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The highly effective, completely natural detoxifying agent that can also alleviate diarrhea!

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The highly effective, completely natural detoxifying agent that can also alleviate diarrhea!

Product Highlights:

  • Can be used on a daily basis for a limited time or all year long to support the detoxification of the body
  • Inhibits the absorption of dangerous toxins by the body and promotes a rapid excretion of these toxic substances
  • Reduces stress of detoxification organs including liver and kidneys
  • Binds heavy metals, mould fungus and radioactive substances
  • Quickly alleviates diarrhea without pharmaceutically changing the natural intestinal function and is therefore superior to pharmaceutical drugs used for a treatment of diarrhea

Bentonite - the ultimate natural detoxifying agent

Bentonite ia an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay that naturally occurs during the weathering of volcanic ash. Bentonite can bind many different compounds that a harmful to the human body. This ability to bind dangerous substances is due to the positive charge of the bentonite particles. This binding capacity can be greatly increased by using a finely ground bentonite product like GN Bentonite, resulting in a very large surface area which ensures a maximum absorption of hazardous pollutants.

By binding these toxic substances, bentonite prevents the absorption of these toxins into the bloodstream via your digestive tract. Instead, all these bound toxins are excreted together with the indigestible bentonite. This greatly reduces the toxin levels in your body and as a result detoxification organs including liver and kidneys are significantly relieved.

Bentonite is very versatile in terms of the toxins it can bind and is considered to be the ultimate detoxifier by many experts. Bentonite is capable of binding most of the heavy metals occurring in air, water and food. This also includes mercury that is frequently found in marine fish, and the toxic heavy metals that are continuously released by amalgam fillings, which can poison the body slowly. These heavy metals pose a health risk because they accumulate in the body and are distributed evenly in all types of body tissues.

But the toxin-binding properties of bentonite are not limited to heavy metals. Bentonite is also able to bind radioactive substances, which can cause and promote diseases such as cancer and occur in increasing quantities in our environment.

Interestingly, bentonite is also capable of binding biological toxins, including the mould fungi toxins known as alfatoxins. Alfatoxins are extremely toxic even in small amounts and can damage the liver and cause cancer. The tricky thing about these mould fungi is that they can be present in foodstuffs long before a mould fungus is clearly visible. Since these toxins are tasteless and odourless, damage to the body can easily occur unnoticed. By a regular intake of bentonite this danger can be reduced, because bentonite binds these Alfatoxines, before they can be absorbed through the intestine and enter the body. For the purpose of detoxification, bentonite can be used either in a curative way or every day all year long using a lower dose. The latter has the advantage that your body will be continuously cleaned of poisons and pollutants, which promotes good health and well-being.

Bentonite as a healthy and natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for treating diarrhea. In most cases diarrhea is triggered by bacteria, which make the digestive system go haywire. Pharmaceutical diarrhea medication like the popular and widespread Loperamide exert their action by severely restricting bowel movements associated with diarrhea, which results in a slower excretion of feces. This has the crucial disadvantage that a rapid excretion of the harmful bacteria from the digestive system is prevented. Because of this the bacteria responsible for diarrhea stay longer in your body and are absorbed via the intestine. This means unnecessary stress for your immune system and certain types of harmful bacteria may even impair your health.

Bentonite is a much better and healthier alternative because it is capable of binding harmful bacteria and the toxins they produce. As a result these bacteria and toxins will be excreted instead of entering the bloodstream. In addition to this, bentonite can bind excess water in the intestine and promote a firmer stool.

For treating diarrhea, bentonite should be used in combination with a high-quality probiotic product like our Probiotic Defense. Since diarrhea is often accompanied by a reduction healthy intestinal bacteria, supplementing with a high-quality probiotic product after the elimination of harmful bacteria by bentonite can support and promote the restoration of a healthy intestinal flora.

How should you take bentonite?

Bentonite works best when taken on an empty stomach and at least 30 minutes before your next meal. Because bentonite can bind a wide range of substances, it should not be taken with other supplements or medicine. For a maximum effectiveness bentonite should be taken with plenty of water.

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Recommende daily intake: 10g powder with 150ml liquid

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