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EAA Human Code Sport Edition - GN Laboratories

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Maximize your muscle growth and minimize any muscle breakdown that is virtually unavoidable during hard workouts or calorie-restricted diets, by using the most efficient blend of all the essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle. We use an optimized MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern composition to allow your body to use virtually 100% of the contained amino acids for building new muscle protein.

Product Highlights:

  • Will not only stimulate a maximum protein synthesis, but will also provide your body with all the amino acids needed for muscle growth in an optimal ratio and a concentrated form

  • Is superior to pure BCAA products and whey protein products in most situations

  • Contains all 3 BCAAs in high dosages

  • Will minimizes any unavoidable catabolic muscle loss that will occur during each hard workout, when taken pre and intra workout

  • No unnecessary stress for your digestive tract even when taken directly before and during exercise
  • Will accelerate and optimize your post-workout recovery
  • Fast absorption for the fastest possible usage by your body
  • Virtually lossless use of the contained amino acids for muscle growth due to a perfect ratio of the individual amino acids according to the well-known MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern
  • 99% net nitrogen usage value (NNU) - only minimal amounts of toxic nitrogen metabolic waste products such as ammonia and urea will be produced
  • Especially gentle on liver and kidneys and therefore better suited for people with a reduced kidney function than other amino acid products

What are EAAs and why are they superior to pure BCAAs?

Since BCAAs have recently been labelled as "useless" and "waste of money" by some alleged self-proclaimed "authorities" who probably want to sell something else, EAA products containing all 8 essential amino acids, are enjoying a rise in popularity.

While we do not share this view on BCAAs, we agree that EAAs do clearly have some advantages that make them a better choice in many situations, compared to isolated BCAAs and fast digestible whey protein. This includes in particular the time before, during and after hard and intensive workouts, but EAAs can also be beneficial at other times of the day.

EAA products, such as our EAA Human Code, contain all eight essential amino acids your body needs to make his own proteins - including muscle protein that's so crucial for strength athletes and bodybuilders. All other amino acids contained in muscle protein can easily be produced by your body using EAAs.

Since the three BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine belong to the group of EAAs - and since our EAA Human Code matrix contains ideal amounts of BCAAs - you can kill several birds with one stone. For one, you can fully benefit from all the benefits of BCAAs. These benefits include a maximum stimulation of your body’s protein synthesis via activation of the mTOR pathway by leucine, an increased exercise performance in strength and endurance sports of all disciplines, a strong acceleration and optimization of your recovers between your individual training sets, as well as after your workout and a reduction of exercise induced increases of catabolic cortisol levels, which can cause a breakdown of muscle protein.

On the other hand, EAA Human Code will also provide your body with all the amino acids it needs to build maximum amounts of new muscle tissue. We use the perfect ratio of the MAP Master Amino Acid Pattern for a virtually lossless use of these amino acids, while minimizing any formation of toxic metabolic waste products of the protein metabolism. That differentiates EAAs from BCAAs, which may stimulate your body’s protein synthesis but do not deliver the amino acids needed for muscle building.

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Take 10 capsules a day with plenty of fluid.

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