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Citrulline Malate - B.A.M.

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B.A.M. Citrulline is much more than just a nitric oxide booster

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Enjoy a murderous, skin-bursting pump, increase your workout performance, and benefit from an increased protein synthesis, less muscle fatigue and more exercise energy to maximize your gains of strength and muscle mass while accelerating your recovery and reducing muscle soreness.

Product Highlights:

  • Extreme pump for extreme workouts
  • Increased workout performance and significantly less muscle fatigue
  • Increased protein synthesis for maximum gains of muscle mass and strength
  • Maximum supply of oxygen, urgently needed nutrients, and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hungry, hard-working muscles
  • Faster recovery between your sets and between your workouts for more brutal sets per workout and more frequent high intensity workouts without burnout or overtraining
  • Increased ATP production during your workouts
  • Counteracts hyperacidity of your muscles and an associated muscle failure
  • Less soreness after gruelling workouts
  • 100% pure citrulline malate without unnecessary fillers

Pump it up – with the probably the most effective nitric oxide booster available on the market!

Citrulline is considered as one of the most effective - if not the most effective - legally available nitric oxide booster you'll find on the market. Even though citrulline will increase your nitric oxide production using the same pathway as arginine, citrulline is much more effective than arginine in this regard. A great part of orally administered arginine will be broken down by your liver before it can do anything in your body, but citrulline will enter your bloodstream in maximum amounts and will be converted to arginine by your kidneys to maximize your nitric oxide production (3).

A maximum nitric oxide production will result in a maximum dilation of your blood vessels, to maximize the supply of blood to your hard-working muscles. This will not only cause a murderous, skin-bursting pump that will surpass anything you've ever experienced, but will also provide your hungry, hard-working muscles with maximum amounts of oxygen, essential nutrients, and endogenous anabolic hormones.

More oxygen and more nutrients will increase your muscle performance during brutal workouts to allow you to force those last, all-important repetitions that will make the difference between moderate and incredible gains of strength and muscle mass. Apart from this it will speed up your recovery between your insanely brutal sets and your grueling workouts.

This will allow you more brutal sets per workout and more frequent high intensive workouts without burning out, to leave your body no other choice than to respond with maximum gains of mass and strength!

B.A.M. Citrulline is much more than just a nitric oxide booster

Citrulline can delay muscle fatigue and muscle failure by using several other pathways apart from an increased supply of your muscles with oxygen and nutrients. These include an increased ATP production during exercise, to give you more energy for anaerobic weight training sessions as well as aerobic endurance training sessions.

In addition to this, citrulline is the limiting factor for the capacity of your body to break down ammonia, which is produced as a waste product of your energy metabolism during exercise (1). An accumulation of ammonia contributes to an acidification of your muscles and will speed up the onset of muscle failure. Therefore more citrulline means less ammonia and a later onset of muscle failure! And it gets even better: Citrulline will boost your muscle protein synthesis, helping you to gain rock-solid, lean muscle mass faster, while reducing your soreness after exercise and significantly increasing the number of executable repetitions (2).


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Dissolve 5g powder in 200 to 300ml water and drink it.

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