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Pure German Citrullin Malat - GN Laboratories

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We've made one of the most potent natural nitric oxide booster even cleaner!

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German made citrulline malate for an extreme, literally skin-bursting pump, more stamina for your hard, intense workouts, an accelerated post-workout recovery and faster gains of size and strength thanks to and increased muscle protein synthesis and better nutrient supply to your muscles.

Product Highlights:

  • For an extreme, skin-bursting pump that will make any workout a breathtaking experience
  • Increased vascularity and increased muscle volume for an extreme muscular look
  • Increased anaerobic and aerobic performance, more stamina and a maximum delay of the onset of muscle fatigue thanks to:
    • An increased ATP production during exercise
    • A maximum supply of your hard-working muscles with much needed oxygen, much needed nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones
    • A faster removal of toxic metabolic waste products that will inevitably be produced in large amounts during hard exercise
    • Preventing a hyperacidity of your muscles, which will affect the contractility of your muscles
  • Accelerated recovery both during and after your hard and intense workouts, for more reps per set, more intense sets per workout and more frequent workouts without overtraining
  • Faster gains of size and strength thanks to increased protein synthesis and a better supply of your muscles with everything they need for recovery and growth
  • Reduced DOMS after exercise
  • Pure German made citrulline malate without unnecessary fillers and additives
  • Available in powder form and in convenient capsules for on the go.

What is citrulline malate and how can citrulline malate maximize your pump?

Citrulline malate is an amino acid that naturally occurs in your body. It is - as you would expected from a body own substance - completely safe. In the area of bodybuilding, citrulline malate is primarily known for its dramatic increase of the pump during exercise, but it also has a host of other benefits, virtually any athlete from endurance athlete to professional bodybuilder can profit from. But how exactly does citrulline malate maximize your pump to give you that breathtaking, motivating feel during exercise that Arnold liked better than sex? Citrulline acts as a substrate for the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway and stimulates the production of the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, which is responsible for the nitric oxide production in your veins.

Nitric oxide serves as a chemical messenger in your blood vessels, causing a relaxation of the smooth muscle tissue of your blood vessels that results in a dilatation of your veins and a maximum blood flow to your hard-working muscles. This extreme blood supply leads to a murderous, literally skin-bursting pump. But the pump is not all...

How can citrulline malate dramatically increase your exercise performance and your energy levels while greatly delaying the onset of muscle fatigue?

Maximizing the blood supply to your hard-working muscles is equivalent to maximizing the supply of oxygen, nutrients, and natural anabolic hormones to provide your hungry muscles with everything they need for an extreme performance and maximum endurance during exercise.

At the same time toxic metabolic waste products that are inevitably produced in your muscles as part of the energy metabolism during exercise, will be transported away from your muscles much faster, which is extremely important because with increasing amounts of these toxic waste products, the contractility of your muscles continues to decline, until you finally reach the point of muscle failure.


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Recommended daily intake: Mix 4g (1 scoop) to 8g (2 scoops) in approximately 300 to 500ml of water.

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