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Citrulline Malate Caps BioTech

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    Citrulline Malate Caps BioTech

    L-citrulline is a non-essential (conditionally essential) amino acid micro nutrient that the body cannot produce in sufficient quantities typically under greater strain, therefore replenishment might become necessary. When it comes to fruit, citrulline is found in large quantities in watermelon, for example. The synergistic combination of L-citrulline amino acid and malic acid is L-citrulline malate. Malic acid (malate) is an organic acid, which can be found in nature (for example in apple). L-citrulline amino acid is what L-arginine and L-ornithine amino acids are made of.

    It is a formula very popular among athletes.

    1 serving (3 capsules):

        3300 mg L-citrulline-malate

    We recommend Citrulline Malate capsule if you:

    •     do endurance sports, to be taken prior to or during workout
    •     are a bodybuilder
    •     do functional trainings
    •     are sensitive to additives

    Like all BioTech USA products, Citrulline Malate capsule consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

    Nimm 3 Kapseln 30 Minuten vor dem Training mit Wasser oder einem Softdrink ein. Die empfohlene Tagesdosis nicht überschreiten.

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