GN Laboratories won the “New Brand of the Year” Award – Creatine Polyhydrate sweeps the board

A panel of industry experts and supplement consumers has decided: GN Laboratories is the winner of the annual GIGAS Supplement Europe Awards 2012.

“The jury was impressed not just with GN Laboratories’ revolutionary blockbuster product Creatine Polyhydrate, but with the whole line-up of scientifically formulated cutting edge products this brand has to offer”, Mr. Chris Nikolas the spokesperson of the panel said, when he justified their vote. And he was right, with three awards, the biggest haul certainly went to Creatine Polyhydrate, which was elected Creatine Product of the Year and earned both, the title New Product of the Year and the even more prestigious award for the overall Product of the Year.

“Before Creatine Polyhydrate“, Mr. Nikolas explained the decision, “both the consumers and industry experts on the panel were convinced that all these fancy new creatine products that have been hitting the market in the course of the past months provide essentially no advantage to the trainees. The market was dead and all previous efforts to revive it had failed. Against that background it’s even more impressive that a newcomer, like GN Laboratories succeeded, where even the biggest players in the industry failed. The jury is convinced that the unique combination of the patented and highly innovative buffered creatine hydrochloride with a probiotic support matrix will dominate the market for premium creatine products for an unforeseeable period of time.”

About all the success of Creatine Polyhydrate, it should yet not be forgotten that GN Zero PRO came out on top in the highly competitive category Fatburner of the Year; and GN Joint Cissus Complex earned the title Joint Health Product of the Year. As it was pointed out by the jury in their laudation, “both products stand out of the supplement mishmash due to their balanced and above all adequately dosed combinations of scientifically proven ingredients. On paper, none of them appears to be revolutionary new, but the synergism and ingredient quality is what distinguishes them from the competition in their respective product classes.”

Needless to say that we were overwhelmed by this chorus of praise others would probably use as an opportunity to rest on the laurels of 2012 for the rest of the year. For our scientists, product designer, marketing and management, however, past success is nothing but an incentive to work even harder in the future.

You may rest assured that the year 2013 will see even more innovative, powerful and still affordable GN Laboratory products hitting the market. In fact, with the revolutionary pre-workout supplement NARC, a product that’s just about to redefine what people are going to expect of a “pre-workout booster”, and the unique Gold Beef Protein, the only beef protein on the market that contains nothing but highest quality beef protein isolate, we do already have two potential award candidates in our 2013 line-up. And there is more … way more to come!

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