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The revolutionary energy drink for maximum performance, increased alertness and maximum stamina!

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: 24x250ml Cans

: Energy drinks

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    The revolutionary energy drink for maximum performance, increased alertness and maximum stamina!

    Product Highlights:

    • Increased physical performance and maximum stamina
    • Razor-sharp focus and significantly increased wakefulness
    • Contains with 160 mg caffeine per 250 ml twice as much caffeine as virtually all other energy drinks
    • In addition to classic ingredients of commercial energy drinks, Narc Focus also contains glucuronolactone, which significantly increases the effects of caffeine
    • Convenient can
    • Aspartame free!

    Who needs wings when he can have a rocket propulsion?

    GN Narc Focus represents the next generation of energy drinks, making every other energy drink on the market look like cold (decaffeinated) coffee. In comparison to GN Narc Focus, the market leader in energy drinks will look more like a little pink calf than a red bull. We will not promise you that GN Narc Focus will give you wings – by the way, who needs wings? Wings may look cute on small, chubby baroque angels, but a true bodybuilder or strength athlete will definitely prefer the unruly energy, the razor-sharp focus, the heightened alertness, and the maximum power that GN Narc Focus will provide.

    Do you like to live on the fast lane and do you need the necessary kick for your goals? Then you need GN Narc Focus with 64 mg caffeine per 100 ml! Are you ready for this kick?

    GN Narc Focus is a functional and delicious lifestyle drink for all those, who want to achieve more in life and who need maximum energy, increased alertness and a razor-sharp focus. If you need to perform a high level of mental performance at work, at school, or during your studies, or need maximum physical performance in the gym or on the field, GN Narc Focus can make the difference between success and failure. Thanks to the convenient can, you can take GN Narc Focus with you wherever you need it, so you can benefit from an instant boost of energy whenever you need it most. Unleash your true potential and maximum performance with GN Narc Focus!

    Why does GN Narc Focus work harder than virtually all other energy drinks?

    You may be wondering how GN Narc Focus can produce such a stunning effect. As always, the answer lies in the innovative combination of the right ingredients in the right amounts. Of course, GN Narc Focus contains with caffeine, taurine and inositol all the ingredients that make classic energy drinks so successful, but of course that alone was not good enough for us. That's why we've doubled the dose of caffeine and added another ingredient to GN Narc Focus: glucuronolactone, which significantly enhances the synergistic effects of the other ingredients. As an added bonus, we've also added the vitamins niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid, which are critical for maximum physical and mental performance. The result of our efforts is a carbonated beverage for those with an increased need for energy.

    Do not Drink Anymore than 1 can a day!

    By Martin P on 07/1/2018 5
    Title: Höher Dosiertes Energy
    Text: Schmeckt wie ein gewöhnliches billiges Energy, wirkt aber sehr gut und stark
    By Michael K on 10/19/2016 4
    Title: Gute Alternative zu anderen Energy Drinks
    Text: Prei-Leistungsverhältnis ist TOP! Geschmack ähnelt zwar sehr den anderen Drinks aber schmeckt dennoch sehr gut. Wird wieder gekauft!
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