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    Buffered creatine Hydrochloride with time-released release - probably the most effective form of creatine available on the market, which has an effect that is up to 700% stronger than regular creatine monohydrate when it comes to gains in strength and muscle mass!

    Product Highlights:

    • Contains creatine HCL, which probably has the highest bioavailability of all creatine forms
    • Time release technology for a continuous supply of your muscles with creatine for up to 8 hours
    • Uses our innovative Polyhydrate ™ technology for an effective protection against a degradation by gastric acid
    • Up to 700% more effective than ordinary creatine monohydrate, as far as gains of strength and muscle mass are concerned
    • Dramatic increases in muscle mass and strength
    • Dramatically increased muscular performance thanks to maximum ATP resynthesis
    • Maximizes your muscle cell volume for fuller and tighter looking muscles, as well as additional anabolic effects
    • No loading phase required

    We have dramatically improved the creatine supplement that has been the most effective creatine product till now.

    Creatine Polyhydrate was a new milestone in the field of creatine supplementation.

    Creatine Polyhydrate combined creatine HCl - the most stable creatine form with the highest bioavailability - with our innovative Polyhydrate ™ Unique Buffering Technology, creating a creatine product that will not be destroy in your digestive tract. This means that the creatine you take is absorbed to virtually 100% by your body. At that time, it looked as if no further improvement of this creatine product would be possible.

    But anyone who knows GN Laboratories also knows that we never rest and constantly strive to further increase the effectiveness of our products. Therefore it is not really surprising that we have made the impossible possible with the help of the latest scientific research: we developed a creatine product called CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT that dramatically increases the “maximum” effect of Creatine Polyhydrate™.

    You may be wondering how this is possible, if Creatine Polyhydrate™ is already absorbed by the body by almost 100%. Therefore a further increase in bioavailability and absorption was not an option since, of course, no more than 100% of the consumed creatine can be absorbed by the body. For this reason we decided to use an innovative time release technology for our CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT. As a result CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT is evenly released to your blood stream for a period of up to 8 hours. At first sight, this approach may seem paradoxical, as other companies constantly advertise that their creatine products are absorbed faster than any other form of creatine available on the market.

    But is faster really better? Scientific research shows that the exact opposite is the case! These studies have shown that creatine with delayed release is up to 700% (!) more effective than regular creatine monohydrate when it comes to building muscle mass and strength. This is due to the fact that products such as CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT continuously supply your muscles with a current of anabolic creatine over a period of 8 hours, which in turn increases the creatine levels in your muscle cells for a longer time span, resulting in maximum muscular performance during your workout and a faster post workout recovery.

    Why is CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRI superior to all other creatine forms?

    Obviously there are already other time released creatine products available on the market, but none of these products comes even close to CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT, because our CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT is far more than "just" another time released creatine product. CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT combines time- released creatine HCl - the creatine form with the highest bioavailability - with our innovative Polyhydrate ™ Unique Buffering Technology, which prevents any degradation of the creatine contained in the digestive tract. The result of this combination is the most effective creatine product of all time that is absorbed to by your body to 100% and continuously supplies your muscle cells with anabolic creatine all day long. Our CREA-TECH Polyhydrate MRT once again represents the upper end of the flag pole when it comes to a highly effective creatine supplementation. But would you have expected anything else from GN Laboratories?

    The Unique Polyhydrate Buffering Technology

    In spite of the fact that stomach acid plays an extremely important role in the digestive process, it will also reduce the bioavilability of orally consumed amino acids and other agents, which are commonly used in dietary supplements. When these molecules are exposed to the acidic milieu of the stomach, they undergo chemical changes that will reduce or change their biological effects. Our unique Polyhdrate Buffering Technology, which has been used in several other GN Laboratory innovations such as Creatine Polyhydrate, Glutamine Polyhydrate, Beta-Alanine PolyhydrateArginine Polyhydrate and DAA Polyhydrate, with huge success, protects the active agents in CREA-TECH Polyhydrate from the destructive effects of stomach acid. This results in a significant increase in bioavailability and an unparalleled effectiveness.

    Recommende daily intake: Take 2 x 2 capsules a day, preferably at a distance of 8 hours with plenty of fluid.

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