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Berserker EAA Energy - the formula for unbridled, brutal power and maximum gains of fearsome muscles that will let your opponents freeze from fear

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Berserker EAA Energy

If you dislike being well behaved and average, then turn yourself into a true Berserker, who fears neither death nor pain, and will easily overcomes every weight and every fearsome opponent with raging fury to build the victorious, muscular body of a Nordic God.

"But Odin's own men went without byrnies, and they were wild as wolves. They bit into their shields and were strong as bears. They slew the people, and neither fire nor steel could harm them."

The Skalds roam the country and sing my stories: "This man had seven sons who were so fogged up with sorcery that they often uttered terrible screams in a fit of frenzy, swallowing hot coals and leaping across the fire. They bit off the tip of their shields and no one held them back. And once that had happened, there was no way to stop them, but to overpower and tie them up or they would get the chance to quench their thirst for blood. "

Screaming and covered with blood I entered this world and I will leave this worls the same way. Much knows the wise man and looks ahead. The worlds end ans the Asens fall. A sword age, where shields crash before the world will fall. We are Berserkers, strong, guided by Odin's own hand, in which our fame will never pass. Silently, you whisper my name. They call me wolfskin, huge as a frost giants and where I will storm nobody will stands. In rage I storm through the ranks of enemies to protect those who stand behind me. We are Odin's wolves, like Geri and Freki, ensouled by the Arsens blood. My body is my armour and my arm is death. What are you waiting for? The gods are looking at you! One day we will see each other again at the great Ragnarok, and stand by Odin's side without any hesitation.

Product Highlights

  • Will provide your body with all the amino acids it needs to build brutally hard muscles and brute force worthy of a true Berserker.
  • Will stimulate your protein synthesis to for maximum gains of muscle mass and to build the body of a fearsome fighter
  • Will not stress your digestive tract and can therefore be consumed directly before and during your fight against the cold steel of the weights in the gym or your fight against unruly opponents on the battlefield.
  • Will effectively counteracts a catabolic, muscle-wasting condition even during your toughest battles, to protect your muscle mass that is so important in the weight room and during combat.
  • Will increase your stamina so that you will never run out of energy during your fight against unruly opponents and the cold steel of the weights.
  • Will give you infinite energy, a razor-sharp focus, and brute force to make you emerge as a glorious winner from every fight and contest.
  • Will accelerate and optimize your recovery during and after exercise, allowing you to experience more frequent and intense, brutally hard workouts.
  • Can help with fat loss and maintaining your muscle mass, because a well-defined, hard body will be even scarier for any opponent.
  • Has fat burning and glycogen-sparing effects that will allow you to enjoy longer and harder glorious battles even during a strict diet.
  • Fast absorption with minimal stress for the digestive tract

Become one of the most feared and strongest warriors in the brutal fight against the cold steel of the weights in the gym - become a real Berserker.

The Berserkers were among the most feared Nordic warriors. Known for their superhuman strength, they feared neither death nor pain, making them unruly and almost invincible fighters. The Berserkers represented the elite troop of the Northern Warriors. They were stationed at the bow of the longboats and always fought in the first line of combat. Countless quotes from ancient texts and legends can give us an idea of the superiority of these berserkers:

"Finally the king ordered his berserkers to attack; they were called "wolfskins"; no iron bit them, and no one was able to stop them when they attacked"

- The Grettis Saga chapter 2

But the Berserkers were also known and feared for their merciless frenzy in combat, which made any brave opponent fear for his life. Not for no reason there is still the saying "he is raging like a berserker" today. To help them to get into this state of frenzy, the Berserkers used of a “magic potion”, which is thought to contain psychedelic mushrooms and herbs.

To produce a supplement dedicated to the spirit of these invincible warriors, it would have been obvious for many other companies to throw together all legally available stimulants to create a much weaker, almost ridiculous version of this mythical rage.

But we have chosen a different path and focused on what makes a berserker an invincible warrior in the first place: a maximum amount of hard, brutal muscle mass and an unruly power that would be worthy of a demigod. What would a berserker be without his muscles? Even in the state of greatest frenzy he would be more like a scrawny Anglo-Saxon priest than a fearsome warrior. A Berserker without his strong muscles would be more like the Anglo-Saxon King Æthelred the Unfinished who was despite of all of his hysterical fury and rage more like a laughing stock than a fearsome fighter...

Berserker EAA Energy will give you never-before-seen power and stamina during your workouts, helping you to survive even the most brutal and longest lasting battles against the cold iron. All your previous bests and previous limits will look ridiculous in the future, because the power of a true berserker knows no boundaries.

In addition, Berserker EAA Energy will prevent the typical exercise induced catabolic, muscle breakdown enhancing environment that is otherwise virtually unavoidable during brutal workouts. It will also stimulate your protein synthesis during your workouts, and generate an anabolic, muscle building environment.

At the same time Berserker EAA Energy will greatly accelerate your recovery during your workouts and post-workout. Not only does this mean that you will be ready for the next brutal fight faster, but also that you will perform better during all of your sets than you ever dared to dream of. As a result, you can more often create a stronger stimulus for building rock-hard muscles and to get the power of a wolf or a bear ascribed to berserkers in the Nordic sagas.

But that's not all. Even though Berserker EAA Energy is not stuffed with insane amounts of stimulants, a synergistic combination of ingredients will give you infinite energy even during your toughest fights and workouts that will force any opponent to surrender.

With Berserker EAA Energy, you too can become a fearsome, invincible warrior who transforms even the most terrifying and powerful enemies and obstacles that stand in his path into bloody dust.

Why is Berserker EAA Energy far superior to Wheyprotein and BCAAs during the Workout Timeframe?

In the past it has been repeatedly claimed that no one needs BCAAs and that one scoop of whey protein is generally superior to BCAAs. When it comes to using BCAAs during the day, or using BCAA exclusively before, during and after your workout, this statement may even have a grain of truth, but the whole truth is much more complex.

Because Berserker EAA Energy is a product to be use before and during brutal battles against the cold steel of the unruly heavy weights in the gym, we will focus on this specific time frame in the following.

During intense workouts, a workout-induced breakdown of protein will quickly create a catabolic environment in your body that promotes muscle losses and will persist for a while after exercise. Feeding your muscles with high levels of essential amino acids during exercise will prevent the onset of this catabolic state in the first place. This will prevent any potential degeneration of muscle tissue during exercise and also promote a faster post-workout recovery.

And when it comes to providing your body with essential amino acids in a concentrated form before and during your workouts, the free essential amino acids found in Berserker EAA Energy will be superior to whole proteins including whey protein.

Since free essential amino acids do not have to be digested, they put less stress on your digestive tract, which makes it possible to take them even at critical times like directly before and during your merciless fight in the gym. Digestive tract stress caused by whole proteins can not only cause discomfort during exercise, but also results in a withdrawal of blood from other areas of your body to create a greater supply for your stomach and intestines. You will miss this blood when it comes to maximizing the supply of oxygen and essential nutrients for your mercilessly hard-working muscles during exercise.

An even more important advantage of the fast digestibility of free EAAs described above is that your hard-working, hungry muscles can be supplied with maximum amounts of essential amino acids very quickly, allowing for an optimal timing of amino acid delivery. This will ensure that your muscles get these amino acids in high concentrations when they need them most. This can not be achieved with full proteins including whey protein, as these will release the amino acids contained slowly over a more or less longer period of time.

In this regard, Berserker EAA Energy is like the Berserkers mysterious potion that contained a mix of psychedelic herbs and mushrooms, setting them into the kind of relentless frenzy that made them the most dreaded of all Nordic warriors. Such a potion would have been worthless, if its effects came slowly and with a timely delay.

When it comes to comparing pure BCAAs (which are included in an EAA mix) with Berserker EAA Energy, the full spectrum of essential amino acids will always be superior to an isolated dose of BCAAs. Even though BCAAs - and especially leucine – will stimulate your body’s protein synthesis, your body needs all the essential amino acids to actually build muscle protein. An isolated dose of BCAA would be like giving an army of berserkers their magical potion to create their legendary relentless frenzy, but giving them no weapons and no enemies – nothing spectacular will happen.

How Berserker EAA Energy will support your Fat Loss Efforts - and why a brutal Invincible Berserker should strive for a hard and defined Body

At first glance, it may seem nonsensical that a berserker should reduce his body fat percentage. After all, he is a ruthless, invincible warrior whose strength is equated by his enemies with the power of a wolf or a bear. Of course, a true Berserker will never want to get on stage with a colourful posing slip reminiscent of a G-string, but you should not forget that a rock hard, defined, very muscular body is far more impressive and frightening than the same body with a thick layer of body fat. And do you really want to miss the fun of seeing your opponents shudder with fear and awe before you turn them into dust?

But how can Berserker EAA Energy help you during a fat loss diet?

First of all, the EAAs contained in EAA Energy possess pronounced anti-catabolic effects and can help prevent the dreaded diet-related muscle loss during a strict calorie restriction. This will prevent you from mutating into picture of misery that will make your opponents laugh.

In addition to this, Berserker EAA Energy will allow to fight merciless battles with full force against the cold steel of weights in the gym, even during a caloric deficit, because a true Berserker will not be restrained by anything or be compromised in his combat ability.

These benefits are not limited to your training, because you can also use Berserker EAA Energy at any other time of the day to prevent diet related muscle breakdown. At the same time the energizing effects of Berserker EAA Energy will counteract lethargy and listlessness that are so prevalent during any strict diet diets. In this regard, EAAs may even be better than complete protein sources including protein shakes, because they provide the important essential amino acids in the most concentrated form, which in other words means that you will get more EAAs per calorie and can save calories for later.

When should you use Berserker EAA Energy for optimal effects?

The optimum time to take Berserker BCAA Energy is within 15 to 30 minutes before your workout, as well as during your workout. This is primarily due to the fact that during a hard and intense workout it will quickly come to a protein breakdown and a catabolic, muscle breakdown-promoting environment that will persist even after your workout for some time.

While a traditional post-workout shake will serve to turn this catabolic environment into an anabolic, muscle-building environment as quickly as possible, you can prevent this catabolic environment completely with the help of Berserker EAA Energy, as Berserker EAA Energy will deliver essential amino acids to your muscles before and during exercise to prevent any catabolic environment. Thus, Berserker EAA Energy is far superior to a classic post-workout drink, which of course does not mean that you should do without the latter, as the combined effects of Berserker EAA Energy and a post-workout drink will make your wildest dreams in terms of gains and recovery a reality.

In addition, Berserker EAA Energy will allow you to perform the hardest and most productive workouts of your life by delaying the onset of exhaustion, if used before and during exercise.

During a fat loss diet, you may also consume Berserker EAA Energy in between meals during the day. This will provide your muscles with important essential amino acids that will effectively prevent a diet related muscle breakdown. Thanks to the stimulating effect of Berserker EAA Energy, you can simultaneously counteract any diet related lethargy and listlessness.

The unique active ingredient blend from Berserker EAA Energy

The unsurpassed effects of Berserker EAA Energy are based on a combination of multiple ingredient complexes that synergistically work together to enhance each other's effects, resulting in an overall effect that goes far beyond the sum of the ingredients' individual effects. This combination of ingredient complexes will give you everything you need for brutal and inhumane workouts or the most ruthless battles against supposedly scary opponents. This ranges from a maximum anabolic support, which prevents any catabolic muscle breakdown even during the most superhuman efforts that only a true Berserker is capable of, to a maximum stimulation for building rock hard muscle mass and brute force after exercise.

Of course, the unique combination of ingredients will also provide you with maximum workout energy, a razor-sharp focus and unsurpassed stamina while eliminating any exhaustion - anything else would not be worthy a supplement named after a fearsome group of fighters that was known for their merciless rage on the battlefield.

Of course, as with all Gods Rage products, we only use highly effective ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy in effective dosages and do not add fillers or ingredients with dubious effects - because a real berserker would also have focused only on the important stuff, as he was certainly not known for caring about useless bells and whistles.

In order to show you that we are not just making empty claims that are more about wishful thinking than reality, we will give you a description of the scientifically proven effects of all of Berserker EAA Energy's effective ingredients below.

Berserker EAA:

The abbreviation EAA stands for essential amino acids. While dietary proteins are composed of about 20 different amino acids, only 8 of these amino acids are essential for your body, which means they need to be consumed through food or as supplements. From these 8 EAAs, your body can make all the other amino acids it needs for muscle growth, recovers or other purposes.

The EAAs are the amino acids l-phenylalanine, l-tryptophan, l-threonin, l-lysine, l-valine, l-methionine, l-leucine and l-isoleucine. As you may already have noticed, these 8 essential amino acids also include the 3 branch-chained amino acids l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine, also known as BCAAs, which will increase your exercise energy as well as your protein synthesis. In addition, it has been shown that an increased intake of EAAs - especially at critical times around your workout – will increases your body’s nitrogen retention, which means that more muscle mass is built up.

And since EAAs will prevent the onset of an exercise-induced catabolic environment, which otherwise is unavoidable during truly brutal and merciless training sessions, they will help you to recover faster during and after your workout. This means that you can exercise harder and with a higher intensity and create a stimulus for building superhuman strength and brutal, rock-solid muscle mass more often.

In short, the Berserker EAA mix will give you everything you need to build brutal, massive muscles and unruly strength worthy of a true Berserker.

Berserker EAA Support:


Taurine is a naturally occurring nonessential amino acid you will probably know primarily as an ingredient of energy drinks. But for a true Berserker, taurine has a lot more to offer than just to increase the stimulating effect of caffeine. Taurine can significantly increase your energy levels and delay the onset of fatigue, while at the same time increasing the maximum workload of your body and muscles.

In addition, taurine will boost your fat burning, which not only results in an increased fat loss, but also causes more exercise energy to be produced from body fat, thereby conserving your muscles' precious glycogen reserves. This will allow you to perform longer workouts with a higher intensity.

In addition, taurine can accelerate your recovery, because it acts as an effective antioxidant that will neutralize free radicals during exercise and protect your muscles from unnecessary damage. An interesting study also showed that a combination of taurine and BCAAs (included in the EAA blend) can more effectively support and accelerate your recovery than taurine or BCAAs alone.


L-tyrosine is a naturally occurring dietary amino acid that is required by your body for the production of thyroid hormones and the two strongest naturally occurring stimulating neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine (aka adrenaline and noradrenaline). Supplemental l-tyrosine can significantly enhance the effects of other stimulants such as caffeine, but also possesses a noticeable stimulating effect on its own.

Its fat burning-promoting effect, which is based, among other things, on increased levels of the fat burning neurotransmitters epinephrine and norepinephrine, and the fact that more fatty acids are used to provide energy for your muscles, will not only improve your definition, but also protect your valuable muscle glycogen stores during hard workouts.


L-histidine is a nonessential amino acid that occurs naturally in food and is urgently needed by your body for tissue repair after your workout. In addition to this important function for your muscle recovery, histidine participates in your body’s protein synthesis and thus promotes muscle gains. It can also increases the activity of nitric oxide, which will result in an increased pump - and which real berserker would not like to frighten his opponents by his pumped up an huge muscles?

Finally, in addition to beta alanine, histidine is an important building block in the production of Carnosin, the body's strongest acid buffer, which reduces acidity in your muscles during brutal workouts and prevents premature muscle fatigue due to hyperacidity.

Berserker Energy Blend


Who knows, maybe the Vikings really came across coffee and the caffeine it contains during their long journeys, which took them all the way to America - and who knows what really was in the berserker's secret potion. Anyway, caffeine can be an enrichment for any fearless Nordic fighter. And this is not even primarily due to the pronounced stimulating and focus-enhancing effects that can significantly increase your fighting power and willingness to win.

In addition, caffeine can significantly increase the strength of your muscle contractions while improving the coordination of your muscle fibre contractions. Both result in a significant increase in power that allows you to move heavier weights than before.

In addition to this, caffeine will increase the use of fatty acids to supply your body and your muscles with much needed energy. This increased fat burning not only promotes fat loss and the development of a harder and more frightening body, but also protects the glycogen reserves of your muscles and can thereby significantly delay the onset of muscle exhaustion, so you can do more repetitions per set and more sets per workout.

As you can see, even coffee and caffeine junkies, who will not feel much of a stimulating effect can also benefit from some caffeine before and during their workouts

Berserker Hydration Blend:

During hard fights against heavy weights or overpowering opponents, a loss of minerals and fluids with your sweat is one of the worst enemies of any warrior. A loss of minerals and dehydration in the range of only 2% can significantly reduce your strength and your performance and could therefore decide over victory or defeat.

Thanks to the electrolytes contained in Berserker EAA Energy and the additional hydrating effect of taurine you do not have to worry about this anymore. You can continue to fight everything, that gets in your way with the raging fury of a true berserker – no matter if we talk about heavy weights, competitors or overpowering enemies.

Berserker EAA Energy - the formula for unbridled, brutal power and maximum gains of fearsome muscles that will let your opponents freeze from fear - because life is just too short to train with moderate weights and to be satisfied with an average body.


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Recommended daily intake: Add 3 scoops 15 g powder to 600 ml cold water and shake it.

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