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Das wahrscheinlich umfassendste Produkt zur Entgiftung und Reinigung Ihres Körpers, das Gesundheit, Funktion des Immunsystems und allgemeines Wohlbefinden verbessern kann!

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Probably the most comprehensive detox and cleanse product you can use to supercharge your health, organ, immune function and overall health and well-being.

Product highlights:

  • Helps your body to get rid of heavy metals, organic toxins and other cancerous substances
  • Can decrease the amount of toxic mercury in your body
  • Protects the cells of your liver and optimizes their function
  • Promotes your livers natural self-healing capacity and improves your liver values
  • Protects the liver from harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Supports optimal liver function
  • Possesses outstanding anti-inflammatory effects and can alleviate rheumatic pain
  • Boosts your cardiovascular health
  • Can help to normalize elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Keeps the blood vessels flexible and limits the formation of plaque
  • Empowers the immune system
  • Has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects
  • Accelerates natural cell repair
  • Contains powerful antioxidants and protects your body's cell from free radical damage
  • Supports your body in fighting cancer cells
  • Optimizes kidney function and boosts your kidney's ability to self-detox
  • Helps clean the bowel and promotes a healthy microbiome
  • Supports your digestive system and can reduce irritations of the gut
  • Promotes the restauration and maintenance of your body's natural acid-basis balance
  • Keeps you bones healthy and stable and protects you from osteoporosis
  • Can significantly increase your overall well-being

Why is it important to promote the natural detoxification of your body?

Your body is exposed to a multitude of chemicals and toxicants on a daily basis. To ensure that these agents that can be found in our everywhere environment, including foods and supplements, do not harm your cells, your body has a very effective detoxification system. Unfortunately, the ever-increasing number and the continuously more complex cocktail of chemicals we are exposed to can overtax this natural detox system - and the consequences are obvious: You feel sluggish, tired, lack motivation, are constantly sick and may even develop cancer.

In that, free radicals are certainly not the only, but for sure among the most important villains. They are produced by our own body upon exposure to external and internal stressors - even hard training will significantly elevate the amount of free radicals in your body; and that's bad news: With their ability to disrupt DNA strains, free radicals have been linked to all sorts of illnesses like Alzheimer's or Cancer and even ageing is thought of as being driven by free radicals. With the ever-increasing amount of ROS-producing toxicants in our environment, it is thus hardly surprising that our bodies are overwhelmed and there's a rapid increase in the incidence of the aforementioned non-communicable diseases.

How can Detox Polyhydrate™ help your body detox and improve your health and overall well-being?

In view of the ever-increasing severity of health issues I the Western society, it is important to optimally support your body's natural detox systems in its fight against exogenous stressors and toxicants. This is why we have developed Detox Polyhydrate™, the probably most potent natural formula to help detoxifying your body. In that, Detox Polyhydrate™ addresses all the previously outlined problems and more in order to help your body detox and regenerate, boost your well-being and immune function and reduce your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Cleaning the mess our lifestyle creates and regenerating damaged organs

The subheading already tells what Detox Polyhydrate™ is all about. It was specifically designed to help your body get rid of toxic heavy metals such as mercury or lead and other toxicants and carcinogens we are exposed to on a daily basis. Thus Detox Polyhydrate™ protects your liver, kidneys and digestive tract. At the same time, it will promote your body's ability to regenerate damaged cells and organs and increase its resilience to toxic substance, in order to restore and maintain optimal health.

Potent anti-inflammatory effects

In addition, Detox Polyhydrate™ was designed to ameliorate inflammation and exert analgesic (pain killing) effects in inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. These anti-inflammatory effects are so important, because many of the aforementioned toxicants will trigger inflammatory reactions in vital organs such as the liver or kidneys – reactions that will put your health at risk and impair the function of your organs.

Protection from hazardous effects of free radicals and oxidation

With its various anti-oxidant ingredients, Detox Polyhydrate™ supplies your body with a mix of the most powerful free radical scavenger known to man. Thus it will prevent your cells' DNA from being damaged and protect you from a plethora of free radical induced diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's, and may even decelerate the aging process.

For athletes and active individuals these anti-oxidant effects of Detox Polyhydrate™ are of particular importance, because intense physical activity can significantly increase the amount of free radicals your body produces. In this scenario, Detox Polyhydrate™'s ability to promote cell repair and stabilize the cell walls to make your cells more resilient to free radicals and the effects of toxicants is of particular importance.

Boost your immune system

Numerous ingredients in Detox Polyhydrate™ have science to back their beneficial effects on your immune system and thus increase your resilience to infections. For athletes, whose intense training sessions may take a toll on their immune system, Detox Polyhydrate™ is thus the ideal supplement to reduce their susceptibility to infection.

Reduction of cancer risk and promotion of your body's natural cancer-defense system

Even though this is commonly ignored, our body has the ability to fight cancer cells. The ingredients of Detox Polyhydrate™ have the ability to promote your body's ability to do just that by accelerating the clearance of toxicants, reducing oxidative stress and ameliorating inflammation. Thus it may not just prevent the growth of cancerous cells, but can also help reducing the formation of metastases of existing cancer, as well as your body's ability to target and destroy cancer cells selectively.

Improvements of cardiovascular health and reduction of your risk of cardiovascular disease

In view of the fact that cardiovascular diseases are a major contributor to mortality all around the world, supporting the function of your cardiovascular system is vital – literally. With that being said, Detox Polyhydrate™ should be your supplement of choice to do just that. With its innovative formula, Detox Polyhydrate™ will keep your blood pressure in check, your blood vessels elastic and your lipid and triglyceride levels in check. This will protect you from atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attacks by inhibiting the formation of plaque in your blood vessels – the same plug that is responsible for all the aforementioned killers.

With Detox Polyhydrate™ you can protect yourself from the ever-increasing environmental assault on your body and ameliorate the effect of both environmental toxins and endogenously (by your own body) produced free radicals on your health and well-being.

The innovative Detox Polyhydrate™ Formula

When they designed the formula for our newest detox products, our scientists chose exclusively scientifically proven ingredients. Ingredients of which scientific studies show that they can significantly boost human health and well-being by protecting and cleaning your body from toxicants and other stressors.

To select only the most powerful and scientifically proven ingredients was yet not enough for our R&D team. We also wanted to ensure maximal bioavailability. This is why Detox Polyhydrate™ uses the potent, innovative Polyhydrate™ delivery system to increase the resorption of Detox Polyhydrate™'s powerful ingredients from the digestive tract and combined it with piperine another scientifically proven agent that improves the bioavailability of supplements significantly.

The result of our R&D efforts is the innovative Detox Polyhydrate™ ingredient matrix, the individual ingredients of which will be addressed in the following paragraphs.


Ning Hong Tee Mix

Ning Hong tea, which is traditionally produced by blending selected medicinal herbs such as lotus, Chinese Hawthorn, cassia seeds, artha fruits and licorice, has been developed by the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai. This tea can improve the health and function of your cardiovascular system, reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and prevent the formation of plaque in your blood vessels, while simultaneously reducing blood pressure.

In addition, Ning Hong Tea has diuretic effects and will thus improve your body's natural ability to detox. The ingredient of Ning Hong Tea will will also improve the natural barrier in your digestive tract – a barrier that does not only reduce the absorption of dietary fat, but also your digestive tract's overall resilience to exogenous assaults and may thus help reducing the incidence and severity of gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). And as if that wasn't enough, already, Ning Hong Tea contains a plethora of powerful antioxidants ranging from beta-alanine to vitamin C and E – agents that will promote the health of your immune system and help improve your general well-being.

Grapefruit seed extract (45% flavonoids)

Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is produced from crushed seeds of grapefruit and contains a blend of the most powerful natural antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Naringerin is one of these antioxidant powerhouses that protect your body from oxidation and your cells from the ill effects of free radicals. Another advantage of grapeseed effects is their ability to kill viruses, bacteria and even fungi. Its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects are in fact so potent that grapefruit seed extract, the "natural antibiotic" is the #1 choice for all three proposes in naturopathic practices.

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that GSE can kill H. Plyori and thus reduce the incidence of gastric ulcers and cancers of the digestive tract. One study even shows that GSE can kill the nasty multi-resistant hospital bugs that are responsible for an increasing numbers of death everywhere in the Western world. In contrast to anti-biotics, however, GSE has no ill effects on your gut microbiome. On the contrary, GSE has been shown to kill the bad, and promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria while boosting your body's natural immune defenses and regenerative capacity via its ability to kill pathogens in your digestive tract.

These benefits are complemented by GSE's potent anti-inflammatory effects that are partly responsible for its ability to keep your blood vessels plaque-free and control your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Chlorella is the microalgae with the highest content of chlorophyll known to man. Chlorophyll, which gives plants and algae its green color, has a plethora of hitherto largely unknown health benefits. It protects the liver from toxicants by neutralizing them and improving their clearance via the digestive while simultaneously binding cancerous agents in the digestive tract, where they form a conglomerate with the chlorophyll molecules that is eventually excreted undigested and thus unabsorbed.

In addition to that, chlorophyll is a powerful antioxidant that will protect your body's cells from free radicals and boost their self-repair mechanisms. Scientists even speculate that chlorophyll has is able to slow down the aging process. It has been shown to prevent your cell walls from damage and keep an optimal acid-base balance, while promoting cardiovascular health and normalizing the production of digestive juices.

Next to chlorophyll, chlorella also contains a plethora of glycoproteins with detoxing effects. They accelerate cellular repair, improve liver function by protecting your body's detox organs from toxicants, stabilize the natural balance of your intestinal microbiome and promote immune health and your immune system's ability to fight cancer cells.

Two other components in chlorella – de-noxilipidnin and protectonien – will irreversibly bind to toxic heavy metals ad organic toxicants which will then be excreted via the digestive tract, before they can harm your body. That is not all, though, chlorella can increase the bone density, lower your cholesterol levels, improve the integrity o your mucus membranes and normalize your blood pressure.

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is packed with bioactive flavonoids that are often under the label "silymarin". These agents are among the best-known and most potent natural boosters of liver health. Its flavonoid complex exerts anti-inflammatory effects, protects and aids in the repair of your liver cells. This is only partly due to their antioxidant abilities, which are also responsible for the protective effects milk thistle exerts on all cells of your body by blocking the effects of free radicals on cellular integrity. Protection and regeneration: Milk thistle will do both and thus protect your liver from being damaged by environmental toxicants.

Silymarin has also been shown to boost the blood supply to your liver – an effect that is partly responsible for its potent effect on liver regeneration and the removal of toxicants from and production of nucleotides and proteins in this vital organ. It is thus not surprising that silymarin has also been shown to significantly accelerate the speed at which the human liver regenerates after exogenous and endogenous assaults. In fact, more than 100 scientific papers confirm that silymarin is one of the few agents known to man that can help your liver recover from damage due to alcohol, medications, or drugs within a relatively short time by (a) empowering the natural detoxification system of your liver, reducing its susceptibility to damage and promoting its ability to self-heal.


Artichoke extracts have been shown to support the function of liver and gall bladder, to improve the regenerative capacity of your liver and promote the re-growth of lost liver cells. By improving the production of bile in liver and the gall bladder artichoke will also promote digestion and keep your digestive tract functioning optimally.

In addition, artichoke has been shown to help with cramping, prevent cellular oxidation and help you control your cholesterol ad triglyceride levels.


Parley is not just a culinary herb; it is also a medicinal one - a herb that has been shown to resolve cramps, improve the function of your digestive tract, has diuretic effects and promotes the natural detoxification of kidney and the urinary tract. In addition, parsley will prevent the formation of kidney stones and may even help with prostate issues and the health of your spleen.

Stinging nettle (leaf powder)

Stinging nettle is among the oldest medicinal herbs in human history. It has been prescribed by Paracelsus, already, way before the birth of Christ to treat hepatitis. In traditional medicine, stinging nettle is used until today to detox during medicinal fasting.

The leaves of the stinging nettle plant have profound beneficial effects on the health of liver and gall bladder. They have been shown to improve the function of the digestive tract and contain potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects due to which it can ameliorate prostate and urinary pain, as well as lower your blood pressure into the normal range.

The latter is not the least due to its diuretic effect and its ability to normalize the pH of your urine. Thus stinging nettle is directly helping your kidneys to excrete toxic substance and prevent the formation of kidney- and bladder-stones. In addition, stinging nettle has been shown to boost immune function by promoting the formation of antibodies and improving the function of macrophages.

Moringa Olifera

According to traditional Indian medicine, Moringa Olifera can heal more than 300 illnesses. Moringa Olifera is packed with antioxidants and other health promoters, which have been associated with sign. reductions in cancer risk and progression. Some studies even suggest that they can kill cancer cells while keeping the healthy cells intact. In addition, Moringa Olifera has been shown to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood, your blood pressure and glucose levels, and swellings and pain in the joints. It has also been found to have diuretic effects and the ability to protect you from kidney damage, as well as potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects.


Ergocalciferol, which is also known as natural vitamin D, is the form of vitamin D that is naturally produced in your body. It helps your body build bones and protects you from developing osteoporosis by improving the resorption and use of calcium from your digestive tract while ensuring that any surpluses of calcium are excreted via the kidneys. Since ergocalciferol will also increase the activity of osteoblasts, it is not surprising that it has slow been shown to reduce the release of calcium from the bones and thus to inhibit the decline of bone density that puts you at risk of fractures.


Turmeric, or rather its active ingredient curcuma is one of the stars in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. It is a potent medicinal herb that helps with a plethora of common ailments due to its potent anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, studies show that it is as potent as cortisone or pain killers in ameliorating pain in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Furthermore, curcuma is a powerful anti-oxidant that will counter the ill-effects of free radicals on the liver and other vital organs. Curcumin has also been found to directly promote the regeneration and detoxification of the liver from environmental assaults from mercury or other toxic substances. In fact, studies have shown that the chronic consumption of curcuma can significantly reduce the amount of toxic mercury in our bodies. In that, it is of particular importance that curcuma will cross the blood-brain-barrier, which is why scientists speculate that curcumin could protect us from developing Alzheimer's and related diseases.

Scientific studies have also shown that the regular consumption of turmeric can significantly reduce your risk of developing cancer, because curcumin will disable a set of transcription factors that are responsible for the growth of cancer cells. Scientists also have preliminary evidence that turmeric can inhibit the formation of metastases in various types of cancer – including breast cancer. With its potent cell-protective effects and its ability to increase your resilience to infections and susceptibility to harmful effects of air pollution, cigarette smoke and dust, turmeric will also reduce your risk of upper respiratory infections and chronic lung diseases.

Ginger root

Ginger has been a staple in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine ever for more than 3000 years. Only recently, though, scientists have been able to confirm its practically long-established analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects – effects that are on par with medications such as aspirin and diclofenac; and Ginger's ability to prevent muscle damage is of particular relevance for athletes.

Its ability to promote the digestion and clean the colon is another well-known benefit of Ginger consumption, an agent that has more recently been shown to promote cardiovascular and metabolic health, as well as to possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the staples in fasting and detoxification regimen. Unlike It has been shown to decrease the levels of bad LDL and increase the levels of good HDL in your blood, keep your triglyceride levels in check and control your blood pressure. This is why apple cider vinegar the ideal cardio-protectant – one that combines it heart healthy effects with its ability to control your blood pressure and maintain a healthy acid-base balance. Its astonishing, yet likewise scientifically proven ability to stop cancer cells from growing is ascribed to its high NMalphaG (medium sized Alpha-Glycan) content.

Cayenne pepper

Capsaicin is the main active ingredient in cayenne pepper. It is a pungent molecule that has potent anti-oxidant effects and has been shown to increase your body's energy expenditure significantly. In addition, scientific studies have shown that capsaicin can help your liver to detoxify and protect you from liver fibrosis, as well as thromboses and cardiovascular disease, in general. In spite of its pungent taste, capsaicin has the ability to protect your intestinal walls from damage and can even promote the healing of a damaged gut lining (keyword: leaky gut) without affecting the production of stomach acid.

And as if all that wasn't enough yet, recent scientific studies show that capsaicin can directly inhibit the development and progression of prostate, breast, pancreatic and lung cancer – in many studies, the administration of capsaicin did even destroy the cancer cells.

Aloe Vera powder 200:1

Aloe Vera is among the oldest medical plants known to man. It was used as early as in ancient Egypt and Greece. Its various active ingredients, which include certain enzymes, sterols and polysaccharides, have been shown to significantly lower the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in human blood. They have potent anti-inflammatory effects and boost your immune system's ability to fight bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Its etheric oils have similarly potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents and one of the, the so-called Acemannan is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory immune boosters known to man. Due to its ability to promote the health of your digestive tract, Acemannan will also increase the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the diet.

Black pepper extract (95% piperin)

Black pepper is a formidable source of piperine, a substance that has been shown to increase the oxidation of fatty acids via its beneficial effects on thermogenesis.

Another and not less important benefit of piperine is its ability to increase the absorption and bioavailability of various nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the diet by inhibiting a set of enzymes that would otherwise deactivate them before they can unfold their beneficial health effects. For curcumin alone, for example, the bioavailability increases by up to 2000%, when it is co-administered with piperine.

The Polydrate™ Unique Buffering Technology

It is one thing to have the best raw ingredients in your products. It is however a completely different thing to deliver the effectively and at dosages as they are required to elicit the potent effects you desire.

This is where the Polyhydrate™ Unique Delivery Technology comes it. Its ability to buffer the active ingredients of our products against the destructive effects of your stomach acid allows for significantly higher amounts of the active ingredient to be actually delivered into the bloodstream. This increase in "bioavailability" as scientists call it, makes each and every capsule of Detox Polyhydrate™ significantly more potent than similarly dosed comparative products.


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