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Beta alanine is one of the most promising natural performance-enhancing and muscle-building agents since the launch of creatine nearly 30 years ago.

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Benefit from the scientifically proven power of the most promising natural performance enhancer since the launch of creatine, to take your workout performance during hard and intense workouts, as well as your muscle growth and your recovery to a whole new level!

Product Highlights:

  • Can dramatically increase your anaerobic muscle endurance during intense workouts with heavy weights
  • Can improve your aerobic endurance during cardio and all endurance sports
  • Can increase your explosive muscle power
  • Can effectively counteract an over-acidification of your hard working muscles and prevent all the negative effects associated with such an acidification during intensive workouts
  • Can significantly delay the onset of muscle fatigue during exercise, allowing you longer and more intense workouts
  • Can promote and increase your muscle pump during exercise by using multiple pathways
  • Can significantly increase and accelerate your muscle growth by maximizing your muscle protein synthesis and inhibiting an exercise induced protein degradation
  • Can accelerate and optimize your recovery during and after your workouts

Why Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is one of the most promising natural performance-enhancing and muscle-building agents since the launch of creatine nearly 30 years ago. Another property shared by beta alanine and creatine are the scientifically proven effect in a variety of studies conducted with trained athletes rather than rats or sedentary individuals. Thus, there is no doubt: Beta Alanine works and it can dramatically increase your performance while significantly delaying the onset of muscle fatigue during hard and intense weight training sessions (1) as well as endurance sports (2).

But Beta Alanine can do much more: it can maximize your muscle growth, speed up and optimize your post-workout recovery, and even boost your pump during exercise. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, science says it is possible.

How does Beta Alanine work?

Beta alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid, contained in different foods – and primarily foods of animal origin. In the human body, beta alanine is one of the two precursors for the production of the strongest body own intramuscular acid blocker known as carnosine. Beta alanine is the rate limiting factor of the carnosine production, which means that the more beta alanine is available, the more carnosine will be produced. Studies have shown that the carnosine levels in muscle tissue increased dramatically by 65% within 4 weeks during a supplementation with 3 grams of beta alanine per day, and an even greater 80% increase was possible with further intake (3,4).

What makes an increase of the levels of this most effective intramuscular acid blocker so interesting for strength and endurance athletes?

During intense muscular efforts large amounts of hydrogen atoms are inevitably released as part of the usage of ATP for fuel, as well as during the energy production from glucose. These hydrogen atoms accumulate and lower the pH value in your muscle tissue, leading to an acidification of your muscles. This is also the cause of the burning feeling inside your muscles at the end of an intense set. Unfortunately, like any other body tissue, muscular tissue only functions optimally within a narrow range of pH values and any hyperacidity will significantly inhibit many functions within your muscles that are important for an optimal performance, recovery, and muscle building process.

This is exactly where carnosine comes into play. Carnosine neutralizes the excess amounts of hydrogen ions and can therefore effectively counteract any hyperacidity - and the more carnosine your muscles store, the longer an acidification can be delayed.


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Recommended daily intake:

Mix 5g (1 scoop) powder in approximately 300ml water.

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