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Gluco Rapid - GN Laboratories

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  • Content: 120 capsules

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Maximize your workout energy and your gains while losing fat and improving your insulin resistance for a better health

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Gluco Rapid

Maximize your workout energy and your gains while losing fat and improving your insulin resistance for a better health

Product Highlights:

  • Accelerated muscle growth thanks to nutrient repartitioning
  • Maximize the usage of carbohydrates for recovery and gains of solid muscke mass
  • Minimize fat gains by counteracting a storage of carbohydrates in form of body fat
  • Accelerate your fat loss
  • Can prevent food cravings due to blood sugar fluctuations
  • Can promote an optimal insulin sensitivity and stable blood sugar levels for better health
  • Can reduce the risk of diabetes and insulin resistance in non-athletes

Did you know that your insulin sensitivity and your blood sugar levels can determine whether you gain muscle or fat - and that especially bodybuilders may have a problem ...

If you eat a meal that contains carbohydrates, your blood sugar levels will rise and your body will respond with releasing insulin. In this situation there are two possible scenarios, depending on your insulin sensitivity:

  • If your insulin sensitivity is good, your muscle cells will be very sensitive to the actions of insulin, meaning that maximum amounts of blood sugar will be transported into your muscle cells, where this sugar will be used to supply energy, to replenish your glycogen stores, and to build new muscle mass.
  • If insulin sensitivity is poor – a condition also known as insulin resistance – your muscle cells will not respond adequately to insulin, meaning that less blood sugar will enter your muscle cells, which will affect your recovery, your glycogen replenishment, and your gains. Almost as bad, however, is that your fat cells will still be very sensitive to insulin, resulting in a scenario where most of the excess blood sugar will be stored in your fat cells in the form of body fat.

Unfortunately the classic bodybuilding diet that includes many small meals spread out throughout the day, can contribute to insulin resistance. If you eat a diet like this, your blood sugar levels and your insulin levels will be elevated almost all day long, resulting in your muscle cells becoming less sensitive to insulin.

The solution for this problem? - Gluco Rapid!

Successful bodybuilders who are well versed in exercise and nutrition know how important it is to have a good insulin sensitivity. This innovative product contains the best and most potent natural compounds for improving your insulin sensitivity and to keep your blood sugar levels under control to maximize your muscle gains without gaining fat.

But Gluco Rapid can also support your fat loss efforts. During a fat loss diet a better insulin sensitivity can help you lose more fat while maintaining your existing muscle mass.

Gluco Rapid - not just for bodybuilders ...

Gluco Rapid is a product that can benefit anyone who consumes carbohydrates, regardless of whether they are athletes or non-athletes. Continuously elevated blood sugar levels are a common problem that may sooner or later lead to insulin resistance and ultimately to type 2 diabetes. Insulin resistance and diabetes are 2 ailments that have reached epidemic proportions in our society.

Gluco Rapid may help to reduce the risk of becoming insulin resistant and to develop diabetes, while promoting a better overall health.


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    Ich konsumiere über den Tag verteilt 4 Stück und ich habe weder Heißhunger noch krasse Insulinspikes. Ein merklicher Helfer in der Diät und bin gespannt wie es in der Aufbauphase sich auswirkt. Ich schwöre auf dieses Produkt!
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    Geiles Produkt von einem Authentischen Athleten!
    Von Athleten für Athleten!
    Danke dir!
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    hat meine Kraft und Ausdauer dazu noch vermehrt bzw. verstärkt.
    Konnte so mein Trainingsziel pro Tag fast verdoppeln.
    Bitte weiter solche Produkte!!
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Daily intake: Take 4 capsules with plenty of fluid.

Free from lactose and gluten

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily intake indicated should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of young children!

This product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, as some of the ingredients may not be safe for the unborn child and / or may be passed to the breast-fed child through the mother’s milk.

People taking diabetes medicine should talk with the attending physician before using this product in order to avoid interactions with the medications used.


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