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Odin Strength Creapure Vikingstorm - Gods Rage

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Benefit from Odin's Potion of Strength, which will make you the strongest and most muscular Nordic Iron Warrior who will turns all his enemies into dust.

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Benefit from Odin's Potion of Strength, which will make you the strongest and most muscular Nordic Iron Warrior who will turns all his enemies into dust.

"Nowhere does the sun cling to the earth. Streams of air it sways and overthrow. In Mimir's clear well, the strength of men is drying up." Do you know what all that means? Odin, Allfather, the most powerful of all Nordic gods, once yearned for just one sip of the fountain of giant Mirmir. A potion that confers strength and wisdom, Odin's strength. What sacrifice are you willing to give, Mirmir, the keeper of the mighty spring under the Yggdrasil World Tree, asked. What would you give? I give what I see and get what I am. If someone says to you, that this will not work, just remember, it's his limits, not yours. At Mirmir's bidding, Odin was ready to give half of his sight, and so he laid a part of himself, his eye, on the bottom of the well. Yes, Odin, the one-eyed, was willing to sacrifice more to gain the strength of the potion. He gave himself and his body. And so he hung himself up on the world tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights, and then, with greater power and wisdom, rose to new splendour. A force that made him the mightiest of all gods and whose name gives strength to every Viking who honors him. Odin.”

Product Highlights:

• Become an invincible Nordic warrior who will fear neither pain nor death, and who will pulverize all his opponents, as well as the cold steel in the gym
• Unbridled, superhuman power that will help you to defeat even the heaviest weights and the most powerful enemies with playful ease
• Increased energy and stamina for your rock-hard muscles, to make you victorious against any opponent in the longest and most brutal battles
• Maximum gains of muscle mass, a brutal pump and an increased muscle cell volume will give your muscles a superhuman size so that all of your opponents will already try to escape at the sight of you
• A faster recovery after merciless battles will make you ready for the next brutal fight sooner
• Profit from numerous health benefits, as only a healthy warrior will become a strong and victorious warrior
• Creapure® creatine from Germany with a guaranteed purity of 99.95% for maximum effects

Odin Strength - Odin's Potion of Strength, the recipe of which we got directly from Asgard

Although Tyr is considered the god of war among the Nordic gods, Odin, the wise and powerful father of the Nordic gods, protects and cares for the brave Nordic warriors who adore him. To aid the fighting power of his fearless warriors, he sent them Odin Strength, a potion inspired by the mead of the spring under the Yggdrasil World Tree, the source of which is guarded by the giant Mirmir. Just as this mead lends infinite wisdom, Odin Strength will give you infinite power and make you a truly invincible Viking warrior, who fears neither pain nor death, and whose sight alone is enough to turn even the strongest and most brutal enemies into whimpering washerwomen who know that their last hour has struck.

Odin Strength will give you unruly power and infinite energy for tough and merciless bloody battles on the battlefield or in the chamber of torture of cold steel, which you mere mortals call gym. Thanks to Odin Strength, you will achieve a kind of fighting power that will surpass your wildest dreams. Nothing will stop you - no supremacy of supposedly invincible enemies on the battlefield, nor the heaviest mountains of cold iron in the gym - because you have the power that has been given to you by the most powerful of all Nordic gods!

At the same time, Odin Strength will make your muscles grow at an amazing rate, giving them a much fuller and bigger look. The sight of your hard-hitting enormous muscle mass alone will make any strong and brutal opponent first freeze with awe and fear and then flee before he can even come up with the idea to raise his sword against you or to compete with you on a contest stage. The only downside to this will be that in the future it will be almost impossible for you to find worthy opponents who pose a challenge to you, because a fearful opponent is an already defeated opponent.

Become an invincible Nordic warrior with Odin Strength, which will make any fearless enemy freeze in awe and tremble with fear. Dominate the battlefield and the gym with your undoubted superiority.

By what ingredients does Odin Strength unfold its effects that were sent by the Nordic gods?

A divine potion of strength like Odin Strength does not need a multitude of different ingredients. It consists only of the most effective ingredient available with an incomparable purity of 99.95%. This potion is pure power and strength in its purest form. And if there is an ingredient that meets these requirements, then it is creatine monohydrate in form of Creapure®. Even heretical scientists who dared to doubt Odin's choice were ashamed after thousands of scientific studies have shown that creatine monohydrate is the most potent legal and healthy performance-enhancing compound that has ever seen the light of this world. Anything that may seem stronger on paper comes from the dark side and will sooner or later weaken and destroy its users and let them end up in Helheim, the Nordic equivalent of Christian hell, from where is no escape. Here you will dwell for all eternity with murderers, swindlers and all miserable weaklings, who have not died a heroic death in battle.

From what effects of this potion of the Nordic gods will you and every other Nordic warrior benefit?

Odin Strength will take your (fighting) power and your muscle building to a whole new level and you will be superior to all of your opponents forever – no matter if these enemies are brutal soldiers on the battlefield, murderous mountains of cold iron in the gym or opponents on a contest stage. This superiority is achieved by a variety of different effects that are based on different physiological pathways. These effects were unequivocally proven in more than a thousand scientific studies by incredulous scientists who did not want to believe in Odin Strength. Here is an overview of the most important and powerful of these effects:

Increased, unbridled power, maximum energy and more stamina for the toughest and most brutal battles of your life

Every Nordic warrior knows that power, energy, and perseverance can decide over victory or defeat and life or death during a battle. During the ruthless fight against cold steel in the gym you probably will not die without the support of Odin Strength, but can you really afford not to have maximum strength and stamina? Will you risk the humiliation of collapsing under the pressure of heavy weights? If a "it is the taking part that counts” mentality is not an option for you and you want to dominate the gym like a real Northman, then you need the power and perseverance of the Nordic gods that will give you Odin Strength.

Your muscles can only be powered by the energy that ATP provides. Your body produces ATP from other energy sources such as carbohydrates and fat. Unfortunately the ATP reserves of your muscles are very limited and will be used up after a few seconds during a hard set of your workout. Because your body is not really the fastest when it comes to producing the urgently needed supply of ATP from muscle glycogen, your power will quickly drop during your set and you will soon be no longer able to move the heavy weights that did not present a problem at the beginning of your set.

Luckily, your body has another way to quickly generate a greater amount of ATP - at least for a short while - and keep your muscles working at full power. We are talking about recycling "used" ATP with the help of creatine phosphate. This will allow you to maintain maximum power for a few seconds longer before your muscles will give up. Unfortunately, the phosphocreatine stores of your muscles are limited and will be exhausted quickly...

This is where Odin Strength comes into play. Since your muscle creatine stores are the limiting factor for your phosphocreatine reserves, supplementing with Odin Strength can increase your phosphocreatine reserves, allowing for a rapid ATP resynthesis over a longer period of time that will enable you to execute more repetitions with a brutally heavy weight.

And this effect is not limited to pure power, but will also come handy during other high-intensive short peak performances activities such as sprints - not that a Nordic warrior would ever run away, but it's always nice to catch up with opponents fleeing in panic).

But Odin Strength can do more than just boosting your stamina during hard fights - it can also give you the unruly power to make all of your past personal bests looks like the achievements of a consumptive girl. Aside from the fact that you can probably split an enemy in half with one blow in combat, you'll be moving weights in the gym that will exceed your wildest dreams. Force increases of up to 20 percent are not uncommon.

Odin Strength will give you the power and perseverance of the Nordic gods and their allfather, so that you will be victorious in any battle, while your opponents will writhe in the dust with fear and pain.

A faster recovery after hard fights will make you ready for the next battle as soon as possible

Even the toughest and most capable Nordic warrior will be exhausted after a brutally fierce fight on the battlefield or in the gym and will need recovery and regeneration before the next attack on fierce opponents or heavy weights. Not being fully recovered before the next battle would mean weakness and this could make the difference between victory and defeat. And since purpose and determination of every Nordic warrior’s life are to fight and to win in merciless battles, and he never knows when he has to use sword, axe or the dumbbell again, a fast and optimal recovery after each fight is crucial.

Of course, Odin Strength can help you with this, too. What good would a potion of the allfather of all Nordic gods be if it did not support a warrior in every aspect of his combat in a superhuman, even divine way? The creatine in Odin Strength will support your recovery by using multiple pathways to restore your unrestricted fighting power as fast as possible. These mechanisms include a protection and a fast refill your muscle glycogen stores, which will be depleted during a tough, brutal battle.

By increasing the use of phosphocreatine for your muscle’s ATP resynthesis, Odin Strength will spare your muscle glycogen stores during combat. It will also significantly accelerate and enhance the replenishment of your muscles glycogen stores through a unique synergistic interaction with carbohydrates. At the same time, the creatine stores of your muscles will be replenished to get you ready for more hard work.

In addition, Odin Strength will acts as a divine shield that will significantly reduce any damage of your muscles that is unavoidable during tough and merciless fights on the battlefield and in the gym. As a result, the recovery of your muscles will take significantly less time than usual.

You live for fighting and you never know when you'll be back in the next battle - Odin Strength will give you everything you need after a brutal battle to help you to be ready to fight again as soon as possible.

Maximum muscle growth and maximum muscle volume to make each of your opponents freeze in fear at the sight of you

Big, strong and impressive - for Nordic warriors, these characteristics are vital for the battlefield and for hard working iron warriors they represent the goals of all their efforts. Big muscles do not only mean more power - they also mean reverence of your opponents. Impressive muscles will terrify your opponents on the battlefield, in the gym and on any contest stage - and a fearful enemy or opponent is an already defeated enemy or opponent! So what good would a holy potion sent by Odin be if it did not also maximize the size of your muscles and turn you into an awe-inspiring Nordic fighter who will fill Odin with pride? Odin Strength will make your muscles grow through a variety of different mechanisms.

The most obvious first: As you have seen, Odin Strength will help you to reign with supreme strength, superhuman stamina, and faster recovery. As a result you can work out more often and do more repetitions with heavier weights during each hard battle against mountains of cold iron. Because of this you can more often set a stronger stimulus for muscle growth and your body will have no choice but to grow.

In addition, the creatine contained in Odin Strength has the ability to significantly increase your muscle protein synthesis, which is equivalent to an increase in muscle tissue. Creatine will also boost an exercise induced increase in muscle stem cells, also known as satellite cells that will fuse with your muscle fibres to make your muscles grow stronger and bigger.

And as if that were not enough, scientific studies have shown that creatine acts as an effective myostatin inhibitor that can reduce the myostatin levels in your body by up to 20%. Myostatin is an endogenous substance designed to prevent an uncontrolled muscle growth and to inhibit muscle growth. An inhibition of myostatin is considered the holy grail of muscle building and creatine is able to loosen this annoying brake of your muscle growth by 20%!

However, there is another effect that will make your muscles grow larger, fuller and harder in no time, and that will also give you a skin splitting pump in the torture chamber of cold steel. Creatine will dramatically increase the hydration of your muscle cells by pulling more fluid into these cells. One gram of creatine can bind up to 30 grams of water in your muscle cells! As a result, the volume of your muscle cells will increase dramatically and your muscles will become fuller and bigger.

This increased muscle cell volume not only has cosmetic effects but also tangible anabolic, muscle building effects, as it activates certain sensory receptors in your muscle cells that will boost your muscle protein synthesis. At the same time, a larger muscle cell volume improves the physical leverage of your muscles, which will increase your strength even further.

Odin Strength will give you an amazing muscle development and muscle fullness that will make your opponents freeze in fear and awe - and a fearful adversary is not a threat but a miserable victim that will wow you for mercy!

Why did Odin choose Creapure®?

There is a wide variety of different creatine products but Odin would not be the wise and omniscient allfather of the Nordic gods if he did not know exactly which creatine would have the most benefits for a Nordic warrior. And that's why he chose Creapure® for a potion that bears his name.

Creapure is pure creatine monohydrate - and when we say it pure, we mean a guaranteed 99.95 percent purity. This purity is not only important because it guarantees you a maximum content of active ingredients – more important is the fact that it ensures that Creapure® does not contain any harmful and potentially carcinogenic creatine synthesis intermediates, as it can be the case with cheap, low-quality creatine from China that may contain up to 2% of these toxins ingredients. And since Odin knows German thoroughness and reliability, Creapure is manufactured by a subsidiary of the Degussa Group in Germany using a unique patented process, with each batch being carefully tested in the laboratory for purity before being put on the market.

How can you accelerate the onset of the effects and maximize the effects of this drink sent by the father of the Nordic gods?

Depending on the current levels of your muscle creatine storage, it may take two to three weeks until your body has completely filled these stores with the creatine contained in Odin Strength and the maximum effect of Odin Strength sets in. If you are one of the Nordic iron warriors who simply can not afford to wait that long, or if you just do not want to wait that long, you can dramatically accelerate this process with a loading phase. To accomplish this you can take 5 grams of creatine 5 times daily evenly distributed over the day for 5 to 7 days with plenty of liquid. This loading phase is not mandatory and serves only to speed up the onset of the maximum effects of Odin Strength.

Furthermore it was shown that intensive physical exercise can significantly improve a creatine storage in your muscles. Therefore it is a good idea to consume your creatine either before or immediately after your workout to maximize a creatine storage in your muscles. When taken after exercise, it makes sense to combine creatine with simple carbohydrates, as carbohydrates and creatine will synergistically support each other in their storage in the glycogen and creatine stores of your muscles. In other words, carbohydrates promote a creatine storage while creatine promotes a glycogen storage.

Odin has given his brave Nordic warriors Odin Strength - a potion that will make them truly indomitable fighters. Odin Strength will give you unbridled power and endless energy so you can defeat any opponent on the battlefield and in the weight room. In addition, this potion of the Nordic gods will dramatically accelerate your muscle growth and will make your muscles bigger and fuller by maximizing your muscle cell volume, so that all of your opponents will panic in awe at the sight of you.

But a word of caution: if you rely on the power of Odin Strength, your battles on the battlefield, in the weight room, and on the contest stage may not be a real challenge anymore. You will be so superior to everyone else that they will not even dare to fight you. Instead, they will beg you for mercy on their knees in the dirt like defenceless little children. Whether you grant this grace to them is up to you - use the wisdom that Odin's potion will give you.

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Viking, stir 1 x 3 g (1 scoop) odin strength into 150 ml water once daily and drink it!

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