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Motivation plays a key role in the achievements of sports and bodybuilding.

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FA Xtreme Napalm Igniter Shot the weapon against the weak!


Motivation plays a key role in the achievements of sports and bodybuilding. When you become a bigger, stronger and more experienced, you will find it increasingly difficult to continue to progress, especially without the proper mental attitude. That is why Xtreme Napalm series has been designed. Dietary supplement Napalm Xtreme in a liquid form is a product dedicated to those persons, who lead a an active lifestyle. Especially recommended prior to the exercise, which also requires increased motivation and concentration. Components of the product help the body during periods of increased physical and mental attitude. Increase strength, maximize the concentration and reaction speed. In addition, arginine in a fast absorbtion form causes dilation of blood vessels, improv

Advantages of a liquid dosage form:

The rate of absorption of the ingredients from the composition is significantly greater than different form (tablets or capsules). That is why the product works obviously faster. The product has a great lemon taste. The combination of a liquid form and a convenient, small bottle makes usage of the product is a great pleasure and comfort. The product is closed into a small bottle, which is even suitable for your pants pocket.

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