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  • Content: 90 capsules

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Anyone suffering from excess water retentions can benefit from Shred Cuts.

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Shred Cuts

Put an end to pesky water retention in your subcutaneous tissue that can make your muscles look soft and unattractive by using this natural and perfectly save diuretic formula that will maximize your muscle definition and make your muscles look harder than ever before

Product Highlights:

  • Supports the elimination of unwanted water retentions
  • Eliminates subcutaneous water retentions under your skin to maximize your muscle definition and muscle hardness.
  • Allows a short-term weight loss for athletes who want to compete in a lower weight class
  • Ideally suited for your contest preparation
  • Can lower a high blood pressure associated with excess water retentions
  • Contains only natural and safe ingredients
  • Promotes a healthy fluid balance and supports a healthy kidney and urinary tract function
  • Quality made in Germany

What is Shred Cuts and how can it give you that hard, defined and dry look that every bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast dreams of?

Even if your body fat percentage is already in the single-digit range and you should look hard and defined, excess water retentions under your skin can make your muscles look soft and puffy. Every dieting or figure-conscious person will know the phenomenon that even a slightly more salty meal can raise your body weight by 1 to 2 kilograms from one day to the next. This is also caused by water retentions in your body.

If all of this annoys and frustrates you, we have the perfect solution for you: Shred Cuts. Our new and innovative diuretic product contains a perfectly matched blend of natural, potent plant extracts that have long been known in the field of natural medicine as a highly effective weapon against excess water retentions.

Shred Cuts will help you to achieve the maximum possible hard and defined look and will free you from psychologically burdensome water retention.

Put an end to water retentions that can make you feel and look soft and puffy despite of an already low body fat percentage, and achieve a hard definition that will look like chiselled out of stone with Shred Cuts.

What sets Shred Cuts apart from harmful prescription diuretics that are used by bodybuilders?

In the field of bodybuilding and other figure sports the use of prescription diuretics is widespread. These drugs have the disadvantage of disturbing the electrolyte balance of your body, because they excrete large amounts of potassium and other minerals. And this is also the reason why competition bodybuilders will sometimes end in the emergency department of the next hospital instead of winning on a competition stage.

Shred Cuts is different. It uses only completely natural ingredients that will not disturb your electrolyte balance and may even support a healthy fluid balance. In contrast to prescription diuretics, Shred Cuts is therefore completely safe.

What are additional health benefits of Shred Cuts?

It has been shown that using diuretic substances in people who suffer from high blood pressure can lower their blood pressure and reduce their risk of fatal heart attacks (1). In addition, Shred Cuts can support a healthy fluid balance. It can even support a healthy function of your kidneys and your urinary tract, and may help to protect you from urinary tract infections, due to the antibacterial and antiviral effects of some of its ingredients.

Who can especially profit from using Shred Cuts?

Anyone suffering from excess water retentions can benefit from Shred Cuts. However, Shred Cuts can be especially useful for the following populations:

  • Bodybuilders and figure athletes who want to achieve maximum definition and muscle hardness for a contest
  • Athletes who want to compete in a certain weight class and have to lose some weight in the short term
  • Women who tend to have high levels of hormonally caused water retentions during their cycle
  • People with high blood pressure that is further increased by excess water retentions
  • Anyone who wants to achieve a more defined look short term for a special occasion, like a photo shooting, a high-school reunion, or whatever

Dandelion extract

Dandelion has been used in the field of traditional medicine for centuries (2). It contains compounds known as taraxasterols that will naturally stimulate and increase fluid excretion (3).

Juniper berry extract

Juniper berries have long been known to promote the elimination of excess water without promoting an electrolyte loss through the urine (5).

Nettle root extract

Nettle root extracts have been used in traditional medicine for ages, and recent studies have shown that they possess not only pronounced diuretic effects but also anti-viral properties (6, 7).

Uva Ursi extract

Uva Ursi, also known as bearberry, contains both diuretic compounds and natural antiseptic compounds that may protect the urinary tract from infection and may support a healthy kidney function.

Burdock root extract

Burdock root extracts have long been known for their diuretic activity. They also possess antibacterial properties that may protect the urinary tract and the kidneys from infection.


The potassium contained in Shred Cuts serves to balance the levels of sodium in your body, which will stimulate the excretion of excess water stored in your body (4).


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Daily intake: Take 3 capsules with plenty of water.


Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children!

Free from lactose and gluten


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