T1 Antivirus - GN Laboratories

T1 Antivirus - GN Laboratories


T1 Antivirus is an innovative new stimulant-free pre-workout booster, providing the indisputable proof that you can easily go through the most gruelling workouts without having to use stimulants.

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    T1 Antivirus

    T1 Antivirus is an innovative new stimulant-free pre-workout booster, providing the indisputable proof that you can easily go through the most gruelling workouts without having to use stimulants. T1 Antivirus will give you unbelievable gains in superhuman strength and brutal muscle mass that will make your competitors look like fat housewives in comparison to you. T1 Antivirus is by far the most comprehensive stimulant-free pre-workout booster, containing the highest clinical dosages of scientifically proven ingredients you have ever seen in a single product!

    Product highlights

    • Contains with almost 27,000 mg the highest amount of highly effective scientifically proven ingredients in clinical doses of any currently available booster
    • Brute force and infinite energy for the most brutal and productive workouts of your life.
    • Maximum anabolic effects for maximum gains of brutal, rock-hard muscle mass
    • Skin-bursting killer pump that surpasses anything you've ever experienced before
    • Razor-sharp focus without nervousness or restlessness for maximum concentration on your workout
    • Extreme delay of muscle fatigue, enabling you to force those crucial final reps that will make the difference between modest and incredible gains
    • Maximum supply of urgently needed nutrients, oxygen and endogenous anabolic hormones for your hard working muscles
    • Accelerated recovery during and post-workout for more reps per set, more sets per workout, and more workouts per week for maximum gains
    • Increased use of body fat for fuel during exercise
    • Supports the pumping power of your heart for an even stronger pump and an even higher blood supply to your muscles
    • Stimulates the conversion of stem cell into muscle cells for maximum muscle gains
    • Antioxidant protection of your muscles and joints from damage caused by free radicals produced during exercise
    • Free of stimulants and therefore suitable for any time of day

    The resistance

    When in 2018 a risky attempt by GN Laboratories to create the strongest and most effective booster ever made went out of control and three of the T1 virus infected subjects escaped, the two surviving lab technicians and I had to find a solution for this problem. These three T1 mutants spread chaos and death among the population in their seemingly endless rush of aggression. We had to stop this because it was our fault.

    Attempts made by the state security agencies to bring the situation under control failed. Not even the military could do anything against these three T1 mutants. The only thing that could help, were we! We decided to neutralize the T1 virus in the destroyed remains of our lab! Our goal was to develop some kind of mega PUMP BOOSTER for brutal strength and an extreme muscle pump, which should be administered to three new test subjects! This virus should not possess the same effects as the T1 virus!

    The extremely increased aggression and the murderous energy that made the subjects so inhuman should be withdrawn from the T1 virus! We were able to achieve exactly that, and so we created the T1-Antivirus - a booster that causes a mutant-like swelling of the muscles and a tenfold increase in strength compared to an ordinary human - all without depriving us of our humanity. Unfortunately, we could not rely on three new volunteers, so we had to administer a maximum dose of this antivirus to ourselves....

    My name is N. T. Lass, second chief laboratory doctor of the T1 virus project

    We have started all this and we will make it end.

    If you thought that the effects of a stimulant-free pre-workout booster can not be super-extreme then T1 Antivirus will quickly teach you better - welcome to the next stage of evolution of brutal and murderous workouts that will give you unprecedented gains!

    As we got down to work on developing the T1 Antivirus, we knew in advance that we would miss out on two recent trends in pre-workout boosters - the trend to develop "highly-concentrated" boosters and the trend towards using ever-increasing quantities of increasingly powerful stimulants. But we had a good reason for this.

    First of all, a highly concentrated booster is usually nothing more than an excuse to save on active ingredients. Why are most of these "highly concentrated" boosters hiding their amounts of ingredients behind proprietary blends? Because otherwise any half way intelligent person would be laughing at the actual (trace) amounts of ingredients. In contrast to this we use clinical doses of scientifically proven active ingredients in T1 Antivirus and as you can see from the quantities on the label one serving of T1 Antivirus contains a massive 27,000 mgs of active ingredients – we do not know any booster that comes even close to this! The 6,000 mgs of Citrulline Polyhydrate and the 3,000 mgs of Creatine Polyhydrate ™ alone should exceed the serving size of virtually all "highly-concentrated" boosters ...

    These 27,000 mgs of active ingredients include just about everything known to increase strength and performance, to maximize your muscle endurance, to delay exhaustion during exercise, to promote your recovery during and post-workout and to promote maximum gains of rock hard, lean muscle mass. Of course, a razor-sharp focus should not be neglected, which we achieve by using highly effective nootropics instead of stimulants.

    These powerful active ingredients have been combined with other supporting ingredients in an ideal ratio to guarantee a synergistic effect that will overshadow your wildest dreams and expectations.

    When developing T1 Antivirus, we did anything possible to optimally exploit as many different performance-enhancing physical pathways as possible. As a result the individual effects of the ingredients will not overlap and thus accumulate without any losses - and in the case of synergistic effects the overall effect will be even stronger than a simple addition of the individual effects.

    For all of these reasons you will be able to perform brutal and murderous workouts with the help of T1 Antivirus that would literally kill others in the truest sense of the word. Once you get used to this type of workout, you'll almost inevitably start to wonder why everyone else in your gym is suddenly just doing a loose warm-up compared to your workout. You will no longer need any excuses for bad workouts because there will be no such thing for you in the future. You will have to force yourself to stop working out, as you are unfortunately not a professional bodybuilder who can exercise 8 hours a day because he does not have a job - but maybe you can eventually reach that status one day...

    Why did we refrain from using stimulants in T1 Antivirus?

    There are a number of good reasons for developing a stimulant-free pre-workout booster. Before we go into detail, we should perhaps mention that a stimulant-free pre-workout booster does not have to be a "castrated" booster – it may in fact even have a stronger effect in certain areas than a stimulant booster.

    If you are after a truly extreme maximum muscle pump, any pre-workout booster that contains stimulants is will always be a compromise, as virtually all stimulants will narrow your veins and thus eliminate some of the pump promoting effects! Because T1 Antivirus is free of stimulants and contains the most complete matrix of pump ingredients the market has ever seen, this pre-workout booster will give you an absolutely insane muscle pump that no stimulant booster on the market will be able to provide!

    Do not worry about the overall effect of T1 Antivirus. You'll soon see that stimulants do not necessarily have to be part of an extreme hardcore pre-workout booster that overshadows everything that has been developed so far. The name GN Laboratories always stood for extreme boosters that changed the market - and T1 Antivirus is no exception!

    But let us come back to the benefits of a stimulant-free hardcore pre-workout booster. Such a booster can be of great advantage if you want to (or have to) exercise in the evening. Any booster overloaded with stimulants can easily lead to sleep problems in this situation, while a booster like T1 Antivirus will allow you a murderous workout even late at night without giving you sleepless nights in the truest sense of the word.

    T1 Antivirus is also the ideal choice for those who can not tolerate stimulants, are not allowed to use stimulants for health reasons, or simply do not want to use stimulants. The latter makes sense, if you are already so used to the effects of stimulants, that you scarcely feel an effect anymore - or if you want to maintain your full sensitivity to stimulants, in order to save them for a specific situation, e.g. to achieve a maximum effect before and during competition.

    Why should these people have to miss out on all the performance enhancing benefits for building strength and muscle mass? Fortunately for them, T1 Antivirus was finally launched - a stimulant-free pre-workout booster that truly deserves the name hardcore!

    And even if it may sound paradoxical, it is true that T1 Antivirus might be a great choice for real stimulants junkies. Real hardcore athletes often swear by their own mix of stimulants that was individually tailored to their needs, but can easily be an overkill when combined with the stimulants contained in a regular pre-workout booster. This group of hardcore athletes – that will often resort to stimulants, no supplement maker could legally incorporate into their boosters - can combine T1 Antivirus with the stimulants of their choice to create an individually personalized hardcore booster.

    What can you expect from T1 Antivirus?

    The short answer is "probably much more than from any other pre-workout booster available on the market," but here's the more detailed answer:

    T1 Antivirus covers every aspect necessary to give you the most murderous and productive workouts of your life that will lead to gains of lean muscle mass and strength, you would have considered unreachable in the past. There will be no such things as stagnant progresses, plateaus or even regressions as long as you use T1 Antivirus.

    T1 Antivirus will give you almost superhuman strength and sheer endless energy for workouts that will make everybody else's workouts kook like a casual warm-up. You will be able to force more reps with higher weights per set and more murderous sets per workout, leaving your body with only one choice: grow or die.

    You'll be focused and concentrated and forget everything else except of your brutally hard workout, while a better coordination of your muscle contractions and an optimized mind-muscle connection will help you to move heavier weights than ever before.

    The muscle pump you will experience does not seem to be of this world. You will feel as if your muscles are going to explode at any moment, while the veins on your full and hard muscle will look like roadmaps. For reasons listed above, you will never experience a pump like this when using stimulant-based pre-workout boosters! Whoever sees you like this will always have respect of you - You rule the Gym - and everyone will realize this at first glance.

    And with T1 Antivirus taking your recovery ability to a whole new level, you'll be able to exercise more often and to provide an extreme stimulus for gains of size and strength more often, without burning out or getting into a state of over-training.

    WARNING: Besides T1 Virus, T1 Antivirus is probably the most extreme hardcore pre-workout booster that has ever seen the light of day. T1 Antivirus is nothing for whimps or weaklings, as they will not be able to survive this murderous, skin-bursting pump - and it's always embarrassing to see these wannabe men weeping like babies during exercise.

    If you still want to be able to wash your hair or climb stairs post-workout, please keep your hands off T1 Antivirus! It might also be possible that your pumped up muscles will blow up your T-shirt or pants post workout. It is recommended to pack a set of wider "post-workout" clothes!

    Attention, this product is only for people who work out in a gym that has large amounts of heavy barbells and dumbbells!

    How can an extreme pump maximize your workout performance, accelerate your recovery, and maximize your gains in strength and lean muscle mass?

    By now even the last one should know that a murderous muscle pump during your workout is much more than just a super-cool feeling. But on which mechanisms are the anabolic, strength building and lean muscle mass enhancing effects of your pump based on?

    At this point we have to distinguish between two completely different types of mechanisms: an increased blood supply to your hard-working muscles and an increase in muscle cell volume.

    An increased blood supply is primarily caused by an increased nitric oxide production in your veins. Nitric Oxide relaxes the smooth muscles of your blood vessels, resulting in a widening of your veins. Because of this more blood can be transported through your veins with less resistance. As a result, your hard-working muscles will be better supplied with urgently needed nutrients, oxygen and endogenous anabolic hormones during your brutal workouts, while toxic metabolic waste products like ammonia and lactate which can accelerate the onset of your muscle fatigue, will be transported away from your muscles much faster.

    All of this will speed up your recovery during and post-workout, and improve the energy supply for your muscles, resulting in a better exercise performance and increased muscle endurance, allowing you to do more reps with more weight per set and more sets per workout, while a faster recovery will allows you to exercise more often without burning out. In other words, you will be able to set a stronger stimulus for gains of strength and mass more often.

    An increase of your muscle cell volume, as produced by Creatin Polyhydrate™ and Glyceromax®, will not only increase your strength because of better mechanical leverages, but also has a direct anabolic effect based on several different pathways that are activated by an increased muscle volume.

    A murderous, skin-busting pump is therefore not just something for pump junkies that are addicted to this feeling and love the impressive, almost fearsome appearance of their bulging, maximally pumped-up muscles, but can also help anyone who wants to build muscle mass and strength.

    Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier

    Our Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix focuses on giving you the most extreme muscle pumps of your life. To achieve this, we have combined several agents that can dramatically increase your nitric oxide production by using independent biological pathways, with agents that can maximize your muscle cell volume and increase your blood volume. In other words, the individual effects of these ingredients will accumulate without any losses or overlaps.

    And best of all, unlike the competition, we use all of these ingredients in clinical dosages for an unprecedented efficacy. Of course, we use our innovative Polyhydrate™ unique Buffering Technology to protect the fragile ingredients from any degradation inside your digestive tract and to maximize their bioavailability and effectiveness.

    Our unique Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix contains the following active ingredients:

    Citrulline Polyhydrate™ - 6,000 mg

    L-Citrulline - a naturally occurring amino acid - is undoubtedly the most potent pump booster you'll find on the market. Although citrulline uses the same pathway as arginine to maximize your nitric oxide production, it is much more potent than orally administered regular arginine, which, unlike citrulline, will be largely destroyed before it can even enter your bloodstream.

    In addition, l-citrulline can increase your protein synthesis, resulting in faster gains of muscle mass. As Citrulline can also reduce muscle soreness after exercise, it can greatly accelerate your recovery in conjunction with the described increase in protein synthesis.

    Arginine Polyhydrate™ - 4,000 mg

    The naturally occurring amino acid arginine represents the scientifically best studied and most popular nitric oxide booster and according to scientific studies this amino acid may also dramatically increase your growth hormone secretion to give your gains a boost.

    By using our innovative Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering technology, we are avoiding the biggest problem that an oral arginine supplementation has: a destruction of the active ingredient before it can enter you bloodstream.

    Beetroot powder - 500 mg

    Beetroot Powder, showing the highest naturally occurring nitrate concentration of all foods, is the third nitric oxide booster in the league. Nitrate can increase your nitric oxide production via a different pathway than arginine and citrulline, meaning that the effects of these substances will accumulate without any losses. In addition to this, the pathway used by nitrate will be fully active in an acidic environment with a lack of oxygen – an environment that will bring the classic arginine / citrulline pathway to a standstill.

    L-Norvaline - 250 mg

    L-norvaline is an amino acid that shows the ability to inhibit the enzyme arginase in your body. The arginase is responsible for the degradation of nitric oxide and will thus lower your nitric oxide levels. In other words, l-norvaline will act like a kind of turbocharger for all other nitric oxide boosters, because it will override the body's natural limitations regarding his nitric oxide production, thereby allowing for maximum levels of nitric oxide. Research has shown that L-norvaline can increase your nitric oxide production by an enormous 55%, which is more than impressive.

    Glyceromax® - 1,500 mg

    Did you know that glycerol is one of the best kept secrets in professional bodybuilding? Like creatine, glycerol has the ability to draw water into your muscle cells, making them fuller and bigger. This results not only in an insane pump, but also in better mechanical leverages that will increase your strength significantly. In addition to this, an increased muscle cell volume will also have a direct anabolic effect.

    And that's not all - glycerol can also increase your blood volume, which will significantly increase the pump that results from dilating your veins with the help of nitric oxide. Instead of using liquid glycerol, which would be difficult to integrate into a booster in powder form, we use the innovative ingredient Glyceromax® - a powdered form of glycerol.

    Resveratrol - 200 mg

    Resveratrol, found naturally in red wine and grape skins, is a very powerful antioxidant that will protect your muscles from being damaged by free radicals, which are inevitably produced in increased amounts during intense workouts.

    Regarding your pump resveratrol is very interesting, because it promotes the elasticity of your blood vessels. This is very important for a maximum pump, because even the highest possible nitric oxide production will be in vain, if your veins are not elastic enough to widen up and to allow maximum amounts of blood to be pumped to your muscles.

    Hawthorn leaf extract - 200 mg

    Hawthorn extract has been used a natural remedy for hundreds of years and can not only promote a healthy cardiovascular system, but may according to scientific studies also increase the pumping power of your heart. An increased pumping of your heart means that more blood can be delivered to your hungry, hard-working muscles during a shorter period of time through your nitric oxide-dilated veins - which will also increase your pump significantly. How effective hawthorn extract is in this regard is shown by the fact that this extract is also used with great success in racehorses for performance enhancement.

    Because Hawthorn Extract has a pronounced antioxidant effect, it can also protect your muscles and joints from damage by reactive oxygen species and accelerate your post-workout recovery.

    Power / Strength & Endurance Matrix

    Our unique Power / Strength & Endurance Matrix will give you everything you need to perform near super-human tasks in the gym and to delay the onset of fatigue as much as humanly possible. This innovative matrix also includes ingredients that can help you to achieve a razor-sharp focus and to significantly improve your muscle coordination and your mind-muscle connection. This will dramatically increase your strength and your exercise performance as you will take full control of your muscles and the heavy weight on the bar.

    Our Power / Strength & Endurance Matrix contains scientifically supported ingredients in clinical dosages to enable you to perform gruelling workouts that will take your gains of brutal strength and rock-hard, lean muscle mass to a whole new level.

    Our Power / Strength & Endurance Matrix is powered by the following highly effective ingredients:

    Beta Alanine Polyhydrate™ - 3,000 mg

    The amino acid beta-alanine, which naturally occurs in minimal amounts in your body, is the precursor your body needs to produce its most potent intracellular acid buffer carnosine. Scientific studies have also shown, that beta alanin will synergistically interact with creatine when it comes to building new muscle mass.

    During your intense workouts, your muscles are increasingly producing acidic metabolites such as lactate, which will result in an acidification of your working muscles. This acidification is also responsible for this burning sensation you will feel at the end of some exhausting sets. The more acidic the environment in a muscle becomes, the more its performance will decrease until ultimately a muscle failure will occur.

    The acid buffer carnosine can neutralize this hyperacidity and thereby greatly delay the onset of muscle fatigue, allowing you to do those last few reps of a set that will make the difference between minimal to moderate gains and superior gains of muscle and strength.

    Almost countless scientific studies have shown that an oral beta alanine supplementation can increase your muscle carnosine levels by up to 80% - let this value sink in for a minute and imagine the difference it will make for your workouts!

    Instead of regular beta alanine, we use our innovative Polyhydrate™ version, which has a much higher bioavailability and thus a stronger effect.

    Creatine Polyhydrate ™ - 3,000 mg

    Today virtually everyone should know that creatine is probably the most effective muscle building product on the market, whose effects regarding muscle growth and strength increase have been clearly demonstrated by over 1000 scientific studies.

    Creatine works by maximizing your muscles ATP synthesis, providing you with maximum levels of energy for your gruelling workouts. In addition, it will directly stimulate your muscle growth and make your muscles bigger and fuller due to an increased fluid retention inside your muscle cells - not to mention the anabolic effects and the insane pump that will accompany this increased muscle cell volume.

    Instead of regular creatine monohydrate, we use our innovative Polyhydrate™ version of creatine, which shows a much higher bioavailability and therefore also a greater potency, and contains creatine HCl, which is superior to regular creatine monohydrate.

    Betaine HCl - 2,000 mg

    Betain HCl is an amazing compound that can greatly slow down your muscle fatigue and will dramatically increase your muscle strength while counteracting an exercise related dehydration of your hard working muscles. The latter will synergistically enhance the pump increasing effect of our Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix for an even more brutal, formally skin-busting pump.

    Taurine - 2,000 mg

    Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can delay the onset of muscle fatigue during exercise and will give you more workout energy. Among other things, this is because taurine causes your body to use more body fat for fuel, which will spare your precious muscle glycogen reserves. In addition, Taurine acts as a powerful antioxidant that can protect your muscles from damage and accelerate your recovery.

    N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine - 600 mg

    N-acetyl-l-cysteine, as a so-called nootropic drug, that has the ability to boost the dopamine release in your brain, which can increase your mental and physical energy while increasing your strength through an improved motor coordination of your muscles. Like many other ingredients of T1 Antivirus, n-acetyl-l-cysteine has potent indirect antioxidant effects that can accelerate your recovery and protect your muscles from damage, because it is a precursor to the body's most powerful antioxidant glutathione.

    Alpha GPC - 150 mg

    Alpha GPC is a choline source that can significantly increase your body’s acetylcholine levels. Higher levels of this important neurotransmitter can increase your strength and thus the weights you can move by up to 14% and help you achieve a razor-sharp focus by promoting the so called "mind-muscle connection".

    And if that were not enough, scientific research has shown that Alpha GPC can increase your growth hormone secretion by more than 200% - and higher growth hormones levels will equate to more strength and muscle mass!

    Hydrate & Defend


    In addition to numerous health-promoting effects the naturally occurring citrus flavonoid hesperidin could, according to current scientific studies, also have significant muscle-building effects. As these studies have shown, hesperidin seems to promote and to accelerate muscle growth and recovery by stimulating stem cells to transform into muscle cells. However, this effect only occurs at a certain dosage and T1 Antivirus contains even more than the amount of hesperidin required for this purpose.

    In combination with vitamin C (also contained in T1 Antivirus) hesperidin can promote the body's own collagen formation and can thereby have a positive effect on strength and health of your hard-working joints.

    White Willow Bark Extract

    White willow bark extract has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which can significantly accelerate your recovery. At the same time it can inhibit the breakdown of the body’s own stimulating neurotransmitter norepinephrine and can thereby significantly increase your mental and physical performance.

    Coconut water concentrate

    Coconut water extract will provide you with the essential trace minerals and minerals you lose during your brutal workouts with your sweat. This will improve your hydration status which is important because even a minimal dehydration of 2% can reduce your strength and endurance noticeably.

    Fuel blend

    Our innovative Fuel Blend Matrix contains ingredients that will work together synergistically with other ingredients in T1 Antivirus to further enhance the overall effect of this unique pre-workout booster.

    Calcium & Magnesium

    Calcium and magnesium are crucial for a perfect function of your muscles. The minerals contained in T1 Antivirus will prevent an excessive mineral loss through perspiration during your workout from affecting the contractility and performance of your muscles.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is a highly effective natural antioxidant that will neutralize increased amounts of free radicals that are produced during your workout, to accelerate your recovery and to protect your muscles and joints from damage.


    Niacin can synergistically support the effects of the Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix, as it has a potent circulation enhancing effect that will further enhance your brutal muscle pump during your workout. In addition, niacin can increase the performance of your muscles and is urgently needed by your body for the production of exercise energy.


    The alkaloid piperine that is naturally occurring in black pepper, is known to dramatically increase the bioavailability and absorption of very many supplement ingredients by as much as 2000%. This effect is based on the fact that piperine inhibits certain enzymes that are responsible for degrading the corresponding compounds. And an increased bioavailability is synonymous with a stronger effect of the already highly effective ingredients of T1 Antivirus.

    Recommended daily intake: Add 30 g powder to 600 ml cold water and shake it.

    By Daniel H on 11/18/2018 4
    Title: Hammer Pump
    Text: Schmeckt und wirkt sehr gut, aber nur 4 Sterne weil bei mir ist es der Dünnschissmaker 2018 und ich hätte mir beim Training mehrmals fast in die Hose geschissen. Sonst alles Top.
    By Max M on 07/25/2018 5
    Title: Verklumpen
    Text: Das Verklumpen des Pulvers ist bei diesem Booster nicht zu umgehen, das liegt nicht an Qualitätsmängeln. Diese Konstellation verklumpt einfach
    By Nico L on 07/22/2018 4
    Title: Verbesserungswürdig
    Text: Geschmacklich Top, Löslichkeit gut, Pump ist auf jeden Fall gegeben.
    Nur leider war der Booster schon beim ersten öffnen total verklumpt.
    Das darf meiner Meinung nach nicht sein.
    By Wolfgang E on 07/12/2018 5
    Title: richtig geiler Booster
    Text: Verwende den Booster seit kurzer Zeit und muss sagen das er wirkt. richtig geiler Pump im Training und geschmacklich auch klasse ( Lemon Cola)
    auf alle Fälle zum weiterempfehlen. einziges Manko ist das Verklumpen in der Dose, aber mit nem Mörser oder ähnlichen wird er wieder zu Pulver.
    By Tommes Ö on 07/5/2018 4
    Title: Super Booster mit Qualitätsmängeln
    Text: Ich mixe den Antivirus mit dem Virus und es bringt mir was es bringen muss -> Super Pump, Fokus und Push beim Training. Nur ist es hier wie beim Virus so, dass das Pulver klumpig ist. Aber stampfen mit einem Küchenmörser hilft
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