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    A highly effective adaptogen and tonic for promoting physical and mental performance that offers a wide range of health benefits!

    Product Highlights:

    • Helps your body to cope with mental and physical stress
    • Can counteract a diminishing physical and mental performance
    • Promotes immune function
    • Increased athletic performance
    • Potent anti-inflammatory effects
    • Wide variety of positive effects on health and well-being

    What is Siberian ginseng?

    Siberian ginseng, also known as Eleutherococcus senticsus, has been used for well over a thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine. In the Soviet Union, Siberian ginseng was used as a strengthener for astronauts and to improve the performance of Russian athletes at the 1984 Olympics.

    Siberian ginseng, that is native to China, Japan, Korea and Siberia, contains vitamins, trace elements and a wide variety of effective phytochemicals, of which the eleutherosides are regarded as the primary active ingredients that responsible for most of the beneficial effects of Siberian ginseng.

    Performance enhancing and adaptogenic effects of Siberian ginseng

    As a highly effective adaptogen, Siberian ginseng can help your body to better cope with all kinds of stress including mental stress and physical stress due to strong physical efforts, diseases and environmental toxins. In addition, Siberian ginseng can reduce fatigue and tiredness and counteract a decreasing physical and mental performance. Athletes use Siberian ginseng to increase their athletic performance and these effects can be further enhanced by combining Siberian ginseng with caffeine, as these compounds have synergistic effects. Because of its ability to improve concentration and mental performance, Siberian ginseng is also very popular during preparations for tests or other demanding mental activities.

    Positive effects on health and well-being

    In addition to its adaptogenic and performance increasing effects Siberian ginseng has a wide range of positive effects on health and well-being, which are supported by countless scientific studies. Siberian ginseng is known to support the immune function and to inhibit the proliferation of RNA viruses that can infest the respiratory tract. Apart from this, Siberian Ginseng can reduce the harmful effects of many toxins and reduce side effects of drugs like antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs. There is even evidence that Siberian ginseng could protect from cancer and support a cancer therapy. Other scientifically proven applications of Siberian ginseng include treatment of inflammations, promotion of wound healing and support of recovery in a variety of diseases. In traditional folk medicine Siberian ginseng is also used to treat low blood pressure, liver, kidney, spleen, stomach and intestinal disorders, flatulence, rheumatic symptoms, joint pain, mouth dryness, sleep disorders and even impotence. Due to its diuretic effect, Siberian ginseng can also be used for treating water retentions and oedema.

    Recommended daily intake: take 2 capsule without chewing and with sufficient liquid

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