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Teutonic Sword Brothers - Gods Rage


Teutonic - the pump booster for the most extreme pure and unrestricted muscle pump you've ever experienced.

: Gods Rage


: 250g

: Before training / Stim free -

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    Teutonic - the pump booster for the most extreme pure and unrestricted muscle pump you've ever experienced.

    Kneel down and look up! Swear to help the defenceless in the gyms of this world, to stand by anyone who needs your help, to illuminate the way of those who have left the right path, to always speak the truth, even if it means your death, to fight alongside your sword brothers and to be a shining example for them! This is your oath - rise as a knight!

    Product Highlights:

    • Maximum, unprecedented, skin and chainmail bursting muscle pump
    • Increased muscle cell volume for a powerful anabolic effect and a more muscular, awesome appearance
    • Maximum blood supply to your hard working muscles for a maximum supply of oxygen, anabolic nutrients and endogenous anabolic hormones, for victorious battles on all battlefields
    • Increased protein synthesis for faster gains of lean muscle mass
    • Faster removal of toxic metabolic waste products from your muscles to delay the onset of fatigue
    • More stamina and less fatigue during all battles against brutal opponents, as well as more reps per set and more sets per workout during any fight against the cold steel in the gym
    • Faster recovery between your sets and after your workout
    • Increased strength and accelerated muscle growth to make you an invincible knight of the order
    • Free of stimulants and therefore suitable for any time of the day
    • Suitable for people who are sensitive to stimulants

    Teutonic - the pump booster for the most extreme pure and unrestricted muscle pump you've ever experienced

    The knights of the Teutonic Order, to whom this booster is dedicated, not only excelled in their military clout and self-sacrificing helpfulness in defending unarmed pilgrims, but were also known for their pure faith and their spiritual and physical purity. This is also reflected in the composition of our pump booster Teutonic, which is dedicated to a pure and undistorted, but still - or just therefore - maximum muscle pump during your workout.

    Teutonic is free of stimulants, which is a decisive advantage not only for holy iron warriors who are sensitive to stimulants but also for any warrior who needs to go into the crusade against the cold iron in the gym later in the evening. With Teutonic you will be ready to support your Brothers in spirit in their struggle against the cold iron at any time of the day or in the evening - and you will never again be tempted by an unholy temptation to abandon a seeker for help because you put your training above all else and the timing of your workout would not be optimal because of your pre-workout booster...

    But a pure pump booster also has another decisive advantage. Many are unaware of the fact that any pre-workout booster, which includes both a pump matrix and a stimulant blend, will inevitably be a compromise because of purely biological reasons. This is due to the fact that a large part of your increased muscle pump is based on a widening of your veins and a resulting greater blood supply for your working muscles. But virtually all stimulants will cause a narrowing of your veins, so you will always have to compromise here because two opposing mechanisms are combined in one product.

    Do not get us wrong, there are excellent combination products, which will deliver both - an extreme muscle pump, as well as an extremely stimulating effect. However, if you want a pure, unrestricted and unadulterated muscle pump with all its maximum benefits and you do not need a full boon of stimulants for a hard, concentrated and intense workout, then Teutonic will be the best choice for you.

    The muscle pump - a fantastic feeling with a frequently overlooked dramatic anabolic effect

    Many knights and strength athletes are of the opinion that an extreme muscle pump is one of the greatest feelings you can have during your workout. Contrary to popular belief, your muscle pump is not necessarily the most important indicator of the effectiveness of your workout. But the mechanisms your muscle pump is based on also have crucial anabolic and recovery enhancing effects that can dramatically accelerate and enhance your progress in joint fraternal combat with your order brothers in the gym.

    There are two independent main mechanisms on which your muscle pump is based on. The first mechanism is an increased blood flow to your working muscles, which is based on a widening of your veins that is induced by an increased nitric oxide release. This dilation of your veins allows greater amounts of blood to be pumped into your muscles, resulting not only in a feeling of a pump, but also in an increased supply of oxygen, anabolic nutrients and anabolic endogenous hormones for your hungry muscles. This increased supply of important, urgently needed substances will not only promote your muscle growth but also speed your recovery between your sets and after your workout.

    In addition, an increased blood supply for your working muscles will also have a cleansing, muscle performance-promoting effect, since toxic metabolic waste products, which will be inevitably produced during hard muscle exertions and which will accelerate the onset of muscle fatigue, can be removed faster, resulting in a later onset of fatigue. All of this means that you will be able ready for the crusade with your iron brothers more often and for longer times.

    The second mechanism is based on an increased hydration of your muscle cells, which means that your muscles will look and feel fuller independent of an increased blood supply. In combination with an increased blood supply due to an increased release of nitric oxide, this will lead to a skin and chainmail bursting muscle pump and a look that will defeat any attacker without a fight.

    But that's not all. As numerous well-founded scientific studies have shown, both mechanisms – a muscle cell expansion due to an increased hydration and an increased muscle volume through a combination of increased muscle cell hydration and increased blood supply – will have strong anabolic muscle building effects for themselves independent of an increased oxygen and nutrient delivery - not to mention the better biomechanical leverages that will results in significant increases in strength during exercise.

    All this together will result in a dramatic acceleration of your gains of strength and lean muscle mass, which will help you to protect the helpless and weak. In combination with your pure and benevolent mind, this will make you a shining example for those who have wandered off the path of virtue.

    The Holy Knight Pump Matrix

    The unique Holy Knight Pump Matrix reflects history as well as basic values of the German knights. The holy brotherhood of knights was not only focused on defending and protecting the defenceless and needy. The origin of the order was a Christian hospital community, which devoted themselves selflessly to healing the sick and injured and which possessed a large medical knowledge. Of course, a pre-workout pump booster dedicated to this holy knightly brotherhood must reflect that vast medical knowledge and therefore can not simply consist of a haphazardly combined mixture of ingredients that may or may not have a certain positive impact on your pump.

    For this reason we have invested a lot of time and effort during the development of Teutonic to find an optimal synergistic blend of the most effective ingredients in meticulously tested optimal ratios, which will maximize the effects for an extreme muscle pump and a maximum supply of oxygen, nutrients and natural, body own anabolic hormones for your working muscles. The synergistic interactions of the different agents, which will maximize your muscle pump by using several independent pathways, will produce a total effect that is vastly superior to the added individual effects of the individual ingredients.

    At the same time, of course, this mixture also had to reflect the quest for spiritual and physical purity that distinguished the order nights from brutal, merciless soldiers. Therefore Teutonic is free from potentially harmful substances. We also refrained from using ingredients with an extreme stimulating effect that could transform the pure and fraternal common struggle with a pure and sacred goal into a meaningless, frenzied, self-serving carnage that would do more harm than good to your body - and to those seeking help from you.

    The mechanisms of action of the Holy Knight Pump Matrix

    The Holy Knight Pump Matrix works through several independent pathways and mechanisms, which means that there are no overlaps of the individual effects and that every pathway can be fully exploited. The first path to the Holy Land is the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway, which will result in a significantly increased nitric oxide production. This pathway is maximized by arginine hcl and l-citrulline. The second lesser known pathway is the nitrate – nitrite - nitric oxide pathway, which is completely independent of the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway, resulting in a combined increased nitric oxide release by usage of both of these pathways. The second pathway is activated by the natural high nitrate content of Teutonic's beetroot powder.

    In addition to an increased blood flow to your working muscles induced by the two nitric oxide pathways, Teutonic utilizes the aforementioned mechanism of maximizing your muscle cell volume for an increased muscle pump and additional powerful anabolic effects. This enhanced hydration of your muscle cells is achieved with the help of the most potent form of creatine. The betaine hydrochloride contained in Teutonic will effectively support and maintain this increased muscle cell hydration because of its ability to counteract a muscle dehydration.

    Arginine Hcl

    Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid, is the most widely used and scientifically best studied compound for increasing your nitric oxide production. In addition to this, arginine can dramatically increase your body's natural growth hormone secretion, which will help you to build more muscle mass and gain more strength. In Teutonic we use the hydrochloride salt of l-arginine that is characterized by a very good solubility and an extraordinary high bioavailability.


    L-citrulline - a naturally occurring amino acid - is another extremely popular nitric oxide booster that can increase your arginine levels even more than orally taken arginine. In addition to this, L-citrulline can directly increase your muscle gains by increasing your muscle protein synthesis and significantly reducing your muscle soreness after exercise, so you will be ready for your next fight with your fraternity faster.

    Beetroot Powder

    Beetroot Powder is a rich and high-quality source of naturally occurring nitrate - the third fraternity in your fight for an increased nitric oxide production. Nitrate serves as substrate for the nitrate - nitrite - nitric oxide pathway which works independently of the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway. The advantage of using this pathway is that the total production of nitric oxide will fully add up over both pathways. But that's not all. While the arginine - nitric oxide synthase - nitric oxide pathway will get severely affected by an oxygen depletion and a tissue acidification, the nitrate – nitrite - nitric oxide pathway will continue to function with full effectiveness in this environment that is typical for an intensive training. These two pathways behave in a similar way to a strong confraternity where the stronger and more rested knights will take the burden off the shoulders of their already exhausted brothers.

    Another nice, scientifically proven side effect of an increased nitrate intake is that nitrate will allow your muscles to maintain a longer power production so you can do more repetitions per set during your hard battle in the gym and stand your man longer in any fight against relentless assailants.

    Creatine HCl

    Creatine is by far the best scientifically studied and most effective supplement for increasing your performance during high intensive muscle exertions of short duration such as a hard workout set in the gym or a short but hard fight with an odious and dishonest attacker. In addition, creatine has the ability to dramatically increase the hydration of your muscle cells, as every gram of creatine stored in your muscles can bind over 30 grams of water. This enormous increase in muscle cell volume will result in a dramatic muscle pump, more power because of better mechanical leverages and a significant anabolic effect. To maximize the effectiveness of this amazing ingredient, we only use the innovative creatine hcl form, which is widely regarded as the most effective form of creatine due to its very high bioavailability.

    Betaine hydrochloride

    In addition to increasing muscle mass and strength while delaying muscle fatigue, betaine hydrochloride will also effectively counteract a muscle dehydration. This means that the cell volumizing effects of creatine hcl can be maintained for longer periods of time during extreme workouts and that your pump will be more intense and durable.


    Creatinol-o-phosphate is an interesting, relatively new ingredient designed to increase strength and endurance and to accelerate recovery between sets and post-workout. These effects are based on a faster recovery of your ATP levels after intense efforts. This may sound similar to creatine, but the underlying biochemical processes are different. This means that the effects of creatine and creatinol-o-phosphate will add up without any overlap and that a combination of the two ingredients will result in a significantly stronger effect than a higher dosage of just one of the two ingredients. One study came to the conclusion that creatinol-o-phosphate significantly increased the time under tension during exercise after 7 days of supplementation.

    Utilize the "army" of synergistic and highly potent ingredients of Teutonic, which, like a fraternity of religious knights, will boldly fight every foe who wants to steal your power. Become a knight of the iron order, who supports his brothers in the fight against hard and cold steel in the gyms of this world and always has an open ear and a helping hand for the weak and the helpless, so they may become new brothers of the order in the near future.


    By Jens R on 07/15/2018 5
    Title: Tolle Muskelfülle
    Text: Der Geschmack ist für mich ok bis gut, ebenso wie der Pump. Was das Produkt aber definitiv von vergleichbaren Produkten wie Peaks Epic Pump oder gerade Redcon1 big Noise unterscheidet ist die Muskelfülle und die Verträglichkeit- leider wohl nicht mehr erhältlich
    By Martin P on 07/1/2018 4
    Title: Nichts besonderes
    Text: Schmeckt viel zu süß, auch bei 600-700ml., Arginin scheint etwas schlecht dosiert zu sein, sieht man wegen der Blend jedoch nicht. Citrullin werden auch wahrsch. keine 6-8g sein, das merkt man auch an der Wirkung. Nicht zu vergleichen zum AntiVirus, trotzdem spürt man eine Wirkung
    By Marco D on 04/18/2018 4
    Title: Sehr schlechter Geschmack
    Text: Es tut das was es tun soll gut jedoch ist der Geschmack sehr schlecht und man gewöhnt sich nie daran.
    By Patrik H on 03/31/2017 4
    Title: Schlechter Geschmack - erfüllt aber weitestgehend seinen Zweck
    Text: Ich hatte mir diesen Stim-freien Booster um einiges besser vorgestellt. Der Geschmack ist meiner Meinung nach unter aller Sau und viel zu sauer. Einen verstärkten Muskelpump kann man aber dafür allerdings sehen. Also erfüllt seinen Zweck, aber schmeckt alles andere als gut.
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