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Use the best-studied muscle-building agent, whose superior performance-enhancing and muscle-building effects have been unequivocally proven by more than 1,000 scientific studies, in its most effective and purest form!

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Use the best-studied muscle-building agent, whose superior performance-enhancing and muscle-building effects have been unequivocally proven by more than 1,000 scientific studies, in its most effective and purest form!

Product Highlights:

  • Can dramatically increase your performance during hard and intense workouts
  • Can significantly increase your maximum strength
  • Can lift your gains to a whole new level by increasing your muscle protein synthesis and by using other direct anabolic pathways
  • Can speed up and optimize your recovery between your sets and between your workouts
  • Significant increase of your pump during exercise
  • Can dramatically increase your muscle cell volume, giving your muscles a bigger an fuller look
  • Can be used throughout the year without any loss of effect
  • Perfectly safe, with many scientifically proven health benefits
  • Contains German made Creapure® with a guaranteed purity of 99.95%

Why Creasthetix?

If you haven’t spent the last 30 years under a rock in the desert, you will know for sure that creatine is one of the most potent agents for maximizing strength, exercise performance and muscle mass. The beneficial effects of creatine have been proven beyond any doubt by more than 1000 (!) scientific studies (1).

It is not without good reason that there are countless creatine products on the market that contain a wide variety of creatine forms. But why should you choose Creasthetix instead of a cheaper product or one of the many new and fancy creatine forms?

The short answer is "safety and efficacy." In the end, about 99% of all scientific studies have been done with creatine monohydrate, which means that there are few studies on the effects of all of these new and fancy creatine forms - and these few studies sometimes even show inferior results or no effects at all. And forget about all the advertising regarding a supposedly better absorption of new creatine forms creatine monohydrate will be absorbed by up to 95% by your body - what could be greatly improved here?

As far as safety is concerned you can be sure that there are no toxic, potentially carcinogenic by-products such as dicyandiamide and dihydrotriazine that can be produced by incomplete manufacturing processes - and indeed already showed up in cheap creatine products (2, 3). Creapure has a guaranteed purity of 99.95% creatine monohydrate, so there is not much space for any impurity.

How can Creasthetix maximize your gains of new lean muscle mass?

In addition to allowing you to work with a higher intensity and heavier weights for more repetitions – what is already creating a stronger growth stimulus on its own - creatine has a variety of other direct anabolic effects that can take your gains to a whole new level.

This begins with the fact that a creatine supplementation can significantly increase your muscle protein synthesis after exercise (5), resulting in more muscle protein to be created. In addition, creatine can significantly increase the exercise-induced fusion of your muscle cells with muscle stem cells known as satellite cells, and thus increase your muscle growth (6).

And that's not all. Since every gram of creatine will bind about 30 grams of water that will be pulled into your muscle cells, it will significantly increase your muscle cell volume, resulting in a direct anabolic response. Your body views this increased pressure on its muscle cells as a threat, that it encounters with a growth of the muscle cells affected (7).

And as a special bonus, there is current evidence that creatine seems to be an effective myostatin inhibitor that can reduce your myostatin levels by 10 to 20% (8). Myostatin is the natural endogenous inhibitor that prevents an excessive growth of your muscles - and if you can loosen this brake a little bit, you will build up significantly more muscle mass.


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    Feinstes Creapure und bei dem Preis kann man absolut nicht meckern, 500g reichen ja schließlich für mindestens 100 Tage. Löst sich super und die Dose ist wie immer überragend. Also nicht am falschen Ende sparen und Creastethics kaufen!!
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Stir 3-5g into 150ml water/fruit juice once daily and drink it!

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