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Cheat Smarter - B.A.M

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  • Content: 90 capsules

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Enjoy Cheat Meals, Refeeds and Cheat Days without a guilty Conscience thanks to Cheat Smarter

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Stabilize your blood sugar levels and activate your metabolism to use the calories of your cheat meals, refeeds and cheat day to build muscle and to maximally replenish your muscle glycogen stores, instead of storing these calories as unsightly body fat!

Product Highlights:

  • Maximum storage of the carbohydrates you eat in form of muscle glycogen
  • Can counteract a storage of surplus calories in form of body fat
  • Stabilization of your blood sugar levels and prevention of fluctuations of your insulin and blood glucose levels
  • Can significantly increase your insulin sensitivity to get your carbohydrates to where they are needed most: inside your muscles
  • Can reduce your insulin secretion because your body needs less insulin to lower its blood sugar levels, which will prevent a fat storage
  • Reduction of food cravings and extreme cravings for carbohydrates
  • Slows down the breakdown of starch into glucose for more stable blood sugar levels
  • Promotes a healthy function of your pancreas, which is responsible for insulin secretion
  • Reduction of cortisol levels to prevent belly fat storage and an unwanted depletion of your muscle glycogen stores
  • Will improve your leptin sensitivity

Enjoy Cheat Meals, Refeeds and Cheat Days without a guilty Conscience thanks to Cheat Smarter

When we are honest, we all love the so-called cheat meals or cheat days during a low-calorie diet or as part of a low-carbohydrate diet, which allow us to go nuts during a meal or a whole day and eat the stuff we usually would not. Some will go really crazy during these meals or days and eat everything, they can get their hands on, including fast food, while others will swear by clean cheat meals or cheat days and will continue to pay attention to a clean diet despite an increased food intake Regardless of this, both variants of cheat meals and cheat days serve the same purpose:

• maximally restoring your muscle glycogen stores that were depleted because of low-calorie diet or low-carb diet
• stimulating a diet-induced reduced leptin secretion
• psychological benefits by taking an off time from a strict and restrictive diet.

So far so good. Unfortunately, this will often look quite different in practice. If you overdo it with your food intake and / or suffer from reduced insulin sensitivity, this may backfire quite quickly, because part of the extra calories consumed may end up in your fat deposits instead of your muscle glycogen stores. It is not uncommon that dieters may build up more fat during their weekly cheat days than they've lost during the previous week of their diet.

But thanks to Cheat Smarter, it does not have to be this way any longer. Cheat Smarter will help you to use your cheat meals and cheat days to your full advantage, for maximizing your glycogen stores and stimulating your metabolism - all without adding significant amounts of body fat.

You're probably wondering how this may be possible. The answer lies in some simple, natural, but very effective manipulations of your basic metabolic processes.

The hormone insulin and the insulin sensitivity of your muscle cells may decide over success or failure of your cheat meals or cheat days. To fully understand this, you need to know a few simple basics.

Important Note: Of course, Cheat Smarter is not a carte blanche to continuously stuff yourself with huge amounts of food. If you continuously consume more calories than you use, no supplement in the world will prevent you from getting fat. However, in combination with a low-calorie diet Cheat Smarter can help you to channel the additional nutrients of your cheat meals or cheat days into your muscle's glycogen stores instead of your fat cells. Cheat Smarter is not intended for a daily use. It is only intended to be used during your cheat days or after your cheat meals. Cheat Smarter should not be taken for more than 10 to 14 days in a row.

The Problem

After a carbohydrate rich meal, your blood sugar levels will rise, as the carbohydrates you've just eaten will get into your bloodstream in form of glucose. Since excessively high blood sugar levels can have devastating effects in the long term, your body attempts to lower your increased blood sugar levels by releasing the hormone insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone that will transport nutrients such as carbohydrates, amino acids (protein), and fatty acids from the bloodstream into your body's cells, including muscle cells and fat cells.

The so-called insulin sensitivity of your cells is a measure of how much insulin is needed to transport nutrients into your cells. If your cells show a high insulin sensitivity, only very little insulin will be needed to transport nutrients into these cells, while a low insulin sensitivity (also known as insulin resistance) will require large amounts of insulin to get the job done. The lower the insulin sensitivity of your muscle cells is, the more insulin will be needed to shed nutrients into your muscle cells after a carbohydrate-rich meal, and such a strong raise of your insulin levels will have many negative effects on your body composition.

When your body releases a lot of insulin, nutrients are increasingly transported into your fat cells, as your fat cells will still react excellently to the signals sent by insulin despite any possible reduced insulin sensitivity of your muscle cells and will absorb anything they can get to store it in form of body fat.

In addition, a strong increase of your insulin levels will cause a rapid drop of your blood sugar levels and this roller coaster of your blood sugar levels will inevitably leads to cravings for carbohydrates and sweets. As a result, your cheat meal may quickly turn into an unplanned cheat day, and a halfway controlled and clean cheat day may turn into completely uncontrolled cheating.

The Solution

Once you have understood this problem, the solution is easy: if we can somehow manage to maximize the insulin sensitivity of your muscle cells and prevent your blood sugar levels from rising too much, amino acids and carbohydrates will be preferentially transported into your muscle instead of being transported into your fat cells.

Cheat Smarter contains some of the most powerful natural ingredients that will maximize your insulin sensitivity to make sure that minimum amounts of insulin are all you need to push virtually all the carbohydrates and amino acids you eat into your muscle cells. This increased uptake of carbohydrates will fill your depleted muscle glycogen stores to the fullest, often even reaching levels that may exceed the previous maximum (also known as super compensation).

In addition to an increased insulin sensitivity, the ingredients of Cheat Smarter will prevent your blood sugar levels from raising too much to prevent strong blood sugar swings and cravings. And to be on the safe side, some of the ingredients of Cheat Smarter will effectively counteract any storage of fat in your fat cells, the growth of your fat cells, and the formation of new fat cells. As a result your body will not be able to store significant amounts of fat.

And as a special bonus, Cheat Smarter can even improve your leptin sensitivity. Leptin is a hormone that will keep your metabolism running at full speed, but the bad new is that your leptin levels will fall sharply during any calorie-restricted diet. One of the primary goals of using cheat meals and cheat days is to increase your leptin levels - and Cheat Smarter will further enhance this effect by making your body more sensitive to leptin.

The Result

And what does all this mean for you in practice?

1. Cheat Smarter can calm your conscience because it can help you with any cheat meal / day and can even lead to less fat storage.
2. Your depleted glycogen stores will be filled maximally to allow you the most intense and effective workouts.
3. It will be unlikely that your cheat meals or cheat days will unintentionally go out of control.
4. Thanks to an increased leptin production and an increased leptin sensitivity your metabolism will run at full speed.

Warning: This product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, as the berberine contained could be delivered to the unborn baby via the placenta and to breastfed infants by breast milk and could cause damage. Persons that are suffering from diabetes and are treated with diabetes drugs should consult their doctor before taking this product, because otherwise they may experience an excessive reduction of blood sugar levels with all its negative consequences.


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