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100% micronised creatine-monohydrate powder!

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    100% micronised creatine-monohydrate powder.

    About 95% of all creatine in our body is concentrated in the muscle cells of the skeletal muscles. Creatine is a nitrogencontaining organic acid, which increases physical performance during repeated short-term, high intensity exercise. To achteve the best effect, a daily creatine intake of 3 g is recommended.

    Micronisation leads to smaller creatine partictes. The pharmaceutical grade micronised creatine (200 mesh} digestslaster and absorbs better, too.

    The unflavoured powder is easy to combine with other nutrttional Supplements such äs mass gainers or protein shakes.

    Recommended use:

    Mix 5 g powder with 500 ml liquid. During the first week of the loading stage, take 4 servings a day: 2 before workout and 2 after workout. During the maintenance stage, (oliowing the loading stage, take 2 servings a day: 1 before workout and 1 after workout. Do not exceed recommended daily allowance.

    Package amount

    500 g (100 servings)


    100% Micronized creatine monohydrate (200 mesh)

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