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GN 100% Dairy Casein the propbably best tasting popular anticatabolic sustained-release diet protein on the market!

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    GN 100% Dairy Casein the propbably best tasting popular anticatabolic sustained-release diet protein on the market!

    Product highlights:

    • long-lasting 8h+ amino acid supply for advanced lean mass accrual
    • reduced skeletal muscle catabolism for up to 8 hours
    • pure, undenaturated micellar casein
    • packed with pro-anabolic branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)
    • loaded with glutamine precursors
    • low fat and carbohydrate content
    • free of cheap calcium- and sodium-caseinate
    • protects your muscle from catabolic influences during an overnight fast
    • ideally suited as a snack
    • the perfect diet protein
    • deliciously creamy texture
    • unrivalled rich taste

    Over the past years, casein proteins have become increasingly popular among athletes. The reasons are obvious: As beneficial as the acute pro-anabolic effects of whey proteins may be, their effects are short lived compared to those of the slow-digesting casein micelles. With their high BCAA and glutamine precursor content, casein is hailed by the majority of nutrition experts as one of the best complete proteins for both bulking (=building muscle) and cutting (=losing fat).
    There is little doubt: Whenever you cannot eat for 2 to 3 hours, and also right before bed, casein should be your protein source of choice. No other supplemental protein source will produce a similarly sustained 8h+ increase in serum amino acids as casein. In conjunction with its anti-catabolic and long-lasting satiety effects casein is thus without doubt the best diet protein your money can buy.
    Unfortunately not all "casein" proteins are created equal. There are dozens of different "casein proteins" on the market and many of them are diluted or completely based on inferior, undenatured calcium- or sodium-caseinates. These products may be cheaper, but aside from the fact that they often taste horribly, they lack all the specific metabolic and immune benefits of true, undenaturated micellar casein.
    GN Laboratories 100% Dairy Casein is different. It's the end-product of a long and complicated development process in the course of which our research team created a protein supplement that creates the perfect synergy of an indisputably delicious taste and the functionality of pure undenaturated micellar casein.
    As far as the protein source is concerned, we've never even thought about using anything but pure, undenaturated micellar casein that's produced without chemical agents and completely additive-free. This ensures that all the original protein fractions, ie. alpha-lactoglobulin, beta-lactoglobulin, alpha casein, beta casein and kappa casein, as well as their marvelous metabolic and immune effects remain intact.
    To be able to guarantee that Dairy Casein isn't just be the purest, but also the tastiest casein protein on the market, we've hired one of the world's leading flavor-designers from Italy. With his help and expertise, we have created a casein product you would love just for its texture, mouth-feel and taste, alone.

    With GN Laboratories 100% Dairy Casein your protein shakes are going to be the culinary highlights of your days!

    And let's be honest, we all know that even the best protein product will be rotting in your closet, if it tastes like crap. This would render even the most functional protein powder useless - so why would you settle for less than the perfect synergy of taste and function?

    What exactly are the previously mentioned advantages of micellar casein and in which situations is it better to use micellar casein than whey protein?
    The main difference between casein and whey protein is the rate at which the two dairy proteins are digested. While whey is broken down and assimilated rather rapidly and will thus elevate your blood amino acid levels for maximally 2-3 hours, the micellar structure of casein is like a natural "slow release formula" for the pro-anabolic proteins and amino acids in GN Laboratories' 100% Dairy Casein.

    Each serving of 100% Dairy Casein will keep your serum amino acid levels elevated, skeletal muscle protein synthesis running and catabolism in check for up to eight hours.
    Of all the currently available protein powders, the selected few that contain exclusively 100% micellar casein generate by far the most sustained elevation of serum amino acids. This makes them your protein source of choice, whenever you know that you won't have the time for a high protein meal or snack in the next 2-3 or even 4-6 hours. Many bodybuilders and physique athletes also use casein-based proteins right before bed to maintain an optimal supply of essential amino acids and ensure maximal skeletal muscle hypertrophy and regeneration.
    GN Laboratories' 100% Dairy Casein is yet far more than a stopgap you'd use instead of whey if you cannot eat / consume a shake every 2h. On the contrary! Scientific studies have been able to prove that micellar casein is a much more efficient protein source than whey. While the rapid influx of amino acids from whey will trigger an increase in amino acid oxidation and thus waste a large part of the protein you ingested to fuel your body's general metabolic demand, the slow absorption kinetics of casein minimize the rate of amino acid oxidation and maximizes their storage in form of lean tissue mass.

    Why is casein the ideal diet protein?

    A sufficient protein supply is the most important requirement to minimize the loss of lean mass on a diet. And while many purported experts will tell you to focus on whey protein while you are dieting, these people ignore that the anabolic effects whey protein owes to its high BCAA content are far less important, when you're dieting than the anti-catabolic (=muscle mass sparing) ones.

    Needless to say that the protection of lean muscle mass is where GN Laboratories' Dairy Casein excels! Being made from 100% undenaturated micellar casein, it will produce a constant influx of amino acids from the digestive tract into the blood that will last for up to eight hours. This uniquely sustained release of amino acids is behind the superior lean mass retention researchers have observed, when they compared the changes in body composition of subjects consuming casein vs. whey proteins.
    In the end, these benefits can all be traced back to obvious that the previously discussed absence of an increase in amino acid oxidation is a huge advantage casein has over whey. With whey proteins, there will always be a surplus of amino acids that will be oxidized and thus wasted. The uniquely stable influx of amino acids from micellar casein, on the other hand, will give your body enough time, to assimilate and use all the amino acids to maintain and, outside of a calorie reduced diet, build muscle.
    There is yet more! Due to the fact the digestion of casein takes significantly longer than that of whey and other supplemental protein sources, micellar casein will generate a superior satiety effect – an effect, both, athletes and non-athletes will benefit from, whenever they're dieting!
    Protect your hard-earned muscles and use GN Laboratories 100% Dairy Casein whenever you diet!

    Why is micellar casein superior to every other casein supplement?

    Caseinate and micellar casein, these are the two main forms of casein that are being used in dietary supplements. Since caseinate is the cheaper (albeit inferior) form of casein, it should be obvious that the vast majority of products on the market is either completely caseinate based or spiked with either calcium- or sodium-caseinate, the two most common forms of this highly processed low quality cousin of micellar casein.

    Unlike micellar casein, caseinate is produced by chemical extraction. In the course of this process, the original structure of the dairy proteins is destroyed– experts say, the proteins are denaturated. Practically speaking this means that almost all of the naturally occurring immunoglobulins with their highly beneficial effects on your immune system will be lost. The denatured proteins will also have modified digestion kinetics, so that they cannot produce a similarly sustained influx of amino acids. And as if that was not enough, there is also the issue of a potential increase in water retention and increases in blood pressure from the high amount of sodium in sodium-caseinate.
    By now it should be obvious why GN Laboratories' 100% Dairy Casein contains only micellar casein. It is just as rich in health immunoglobulins and potent bioactive peptides as its source material – natural casein in milk! Being produced without chemicals it retains the original structure and will thus offer all the scientifically verified metabolic and health effects of micellar casein.
    Do your health and your body a favor and chose GN Labotories' 100% Dairy Casein over inferior caseinate or micellar casein + casein products.

    The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

    We use only the purest, highest grade ingredients the market has to offer. To ensure the constant quality of all our products, we conduct regular laboratory tests to ensure the purity and quality of all ingredients.

    Stir 30 g powder (1 measure scoop) in 250 ml semi-skimmed milk (1,5% fat) or water. For breakfast, after training and ideally before bed!

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