Biotech Nitron Amino Liquid
MHD 01/2018

Nitron Amino Liquid Biotech


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: Biotech USA


: 1000ml

: Complex

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    Lemon Orange

    Biotech Nitron Amino Liquid An excellent sport drink with carbohydrate and amino acids!


    What else do we need to help for the exhausted muscle tissue right after the training? Biotech Nitron Amino Liquid helps to avoid muscle catabolism. It provides extra energy to enhance muscle performance. The liquid formula makes immediate amino access for the hungry muscle tissue. We recommend this product to every athlete to support muscle recovery right after the training.

    Biotech Nitron Amino Liquid helps to avoid muscle catabolism.

    Directions for Nitron Amino Liquid

    Mix 40 ml of BioTech Liquid Amino with water or fruit juice. Consume one serving in the morning, one before and one after your training.

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