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GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate - The supercharged version of the most potent ergogenic to hit the market ever since the introduction of creatine!

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GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate - The supercharged version of the most potent ergogenic to hit the market ever since the introduction of creatine!


Product highlights:

Innovative buffer system to protect the structural integrity of the beta alanine molecules during their passage through the digestive tract

  • Unmatched bioavailability
  • Fast and complete absorption
  • Increases your anaerobic muscular endurance
  • Maximizes your aerobic muscular endurance
  • Postpones muscular fatigue
  • Boosts explosive strength
  • Increases lean mass gains
  • Supports longer and more intense training session
  • Stops the build-up of lactic acid
  •  Added probiotics for maximal bioavailability
  • Provides better results at smaller dosages than regular beta alanine

Many experts believe that beta alanine is the most important innovation to hit the sports supplements market ever since the introduction of creatine. What’s more important, however, is the fact the vast number of clinical trials that confirm the efficacy and safety of beta alanine supplements do not just support these assertions, they are also highly significant. Moreover, beta alanine is, much contrary to many of the other purported ergogencis, one of the few substances that has been extensively tested in human trials. For you this means that you don’t have to hope that any of the (in parts impressive) results from the petri dishes or rodent cages of the laboratories of this world will actually translate into performance gains in the gym - in the case of beta alanine, we do already know that they do.
In view of the existing scientific evidence and the countless reports of trainees who saw great benefits from supplementing with beta alanine, we can say for sure that the use of beta alanine can postpone the onset of fatigue and help you train longer and more intense than ever before (7). Even if it is only that literal “additional rep” you will be able to perform - it could exactly what’s necessary to stimulate the adaptive machinery that will eventually allow you to break through every plateau and be rewarded with the increases in muscle size and power you’ve been working for so hard.
There is no doubt: Beta alanine will help you build muscle and strength and improve your athletic performance (11); but there is more: In contrast to creatine, beta alanine can postpone the onset of fatigue during both anaerobic and aerobic exercises (12). It is thus similarly useful for strength and endurance athletes and excels whenever it comes to the many sports that combine both, an anaerobic and an aerobic component.
In summary: Beta alanine supplements support increases in strength, lean mass and endurance gains. These benefits have been confirmed by numerous human studies. It is thus no wonder that this long ignored 100% natural ergogenic has rapidly become one of the most popular ergogenic aid on the supplement market.
If you are not familiar with the high standards GN Laboratories imposes on all of its products, you may now be asking yourselves why we have not come out with a basic beta alanine product months ago. The reason is simple. We want to provide you, our loyal customers, with nothing but the most potent and technologically advanced products the market has to offer.
A regular beta alanine supplement would not have held up to these high standards – mostly due to its relatively low bioavailability. Before we could claim our market share, it was thus imperative that we would find a way to increase the amount of beta alanine that is actually taken up by your body after the ingestion of the supplement.
Beta Alanine Polyhydrate, the probably most effective beta alanine product on the market, is the end-result of months of research. So, if you don’t want to allow the early onset of fatigue to hamper your gains and physical performance any longer, Start supplementing with Beta Alanine Polyhydrate today and take your muscle, strength and performance gains to a whole new level!


What’s the reason that GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate is superior to all other beta alanine products on the market?

Despite the fact that the number of different beta alanine containing products on the market has been increasing, none of the various powders, tabs and capsules is even remotely as bioavailable as GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate. So what is it that distinguishes this revolutionary break-through product from the rest of the pack?

It’s the same technology that made Creatine Polyhydrate, Glutamine Polyhydrate and DAA Polyhydrate so much better than their conventional competition: The combination of (a) GN Laboratories’ unique molecular buffering technology, which protects the beta alanine from the acidic milieu of the stomach and (b) the addition of probiotics which can increase the bioavailability of amino acids like beta alanine or creatine by another 20%.
These technological enhancements are the underlying reasons that GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate is more effective than conventional beta alanine products at much lower doses. With a bioavailability that’s approaching 100% the loss of active ingredients borders zero.

What is Beta Alanine and how does it work?

Beta alanine, which is also known as 3-aminopropanoic acid, is a unique naturally occurring amino acid. It is non-essential, because it can be produced in very limited amounts by our own bodies. Still, most of the beta alanine in our cells comes right from the foods we eat - primarily from animal products, such as red meat, chicken or fish, where beta alanine does not occur as a single amino acid, but in a bound form as either carnosine, anserine or balenine.

With its limited ability to synthesize this highly ergogenic amino acid and the relatively low amount of beta alanine in food, it is obligatory to consume additional beta alanine in supplemental form to benefit from its performance enhancing effects.

What is the underlying mechanism that explains the performance enhancing effects of GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate?
To understand the working principle of beta alanine, we do initially have to understand the underpinnings of muscular fatigue and how its occurrence during your workouts will limit your muscle, strength and performance gains.
Over the years scientists have come up with various theories to explain this phenomenon. One of the hypotheses all of these theories have in common, though, says that the contribution of reduced pH levels (=acidification) is one of the primary reasons for the performance decline, which starts with a slight inhibition of muscular contractility and ends with total muscle failure.
From a chemical point of view it is the accumulation of positively charged hydrogen atoms (H+) in the musculature that occurs during intense physical activity that’s responsible for the gradual reduction of the intra-muscular pH levels. The hydrogen ions, which are incidentally also responsible for the “burn” you may be feeling after an intense workout, are released when the muscular ATP and glycogen stores are being used to supply the tissue with energy. In conjunction with the lactic acid, which is being released during these glycolytic processes and acts as a secondary another source of free H+ ions these processes lead to a progressive over-acidification of the muscle.
In summary, it can be said that the underlying reason for the onset of fatigue during anaerobic workouts is the accumulation of H+ ions and the corresponding over-acidification of the musculature (5). The pH decrease is thus what limits your ability to overload your muscles during a workout and the rate limiting factor in your ability to enforce muscle growth.

How is GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate supposed to prevent the onset of muscular fatigue?

In the muscle, beta alanine will limit the formation of free hydrogen atoms, counter the pH decrease and thus postpone the onset of fatigue (6). In this context, it’s worth mentioning that beta alanine does not work this magic directly, but by increasing the synthesis of intra-muscular carnosine (10), a naturally occurring dipeptide.

Carnosine is made up of beta alanine and histidine. It is one of the most potent acid buffers in the human body (4) and most of it is located in the fast-twitch type II muscle fibers which are activated, whenever you lift, sprint or perform any other strenuous, explosive physical activity. These fibers also have the greatest potential for muscle growth, which is why it should be obvious that the H+ neutralizing and thus pH-stabilizing effect of carnosine will also promote lean muscle gains. Increased carnosine levels will all facilitate extended muscular contractions and will thus allow you to perform a higher number of intense repetitions per set – needless to say that this is going to have a positive effect on the efficacy of your workouts and your strength and size gains.
With respect to the increased bioavailability of Beta Alanine Polyhydrate, it’s also worth mentioning that the effect size will directly depend on the level / amount of carnosine in your musculature. The higher these carnosine levels are, the greater the real world benefits will be. In view of the fact that research has shown that beta alanine is the rate limiting factor for the intramuscular production of carnosine, it’s probably not necessary to tell you that the dramatically increased bioavailability of Beta Alanine Polyhydrate will help you to maximize the production and storage of carnosine and your ability to work out harder, longer and more productively than ever before.
Countless studies have already demonstrated that all this is way more than just another neat research hypothesis (2, 3). In one of the studies the average intra-muscular carnosine levels of the subjects rose by up to 65% within just four weeks on a supplement that delivered 3.2 grams of beta alanine per day. In other studies, researchers observed increases of up to 80% after 10-12 weeks of supplementation with similar doses of beta alanine. Needless to say that these profound increases in muscular H+ buffer capacity is what was behind the marked strength, muscle and endurance gains the researchers observed in the active arms of the trials.

What are the advantages of GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate?

Based on countless user reports we know that beta alanine has the ability to increase your pump and vascularity with the first ingestion. This is not surprising. Carnosine is after all a direct precursor to nitric oxide synthetase (NOS), an enzyme that’s necessary for the production of nitric oxide. A simplified representation of the biochemical chain of events that leads to the increased pumps would therefore look somewhat like this: “More beta alanine ? more carnosine ? more NOS ? more nitric oxide ? greater pump”, it’s as easy as that and I guess we don’t have to reiterate the numerous benefits the NO-induced increase in blood flow is going to have on exercise performance, recovery and strength & muscle gains - do we?

How long will it take for GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate to produce noticeable effects?

Beta Alanine was specifically formulated to increase the muscular carnosine concentrations at the highest physiologically possible rates. In view of the fact that this is a gradual process, it may still take up to two weeks until the effects will become evident. Based on scientific studies, we know that the intramuscular carnosine levels and with them the buffering capacity of the musculature keep rising for at least 12 weeks, though; and whence a saturation level is reached, the regular use of Beta Alanine Polyhydrate will ensure that your muscular carnosine stores remain supersaturated and your workout performance maximal.
Is GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate save or are there any known side effects?
None of the subject in the hitherto published human studies has encountered any health-relevant side effects. Even in those studies where the participants consumed the supplement for 12 weeks, the researchers observed no biochemical, hematological or hormonal side effects. Based on the currently available evidence beta alanine is thus not only one of the most effective, but also one of the safest ergogenic supplements on the market.
What should be mentioned, though, is that beta alanine does have one very common, but 100% benign “side effect”: A tingling sensation right beneath the skin. Usually this feeling occurs in the first days or weeks of the supplementation period - approximately 15-20 minutes after the ingestion of the supplement. Scientist refer to the tingling as “paresthesia”. The generally well tolerable and for some people even pleasant feeling can last for up to 60-90 minutes and it is thought to be the result of the effects beta alanine exerts on certain receptors of the nervous system.
Recent studies suggest that the degree and occurrence of the tingling depends on certain genetic traits. This could also explain why only some, yet by no means all consumers experience the tingling sensation, which has been found to be significantly reduced, when you consume your beta alanine supplements with carbohydrates. Since the occurrence of the phenomenon is essentially dose dependent, it is also possible to simply reduce the serving size to <800mg. The currently available scientific evidence would suggest that this is optimal serving size to avoid the tingling sensation while maintaining the maximal ergogenic benefits. If you are bothered by the tingling, splitting your daily dose of beta alanine into several smaller servings is thus probably the easiest way to counter this non-hazardous side effect (13, 14).

The unique Polyhydrate Buffering Technology

The hydrochloric acid in our stomach helps with the digestion of protein, kills food-borne pathogens and is an extremely important part of the digestive process. Unfortunately, it does also reduce the bioavailability of orally ingested amino acids compounds and other molecules that will be destroyed or otherwise chemically modified and thus useless, when they get in contact with the low pH environment of the stomach.

This is where GN Laboratories’ unique and highly innovative Polyhydrate Buffering Technology comes into play. This exceptional acid buffer many of you will already know from other GN products such as Creatine PolyhydrateGlutamine Polyhydrate and DAA Polyhydrate will protect the beta alanine molecules in Beta Alanine Polyhydrate from the damaging effects of the stomach acid. The result is a bioavailability that is superior to all other hitherto available beta alanine formulas on the market.

Why are there additional probiotic bacteria in GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate?

Here at GN Laboratories we are always trying to keep one step ahead of the competition as far as the practical realization of the latest scientific results are concerned. Therefore we did content ourselves with the addition of the innovative buffering system to GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate. What’s the use of having a more stable molecule if it’s still not optimally observed? This is where the micro-encapsulated probiotics come in – Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Casai which are all part of the unique pH buffered and probiotically enhanced formula of GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate.

As the most recent scientific evidence suggests, these probiotics can increase the absorption and bioavailability of amino acids from the digestive tract by 20%. It is therefore probably not an overstatement, when we say that GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate is the most bioavailable glutamine formula on the market.

The increase in bioavailability is yet only one of the beneficial effects the addition of the probiotic bacteria will have. Probiotics, especially those belonging to the Lactobacilli strains Lactobacillus Acidophilus und Lactobacillus Casai, which are both part of the GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate formula, will help acidify the small intestine and thus protect you from the permanent assault of pathogens that reaches the upper part of your digestive tract with the foods you consume. The Bifidobacterium Bifidum bacteria, on the other hand, protect the large intestine from the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and fungal infections.

The metabolic byproducts of the bacteria from the Bifido strain will also provide a readily available energy source for the cells of the intestinal wall. Without these bacteria the so-called colonocytes would be attacked by other bacteria from the gut flora and die. The ill health effects this would entail range from mild digestive problems to chronic diseases of the digestive tract, such as Morbus Crohn. In addition, the bacteria themselves and their metabolic byproducts have been shown to strengthen the immune system. Against that background, it is no wonder that having low amounts of these beneficial gut inhabitants has been associated with weak immune defenses and an increased susceptibility to all kinds of infectious diseases.

Unfortunately, probiotics are living organisms that are easily destroyed by all sorts of environmental influences. To ensure that all the bacteria reach their destinations in your small and large intestine intact, we use only microencapsulated probiotics in Beta-Alanine Polyhydrate and all our other probiotically enhanced products. The encapsulation protects the bacteria from harm and ensures that they can do their job right where they’re supposed to be: within your intestine!

Who will benefit from using GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate

  • Resistance trainers whose main goals are lean mass and strength gains
  • Athletes who are performing in sports that require strength, explosiveness and muscular endurance
  • Active individuals who have reached a performance plateau and are looking for a supplement to take their performance to the next level
  • Older athletes who want to counter the age-induced reduction in carnosine (1)
  • Vegetarians and individuals with a generally low meat who want to compensate for the lack of dietary beta alanine to increase their low muscular carnosine concentrations (1)

What’s the best way to use GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate to maximize its effectiveness?

A recently conducted study revealed that taking your beta alanine supplements with a carbohydrate containing meal will hasten the onset of the performance enhancing effects of beta alanine via an insulin-dependent increase in the transport and storage of beta alanine in the musculature.

A similar beneficial effect may be expected if you ingest GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate in the vicinity of your workouts. Numerous studies indicate that the uptake of amino acids will be increased in the minutes after a workout. The effect is supposed to be a result of the training induced increases in blood supply that will directly promote the delivery of beta alanine to the muscles.
If you want benefits that go beyond any improvements in the uptake and storage of beta alanine, it would be sensible to stack GN Beta Alanine Polyhydrate and Creatine Polyhydrate. There are already a couple of studies which suggest that the combination of these ergogenic powerhouses will bring about synergistic performance effects. This means that the benefits of using both, creatine and beta alanine, are more pronounced than what you would see if you simply added the effects that have been observed in trials that used only one of these proven ergogenics.

The GN Laboratories Quality Guarantee

We use only the purest, highest grade ingredients the market has to offer. To ensure the constant quality of all our products, we conduct regular laboratory tests to ensure the purity and quality of all ingredients.



  • Titel:Klasse Produkt!
    Habe bis dato immer normales Alanin genommen. Jetzt zum ersten mal gepuffertes und bin damit sehr zufrieden. Kein kribbeln mehr, sehr gut löslich und guter Geschmack!
  • Titel:Besser als jeder Booster
    durch eigenes Anmischen durch verschiedene Substanzen spart man eine Menge Geld gegenüber fertigen Hardcore Boostern und kann so selbst bestimmen, wie hart es heute knallen soll.
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As a dietary supplement, take 20-30 minutes prior to training with approximately 6 ounces of water or juice, on an empty stomach. On non-training days, take one (1) serving (1 scoop) daily, first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, or as directed by a qualified healthcare practitioner. Do not use prior to bedtime.

Manufactured In A Facility Which Processes Products Containing Milk, Egg, Soybeans, Wheat, Shellfish, Fish Oil, Peanuts, And Treenuts.

Beta Alanin

Beta Alanin

B-Alanin (C3H7NO2) ist eine nichtessentielle Aminosäure und stellt die einzige natürlich vorkommende Beta Aminosäure dar.
Während man á-Alanin in vielen Nahrungsmitteln wie Eiern, Fleisch, Geflügel, Pflanzen und einigen Milchprodukten findet, wird β-Alanin im Körper durch das Enzym Beta-Ureidopropionase über die B-Alanin Synthase hergestellt. B-Alanin ist ein Abbauprodukt des Karnosins und ein Bestandteil der Pantothensäure (Vitamin B5).

Was bewirkt es?

Während á-Alanin dem Körper dabei hilft Einfachzucker wie Glukose zur Energiegewinnung zu nutzen und eine Rolle bei der Proteinsynthese und der Enzymproduktion spielt, spielt β-Alanin bei Proteinsynthese und Enzymproduktion keine Rolle. Stattdessen erhöht β-Alanin als Abbauprodukt des Karnosins die intramuskulare Karnosinkonzentration. Karnosin ist ein Dipeptid (was bedeutet, dass es aus zwei Aminosäuren besteht), welches eine wichtige Rolle bei der sportlichen Leistungsfähigkeit spielt.

Während des Trainings verändert sich das intramusklare PH Gleichgewicht des trainierten Muskels. Während der anaeroben Energiegewinnung für muskulare Bewegungen sammeln sich Wasserstoffionen an, welche den intramuskularen PH Wert senken und zu einer Übersäuerung des Muskels führen – ein Zustand, der Entzündungen verursacht und das Muskelversagen auslöst.

Karnosin spielt beim Muskelversagen eine wichtige Rolle, da es als Säurepuffer wirkt, welcher einer Übersäuerung es Muskels entgegenwirkt uns so das Muskelversagen hinauszögert.

Als Abbauprodukt des Karnosins kann β-Alanin auch als Ausgangsstoff für die Karnosinproduktion dienen. Als Supplement zugeführt wird β-Alanin von der Skelettmuskulatur aufgenommen und zusammen mit Histidin mit Hilfe des Enzyms Karnosin Synthase zu Karnosin synthetisiert. Untersuchungen haben gezeigt, dass eine β-Alanin Supplementation die intramuskularen Karnosinspiegel um bis zu 64 % erhöhen kann! (1, 2) Erhöhte intramuskulare Karnosinspiegel können die Säurepufferungskapazität eines Muskels um bis zu 20 % steigern. Durch eine Erhöhung des Laktatschwellenwertes kann eine β-Alanin Supplementation die Muskelermüdung dramatisch hinauszögern (3) und die Arbeitskapazität und Leistungsfähigkeit der Muskulatur deutlich verbessern.

Aktuelle wissenschaftliche Studien zeigen, dass β-Alanin zusätzliche Vorzüge mit sich bringt, wenn es mit Kreatin Monohydrat kombiniert wird (4). Eine Studie konnte zeigen, dass eine kombinierte β-Alanin und Kreatin Monohydrat Supplementation eine synergistische Wirkung besitzt, durch welche die Kraftfreisetzung dramatisch gesteigert werden konnte (5). Außerdem waren die Zuwächse an fettfreier Körpermasse und Kraft, sowie die Reduzierung des Körperfettes deutlich größer als bei einer alleinigen Kreatin Monohydrat Supplementation (6).

Es wird angenommen, dass β-Alanin die Wirkungen einer Kreatin Monohydrat Supplementation durch seine Fähigkeit zu Erhöhung der Karnosinkonzentration und eine verbesserte Funktion des anaeroben Energiesystems verstärkt.


Wer benötigt es?

β-Alanine ist kein essentieller Nährstoff und daher sind auch keine Mangelerscheinungen bekannt.
Im Gegensatz hierzu kann ein Mangel an á-Alanine, auch wenn dieser sehr selten auftritt, zu neurologischen Defiziten, Unterzuckerung, Diabetes, Hepatitis und sogar zum Tode führen.


Wie viel sollte man einnehmen und gibt es irgendwelche Nebenwirkungen?

Die Einnahmeempfehlung auf dem Etikett sollte genau befolgt werden. Studien haben gezeigt, dass die maximale Wirkung nach einer zehnwöchigen Einnahme beobachtet werden kann (7).

Konsultieren Sie Ihren Arzt, bevor Sie mit der Einnahme eines Supplements beginnen.
Personen, die den selten vorkommenden Genetischen Defekt namens Hyper-Beta-Alaninamie aufweisen, sollten β-Alanin nicht einnehmen. Bei hoher Dosierung kann es zu einer leichten Hautrötung und einem kribbelnden Gefühl am ganzen Körper kommen. Dieser Effekt ist harmlos und verschwindet, wenn die Einnahmedosis reduziert wird.


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