract. This can easily lead to a situation where your body is no longer able to produce sufficient levels of digestive enzymes to cope with your increased protein and nutrition intake.

If you do not have sufficient amounts of all the important digestive enzymes, food components will remain undigested or only partially digested in your gut for longer and become the target of gut bacteria that will ferment these nutrients. This will create gases that cause flatulence and a bloated feeling.

At the same time your body has to work much harder and will need a lot of energy for producing additional digestive enzymes and this can lead to a lack of energy at other places, which is responsible for the well-known fatigue after larger meals that are hard to digest.

If all of this sounds all too familiar to you, Eat Better is exactly what you need. Eat Better contains balanced amounts of all the essential digestive enzymes needed to support and improve your digestive function, while at the same time providing betain hcl to prevent a stomach acid deficiency, for further supporting your digestion, and to counteract unpleasant heartburn.

Eat Better will put an end to all of your digestive problems like foul-smelling flatulence, heartburn, and increased fatigue after large meals so nothing can stop you from the three most important activities for building strength and muscle:

Eat, sleep, train, repeat.

With Eat Better an increased protein and food intake can finally become something you can enjoy and that can be fun too.

What exactly are digestive enzymes and what can increase your body’s need for digestive enzymes?

Enzymes are endogenous compounds that will serve as catalysts in certain bodily processes and will make them possible in the first place. As far as digestive enzymes are concerned, these processes involve the breakdown of food and nutrients into smaller components like fatty acids, amino acids, simple sugars, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your body can absorb and use. These processes will begin in your mouth with starch-splitting enzymes and continue in your stomach and intestines with other digestive enzymes.

Without digestive enzymes, your body would not be able survive because it would not be able digest most of the complex nutrient compounds you consume via food. These compounds have to be broken down into smaller, more usable compounds by digestive enzymes. If your body does not have enough digestive enzymes to completely digest all the food you eat, this may quickly lead to bloating, diarrhoea, greasy stools, flatulence, stomach and intestinal pain and many other digestive problems. In the worst case, your body may not get sufficient amounts of essential nutrients such as vitamins, essential amino acids or essential fatty acids, which can permanently endanger your health and well-being.


  • Titel:Ich Liebe Es
    Definitiv Must Have für viel essende. Kein Blähbauch und schnellere Verdauung..
  • Titel:Eat Better
    Flacher bauch nach jeder Mahlzeit!
    Richtig gut als Dailydriver ;)
  • Titel:Eat Better
    Mit den Verdauungsenzymen hat man wirklich nicht mehr so einen Blähbauch nach einer großen Mahlzeit oder wenn man sich überfressen hat.
    Nur leider stinken die Fürze immer noch nach Verwesung bei Bodybuilding gerechter Ernährung. So ist es zumindest bei mir.
  • Titel:Must Have für jeden Bodybuilder!
    Wer kennt es nicht! Die Portionen sind groß aber der Blähbauch auch!
    Damit ist nun Schluss! Mit Eat Better hab ich endlich so gut wie keine Probleme mehr mit Blähbauch oder lästigen Proteindüften :D
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