Payment Methods

Payment is possible by payment on delivery or prepayment. Please note that we can not ship to all countries by payment on delivery.


You transfer the order value to our bank account. In case of prepayment, the customer transfers the invoice amount communicated to him by e-mail or telephone.
Important: Please always state the order no. and your name as the intended use. Only after receipt of payment your delivery will leave our warehouse.


Immediate Transfer

The payment method of immediate transfer is a online direct transfer methods and works on basis of proven online banking. Your big advantage is the following: You do not have to register or create a virtual account. Simply select immediate transfer as payment option when making your online purchase and you will be automatically forwarded to the secure payment form. The transfer data will be automatically transferred and you only need to enter the bank code of your bank and your usual online banking access data. Finally, you approve the transfer with a TAN. The data will be transmitted encrypted to your online banking account. The online retailer will receive a real-time confirmation that your bank transfer has taken place and can thus immediately process and send the order.


With PayPal, every business and private customer can send and receive payments online safely, conveniently and inexpensively by using an email address. This is due to the special way in which our payment concept is linked to bank accounts and credit cards. Because of this our network can provide a worldwide real-time payment solution.

Purchase by Direct Debit

Buying by direct debit is convenient and safe for you. After your order has been placed we will tell you when the invoice amount will be debited. Please take note that a purchase by direct debit can only be made using a checking account of a bank based in Germany.

Purchase on Account or by Direct Debit with Billpay

BillPay has established itself in the internationally growing e-commerce market as one of the leading online payment providers for the popular payment methods of bill purchase, partial payment and direct debit.


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