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Pure Creatine Creapure® - GN Laboratories

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By far the most effective natural supplement for maximum gains of strength and mass with unique effects that have been shown by thousands of clinical studies over the last 30 years – now available in its purest form made in German

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Pure German Creapure®

By far the most effective natural supplement for maximum gains of strength and mass with unique effects that have been shown by thousands of clinical studies over the last 30 years – now available in its purest form made in German

Product Highlights:

  • Increase your exercise performance during hard and intense workouts and be able to do more reps with heavier weights for a stronger stimulus for maximum gains of mass and strength
  • Will maximize your muscle protein synthesis for maximum gains of hard and lean muscle mass
  • Will accelerate your recovery between your sets and after your workouts to enable you to work out even harder and to help you to exercise more frequently without any risk of burning out and overtraining
  • Will dramatically increase your pump and maximize your muscle cell volume, which will not only make your muscles look fuller, harder, and bigger, but also boost your muscle growth
  • Contains the purest creatine the market has to offer with a guaranteed purity of 99.95%
  • Each batch is lab tested for purity
  • According to numerous long-term clinical studies, creatine is not only safe but also has a variety of health benefits
  • Purest creatine from German production without unnecessary fillers or additives

What is Pure German Creapure® and how can it maximize your athletic performance?

Creatine is a compound naturally occurring in your body that plays a crucial role during the ATP production in your muscles. ATP, which is the abbreviation for adenosine triphosphate, is also referred to as the body's "energy currency" because during intense muscle efforts it is the only source of readily available energy your muscles can use for powerful contractions during heavy workouts.

Unfortunately, the ATP stores of your muscles are very limited and can get exhausted after a little more than 10 seconds during an intense set with heavy weights. This means that your body will need to produce new ATP as fast as possible, because otherwise you will run out of energy and will have to finish your set. Since any ATP production by burning muscle glycogen would take way too long, your body will only have the creatine phosphate pathway to maintain your workout performance - but the natural creatine phosphate stores of your muscles are also limited ...

And this is where creatine begins to unfold its magic. By supplementing with creatine, you can maximize the creatine stores of your muscles and thus also your creatine phosphate stores, which will not only help you perform more reps per set, but will also give you the power you need to move heavier weights (1). This will allow you to set a more intense stimulus for building more strength and muscle mass.

And the best of all is that creatine is not one of those overly hyped supplements that will quickly disappear from the market, because its effects only look good on paper, but will be disappointing in the real world. Creatine has been used successfully by millions of athletes for almost 30 years, and well over 1000 human trials have clearly and without any doubt demonstrated its many positive benefits in terms of muscle growth and athletic performance, as well as its safety (2).


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Keep out of reach of children. Always consult a physician prior to using any diet Food supplement.


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Stir 1x3g (1Scoop) into 150 ml liquid once daily and drink it!

Creatine Creapure - GN

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