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Ironwoman CLA

The ultimate supplement for supporting weight loss, muscle growth and general health, that will increase and speed up your fat loss, can protect your hard earned muscles from a catabolic breakdown during weight loss diets or contest preparation, and offers a variety of health benefits!

Product Highlights:

  • Significant acceleration of fat loss for a lean and defined female body
  • Protects your hard-earned muscle mass from a catabolic breakdown during weight loss diets and contest preparation
  • Accelerated fat-free muscle gains
  • Reduces body fat gains
  • Supports your immune function for fewer training time outs due to colds and other infections
  • Acts as an effective antioxidant that protects your muscle cells from damage by free radicals and accelerates your post-workout recovery
  • Can promote healthy blood triglyceride values and healthy cholesterol levels
  • Contains only CLA from natural sources

Conjugated linoleic acid, also known as CLA, is one of the most interesting and at the same time one of the most frequently underrated and overlooked naturally occurring supplement that can help women to lose body fat and to improve their body composition.

CLA has the unique ability to reduce body while promoting muscle growth at the same time. Taking into account that a strict diet almost inevitably leads to a catabolic breakdown of muscle protein, this unique combination of properties turns CLA into an unbeatable dietary supplement that accelerates your fat loss progress while effectively preventing a catabolic muscle loss or even promoting fat free muscle gains at the same time.

This is particularly beneficial for women, as they generally have significantly less fat-free muscle mass than men and therefore can not afford any loss of muscle mass during a fat loss diet or contest preparation.

But CLA can do far more for you than merely enhance your body composition. Scientific studies have shown that CLA has a variety of health benefits, ranging from reduced levels of dangerous free radicals to reduced cholesterol levels while at the same time being completely safe.

"Accelerate your fat loss progress with Ironwomen CLA, while gaining muscle mass and improving your health at the same time."


What is CLA?

CLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that occurs naturally in different food products like milk and meat products. The amounts of CLA naturally occurring in food are too low to produce a significant effect on fat loss, body composition, muscle growth, or health - which even would be the case if you ate nothing but meat and dairy products. For this reason a CLA supplementation is necessary, if you want to benefit from all possible advantages of CLA.


How can Ironwomen CLA promote your fat loss and improve your body composition?

If the goal of your weight loss diet is not to become a smaller but still soft version of yourself, then you should not only aim for a maximum fat loss, but also aim for a maximum protection of your existing muscle mass. The latter is not quite as easy to do because for evolutionary reasons your body will not only burn fat, but also non-vital, particularly energy-hungry tissue – also known as muscle tissue – if there is a large calorie deficit.

This dilemma is known to every woman who has already endured a strict calorie reduced diet or a contest preparation. In women, this reduction in fat-free muscle mass is significantly more severe than in men, since women have significantly less muscle mass to start with. Far too often you see female bodybuilding or figure athletes that are slim but only a shadow of themselves.

This is where CLA comes into play. Countless scientific studies have clearly shown that CLA accelerates the breakdown of body fat, while at the same time stimulating gains of fat-free body mass and preventing a catabolic muscle breakdown - even during a strict calorie reduced diet. With CLA it is possible to reduce fat and build muscle at the same time during a calorie deficit - something that most women would not have even have dared to dream of.

Because of this, Ironwomen CLA seems to be the optimal supplement to support the two most important goals of any fat loss diet – a reduction of body fat reduction and maximum muscle retention. Could you demand more of a fat loss supplement?

if you talk about Ironwomen CLA, the answer to this rather rhetorical question is "much more!" In addition to the numerous health benefits that we are about to see, CLA even inhibits gains of body fat during a calorie excess.


What processes does CLA use, to unfold its fat burning and muscle building effects in your body?

1. Fat loss:

Ironwomen CLA helps the body to burn more (body) fat as source of energy for bodily processes, which will protect your muscle glycogen stores and give you more energy during your workouts. In addition, Ironwomen CLA increases your metabolic rate, so you will burn more calories and fat all day long. Further scientific data suggest that Ironwomen CLA also increases the activity of your muscles by increasing the enzyme activity in your muscle cells and this will contribute to a further increase in energy and calorie consumption.


2. Inhibition of body fat gains:

Ironwomen CLA inhibits the enzyme lipoprotein lipase that is required by the fat cells to store circulating fatty acids as body fat. Without sufficient amounts of this enzyme, body fat gains will be markedly impaired.


3. Protection of your existing muscle mass and promotion of new muscle growth:

Scientific studies have shown that CLA stimulates gains of fat free muscle tissue even during a calorie deficit. This is attributed to a nutrient-partitioning effect. In other words, more of the ingested nutrients are used for building new muscle tissue, while at the same time fewer nutrients are available for being stored as body fat.

A similar nutrient-partitioning effect can be observed with certain anabolic steroids such as Trenbolone that are popular during contest preparation. The advantage of CLA, however, is that unlike anabolic steroids, it is not only completely safe, but also has numerous health-benefits.


What are the health benefits of Ironwomen CLA?

The health benefits of Ironwomen CLA are just as numerous as multifaceted. CLA possesses strong antioxidant properties and is able to neutralize free radicals. By doing so, it protects the DNA and the cells of the human body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. In addition, CLA promotes a healthy immune function and can counteract the formation of unwanted cell hormones.

CLA can improve your cardiovascular health and protect against arteriosclerosis, as it can help to reduce high cholesterol levels. It can also help to alleviate inflammations, promote growth and health of your bones and protect your body from cancer. And last, but not least, there is evidence that CLA could contribute to stimulating a reduced sex drive - a problem that both women and men are often struggling with during a tough contest preparation.


Why is CLA underrated or completely overlooked so often?

There are probably several reasons for this. CLA is a (healthy) fatty acid and many people who want to lose fat, consider all fats as being evil, because fat has many calories and will supposedly make them fat. So why should they take in extra fat in form of capsules during a fat loss diet?

Another reason is that the positive effects of CLA have always been associated with studies conducted with rats and mice in which CLA has very extreme effects. Critics therefore say that these effects are not transferable to humans, which admittedly applies to many studies conducted with rodents.

In the meantime, however, there are also clinical studies with human subjects, adhering to the highest scientific standards (double blind studies using a cross-over design) (e.g. Craig Pinkoski, et al., The Effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation During Resistance Training, 2006). These studies clearly demonstrated that subjects who combined CLA with strength training could significantly increase their fat-free muscle mass compared to subjects who received only a placebo while significantly reducing their body fat mass within a few weeks. This is clear proof that CLA has a distinct effect on humans too!

As expected, no undesirable side effects were observed in these studies, making CLA a safe and healthy supplement.

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