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The Creatine HCL Shake from ZEC + includes high doses of creatine, which is also under the spelling creatine

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The most authentic taste is still one of the smallest Arguments for the Creatine HCL Shake Zec +


The Creatine HCL Shake from ZEC + includes high doses of creatine, which is also under the spelling creatine is known and complements the range of products in food supplements and sports nutrition for body builders and athletes who are interested in increasing the physical performance during workout.

The EU regulation on health claims on foods confirms: Creatine increases physical performance in power training as part of short-term intense exercise. The positive effect occurs when recording an amount of 3 g daily. As Shake creatine is therefore a commonly used supplement.

Creatine - a substance used to power supply contributes to the muscle and increase both the short-time power and the maximum force of the muscles as well as the cell damage may decrease in endurance sports - in this powder contained as creatine hydrochloride (HCL). But what of this particular form so special and wherein the shake differs from previously known creatine supplements?


Creatine hydrochloride - The better creatine?

Creatine HCL stands for creatine hydrochloride and is classified by experts compared with ordinary creatine as efficient because smaller amounts will be necessary to achieve the same effect. Hydrochloride are, incidentally, another name for salts. The additional hydrochloride group which binds the organic acid creatine is said to be responsible for the better effect.

A better solubility of Creatine HCL is now undisputed, but sound results for increased effectiveness are pending. We can so far only rely on field studies that are recognized by athletes and bodybuilders. The include statements as to whether the training more effective , was more repetitions were made, etc. we surveyed bodybuilders and martial artists who are at a high physical performance level, and Creatine HCL of ZEC + have tested have so far impressed invariably positive ,

The powder provides the muscle with creatine as a component of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the energy necessary for a high muscular load and exerts its effect best in explosive power development and short-term in the context of intense physical activity. As Shake Creatine HCL powder especially suitable for athletes who train already at a very high level.


Creatine HCL as Shake with great taste

About 2 to 4 grams of creatine daily needs of the human organism. The fabric is in the muscle in adenosine triphosphate is converted (ATP), which it serves as an energy source. Without ATP, the muscles would remain immobile why a creatine shake is particularly for strength athletes and in muscle building workout in question.

Already with an intake of 3 g daily positive effects set. Since our body the substance synthesized from food and can cover by fish and meat about half of Creatinbedarfs, a higher dose is not necessary. A dietary supplement , so supplementation is useful nonetheless, especially at elevated physical exertion. With Creatine HCL of ZEC + an effective workout and successful is plyometrics any case, nothing in the way.

The powder for Shaken, of course, made in Germany and in known Zec + quality that allows no compromises! Developed by athletes for athletes, we offer the Creatine HCL Shake high-dose drugs that have it in them!

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Take 6g creatine HCL with 400ml cold water once a day in the morning, before or after your workout.

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