T1 Virus - GN Laboratories

T1 Virus - GN Laboratories


T1 Virus is the most extreme and comprehensive pre-workout booster that has ever seen the light of day and it contains more active ingredients in clinical dosages than any other pre-workout product known to us.

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    T1 Virus

    T1 Virus will take your workouts to a whole new level, and your gains in strength and size will surpass your wildest dreams, making the competition in the gym, which will look like bloody newbies in comparison to you, envious. T1 Virus is the most extreme and comprehensive pre-workout booster that has ever seen the light of day and it contains more active ingredients in clinical dosages than any other pre-workout product known to us.

    Product highlights

    • Sheer unrestrained energy that will let you handle even the most brutal and murderous workouts with ease
    • Dramatic increase of power for extremely productive workouts
    • Pronounced anabolic effect for maximum gains of rock-hard solid muscle mass through numerous independent biological pathways
    • Dramatic, skin-busting, murderous pump via several independent biological pathways
    • Razor-sharp focus that will help you to maximally concentrate on your workout and to eliminate any unwanted distractions
    • Maximum delay of exhaustion to enable you to complete these all-important repetitions at the end of each set for the most brutal and productive workouts of your life
    • Dramatic acceleration of your recovery during and post-workout
    • Maximum transport of oxygen, much-needed nutrients and anabolic endogenous hormones to your hungry muscles
    • Contains probably the highest amount of active ingredients in clinical dosages of all available pre-workout boosters
    • Contains Eria Jarensis, the new rising star in the field of performance enhancing stimulants
    • Promotes an increased usage of body fat for fuel during exercise, allowing for a glycogen-sparing effect while losing unsightly body fat
    • Pronounced antioxidant effects to protect your muscle cells from damage caused by free radicals during exercise
    • Promotes the delivery rate of blood by your heart for a maximum blood supply for your hard-working muscles
    • Maximum size gains by stimulating the conversion of stem cells into muscle cells
    • Promotes your joints health during heavy workouts

    How it all started ...

    The outbreak! - In spring 2017, GN Laboratories attempted to develop a new, even extremer booster that would overshadow anything previously possible. After countless experiments in the field of viruses, the lab team thought they had reached their goal with the new K2 virus - arguably the most powerful booster in history. Unfortunately, the test product turned out to be too instable, as the extreme effect dropped quickly after only 40 minutes.

    At the end of 2017 they made a breakthrough. After countless hours and experiments they had developed the most extreme booster that ever had left a laboratory - the T virus. After an official trial in front of the entire leadership of the GN Laboratories, the booster was rated as too weak, so that the research team was again under pressure.

    In cloak and dagger operation the chief laboratory doctor initiated a manipulation of the T-virus. The improved T1-virus should surpass everything that had previously been developed and should do what the T virus and its predecessors could not achieve. Three test subjects were given the untested T1 Virus without the approval of the company's director. After 30 minutes, a new and unprecedented effect on the subjects was noticeable. An inhuman swelling of the muscles and the uncontrollable urge to throw around heavy objects almost playfully were still the more pleasant and desirable consequences of the T1 Virus.

    But the inhumane, almost mutant-like aggression was not planned to that extent. The security staff had been instructed to take action in the event of an unexpected behaviour of the test subjects. Unfortunately, the 20-member security team was not able take control of the situation, as the three T1 test subjects were far superior in strength. She could easily overcome the security staff and the security system. With the help of an inexplicable degree of focus and concentration, they were able to outwit the system's emergency program.

    We did not want something like that to happen – it was not planned. Only two lab technicians and I survived the outbreak. The status of the 3 test subjects is unclear. They are out there among us. This is only the beginning.

    T1 Virus - The Outbreak begins.

    Forget everything you know about Pre-Workout Boosters - T1 Virus is the next evolutionary step on the road to brutal and murderous workouts that will change your body and your life forever

    Although lately there has been a growing trend towards "highly concentrated" pre-workout boosters, which - according to advertising - contain a maximum amount of active ingredients in a minimum amount of powder without unnecessary fillers, we at GN Laboratories have decided to take the completely opposite route during the development of T1 Virus.

    You may wonder why. The answer is trivial: it is simply not possible to pack a maximum amount of active ingredient for maximum effects that encompass the full range of a perfect pre-workout booster into a minimal amount of powder. Many of the "highly-concentrated" pre-workout products out there rely primarily on stimulants, but highly concentrated stimulants alone are simply not enough for a brutal, formally skin-bursting muscle pump, maximum strength, a maximum delay of fatigue, and the fastest possible recovery between your sets and after your workout.

    That's why we decided to develop the most comprehensive and effective pre-workout booster the world has ever seen. In this pre-workout booster we have combined the most effective performance, pump, focus, strength, muscle building and recovery enhancing ingredients that are legally available in clinical dosages, so you can be sure to profit of maximum and sheer breath-taking effects that will make your former extreme workouts look like relaxed cardio sessions.

    Of course, we have paid special attention to the synergistic interaction of all ingredients, which complement each other perfectly and will maximize their individual effects. When combining these highly effective ingredients, we also took great care to use as many different physiological pathways as possible to achieve a maximum impact. An example of this is our Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix, which will maximize your body’s nitric oxide production via two completely independent nitric oxide pathways using citrulline, arginine and nitrate and will also maximize your muscle cell volume by using two additional independent pathways (creatine, glycerol). This usage of different and independent pathways to reach a goal means that the individual effects of all of these pathways will accumulate without overlaps or losses to a total effect that is so strong that you have to experience it in order to believe it.

    The result of our efforts is the probably most comprehensive pre-workout booster that has ever left our lab. One portion of T1 Virus contains just under 27,000 mgs of active ingredients - our citrulline dosage of 6 grams alone will surpass the portion size of many so called "highly concentrated" pre-workout booster. That is something we would call highly concentrated. As you can see on the label, which does not hide anything, but details the amounts of each ingredient on a milligram basis, we do not use alibi dosages of any of our ingredients, but almost always the full clinical dosages used in scientific studies. Some of our testers even went so far as to call T1 Virus the "who is who of legal performance enhancing substances" ...

    This is OUR version of "All Killer no Filler!"

    So at least we thought ... until we realized that our mad scientists had created a monster that nobody can control. What should we do? Three of our subjects, who have achieved superhuman strength and monstrous muscle mass thanks to the T1 Virus, are out there amongst us. Nobody can stop them. It was not an easy decision for us, but to save the world we had to put the T1 Virus into circulation despite of its monstrous and terrifying effects. Maybe one of the brave users out there will be immune against this unbridled aggression and can fight the chaos. If not, we will all be lost ...

    If you are one of these brave souls and want to find out if you are the chosen one who can save the world and help us develop an antivirus, please try the T1 Virus. We can not promise you anything - except that you will become a powerful muscle monster with superhuman strength that can not be stopped by anything.

    What can you expect from T1 Virus?

    T1 Virus will give you everything you need for the most brutal and intense, but also most productive workouts of your life. Before you start with T1 Virus you should write down in detail what plateaus and stagnant progresses are exactly, because otherwise you may have problems in the future to understand what other trainees mean when they use these foreign words.

    With the unruly energy, the brute force, and the extreme delay of any exhaustion that T1 Virus will give you, you'll be able to do more repetitions with extreme weights per set and more brutally hard sets per workout to shock your body in such an extreme way, that he has no other choice but to build up maximum levels of strength and mountains of rock-hard muscles if he wants to survive your next workout.

    And since T1 will maximally accelerate and optimize your recovery during and post-workout, you will be able to exercise more intensely more often and to more often set a more intense stimulus for gains of size and strength

    You do not need to worry about a decreasing quality of your form and an associated increased risk of injury, as T1 Virus will give you a razor-sharp focus that will help you to focus maximally on your workout and to forget anything else. This is where the T1 Virus induced optimization of your mind-muscle connection comes into play, allowing you and the weight on the bar to become one.

    And then there is this awesome pump that would even make the old pump junky Arnold jealous. This pump will give you this brutal, vascular look that will make your blood-pumped muscles look even more massive and threatening. This look - in conjunction with your unconditional determination - will show everyone who is in charge here and nobody will ever look down on you from above, because even your toughest competitors will be looking up to you in the future. But you will not care much about that, because you will be so focused on your workout that you will not notice such trivialities.

    Thanks to T1 Virus you will no longer have any excuses for unproductive workouts - and you will not need such excuses any more since T1 Virus will turn any mediocre workout into a great workout. Your workout euphoria will be so high that you will have to force yourself to leave the gym again.

    WARNING: T1 Virus is an extreme pre-workout product designed exclusively for hardcore bodybuilders and strength athletes who know what hard training really means. Due to the extreme amounts of active ingredient per serving, one serving at a time must never be exceeded.

    Wannabes bodybuilders and anyone else who works out only half-heartedly will be too overwhelmed by the extreme muscle pump that T1 Virus will deliver - and these guys will probably use the extreme focus that T1 Virus will give them only to be more concentrated while chatting between their ridiculously light sets.

    If you are working out with a partner who is not using T1 Virus as well, it may well be that you will be wasting a lot of your time with changing the weights, because the weights your partner uses will not even be suitable for your warm up sets.

    Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier

    The Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix contains the most effective ingredients for a murderous, skin-splitting pump in maximum clinical dosages and goes far beyond of what you would expect from other pre-workout boosters and pump supplements. In addition to using clinical dosages of the active ingredients, we've chosen and combined the ingredients of the Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix in a special way to use every conceivable pump mechanism from maximizing your nitric oxide production by using multiple independent pathways to maximizing your muscle cell volume. These mechanisms and pathways complement and reinforce each other and the result of this is the most brutal pump you have ever experienced - Arnold, one of the biggest pump junkies, would turn green with envy.

    But why is the pump so important and much more than just a super-cool feeling?

    The first mechanism by which T1 Virus maximizes your pump is a dramatic increase in nitric oxide production in your blood vessels. Nitric oxide serves as a messenger that causes a widening of your veins by a relaxation of the smooth muscles of the walls of your blood vessels. As your veins are dilated, more blood can be transported to your hard-working muscles in a shorter amount of time, providing them with more urgently needed oxygen, anabolic nutrients, and endogenous anabolic hormones. At the same time, toxic metabolic waste products such as ammonia and lactic acid, which can cause premature fatigue of your muscles, are removed faster during your workout.

    The result? A faster recovery during and post-workout, and a much later onset of muscle fatigue, which will allow you to do those last reps at the end of a set that are so critical for gains of strength and size.

    The second mechanism that will maximize your pump is an increased muscle cell volume by Glyceromax® and Creatine Polyhydrate™ that will make your muscles look fuller and harder. Such an expansion of your muscle tissue will not only look great, but will also increase your strength by improved mechanical leverages and will deliver a strong anabolic effect.

    As you can see, you can enjoy the pump with good conscience because it is not just a good feeling, but an important key to developing brutal strength and impressive muscles that will make others envy. The Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix contains the following ingredients in clinical dosages:

    Citrulline Polyhydrate™ - 6,000 mg

    The naturally occurring amino acid citrulline is according to experts and users one of the most potent nitric oxide boosters the market has to offer. Citrulline acts via the same pathway as arginine, but reaches your blood flow mostly intact, thanks to our innovative Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering technology. Once in your body, citrulline is converted to arginine in your kidneys, which is then used to produce nitric oxide.

    But citrulline can do even more: scientific research has shown that citrulline can increase your body’s muscle protein synthesis, which will lead to a faster post-workout recovery and faster gains in size. In addition, it can reduce muscle soreness post-workout.

    Arginine Polyhydrate™ - 4,000 mg

    L-arginine is a naturally occurring dietary amino acid and the most scientifically studied and widely used nitric oxide booster on the market. In addition, scientific research has shown that arginine can dramatically increase your natural growth hormone production, which will help you achieve much faster gains in strength and muscle mass.

    Some experts may tell you, that l-arginine is largely useless. This has to do with the fact that orally taken arginine will be destroyed to a large extent in your digestive tract and your liver before it even reaches your bloodstream. We address this issue by using our innovative Polyhydrate™ Unique Buffering technology, which protects arginine from destruction in your digestive tract.

    Glyceromax® - 1,500 mg

    Glyceromax® is a novel powdered form of glycerol. Glycerol? Yes, glycerol. Few strength athletes are aware of the fact that glycerol is one of the best kept secrets in the field of hardcore bodybuilding when it comes to an insane pump and maximum muscle fullness. Glycerol will boost your pump independently of the nitric oxide pathway and therefore the effects of these two mechanisms will add up without any overlap or losses.

    Glycerine can dramatically increase the hydration of your body by drawing water into your muscle cells similar to creatine, which will give you a crazy pump and your muscles a much fuller look. These water retentions can significantly increase your strength through better mechanical leverages and possess - as already mentioned - a direct anabolic effect.

    In addition, thanks to its hydrating effects, glycerol is able to significantly increase your blood volume, which will further boost your pump during exercise.

    Beetroot Powder - 500 mg

    Beetroot is a very rich natural source of nitrate, and nitrate is a highly effective nitric oxide booster that can dramatically increase your body’s nitric oxide production, independent of the arginine pathway. This also means that the effects of both pathways will add up without any losses. The special feature of the nitrate nitric oxide pathway is that it continues to function unaffected even under extreme conditions, such as an exercise induced oxygen deficit and an exercise induced acidic environment, while the arginine nitric oxide pathway will start to give up under these conditions.

    L-Norvaline - 250 mg

    L-Norvaline is an l-valine related amino acid that inhibits the activity of the arginase enzyme in your body. Why is this important? Because the enzyme arginase degrades arginine that will no longer be available as a substrate for nitric oxide production. By inhibiting this enzyme, l-norvaline can lift the natural limitations of your body's nitric oxide production and will allow you to maximize your body’s production of this circulation enhancing agent. And that's not just theory - scientific research has shown that l-norvaline can increase you body’s nitric oxide production by a staggering 55%!

    Resveratrol - 200 mg

    Resveratrol is a very powerful antioxidant that is found naturally in grape skins and red wine. As an antioxidant, it can protect your muscles from free radical damage during exercise and accelerate your post-workout recovery.

    As part of the Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix resveratrol is particularly interesting because it keeps the blood vessels healthy and elastic. The latter is an essential prerequisite for an optimal dilation of your veins by nitric oxide and a maximum blood supply for your hungry, hard-working muscles.

    Hawthorn Leaf Extract - 200 mg

    Hawthorn leaf extracts have long been used for treating heart failure and to improve heart health. Recent research suggests that hawthorn leaf extracts can also increase the pumping power of your heart, meaning that your heart can pump more blood through your body during a shorter amount of time. Hawthorn leaf extracts will therefore work together synergistically with the blood flow enhancing ingredients of T1 Virus because dilating your veins can only increase the blood supply for your muscles if enough blood can be pumped through your veins. The performance enhancing effects of hawthorn leaf extracts are so pronounced that these extracts are used with great success for performance enhancing in racehorses.

    In addition, hawthorn leaf extracts possess potent antioxidant effects that can neutralize free radicals that are inevitably produced during intense workouts. This will protect your muscle cells and joints from damage caused by these reactive oxygen species and will also speed up your post-workout recovery.

    Focus & Drive Intensifier

    The Focus & Drive Intensifier Matrix contains a wide range of highly effective, synergistically co-active ingredients that will give you a razor-sharp focus even during your most gruelling workouts, while dramatically increasing your strength and stamina even during the toughest and most brutal workouts.

    This matrix is one of the first products available in Europe to feature the new superstar in the area of the most effective legal stimulants: Eria Jarensis. Thanks to its synergistic interactions with the other ingredients of this matrix, you will be able to execute more repetitions with even more murderous weights and more sets with maximum concentration, leaving your body with no choice but to grow as much muscle mass and strength as possible, as fast as possible.

    The Focus & Drive Intensifier Matrix contains the following ingredients in clinical dosages:

    L-Acetyl Tyrosine - 1,500 mg

    L-tyrosine is an amino acid that is naturally occurring in your body. L-tyrosine is the substrate your body needs to produces the two strongest endogenous stimulating neurotransmitters adrenaline and norepinephrine. Even an isolated supplementation of tyrosine can increase your strength and energy through this mechanism, but it becomes even more interesting when tyrosine is combined with the other stimulants contained in T1 Virus, since tyrosine can increase the effects of other stimulants by up to 100%.

    We use the l-acetyl version of tyrosine, which has a much better bioavailability than regular l-tyrosine.

    Eria Jarensis Extract - 250 mg

    Our Eria Jarensis extract is an extract of an orchid species bearing the same name that contains highly potent stimulating and performance enhancing ingredients. Many experts in the field of sports supplementation already see Eria Jarensis as the next big star in the area of performance enhancing stimulants, whose effect will seamlessly fit into the lineage of unfortunately now forbidden legendary stimulants such as ephedrine and DMAA.

    The primary active ingredients of Eria Jarensis are the potent stimulants N-methyl-phenethylamine and N, N-dimethyl-phenethylamine, which have a structure similar to amphetamines, without possessing the dangerous side effects of amphetamines. These active ingredients stimulate, among other things, a strong release of norepinephrine and dopamine. As a result, Eria Jarensis will give you insane energy, a razor sharp focus, and a true sense of euphoria even during your most brutal workouts, to allow you to work harder and more intense, while delaying the onset of fatigue.

    Caffeine - 200 mg

    Of course, caffeine should not be missing in any booster as it works together synergistically with other stimulants and can dramatically increase their effects. Apart from the fact that caffeine can significantly improve your focus and your ability to concentrate while exercising, this ingredient will also have a direct effect on your physical performance, as caffeine can increase the power production of your muscles and optimize the coordination of your muscle contractions - and both will result in significantly heavier weights you can use during all your exercises.

    In addition, caffeine has a glycogen-sparing effect, as it will significantly increases the usage of body fat for fuel during exercise. This will not only help you to lose unsightly body fat, but will also allow you to endure longer and more brutal workouts as you will have more muscle glycogen available as an energy reserve.

    Dimethylaminoethanol - 200 mg

    Dimethylaminoethanol is a compound that is naturally occurring in your body. When given in supplement form, it can increase the production of the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Increased levels of acetylcholine are synonymous with a better ability to concentrate and a significantly increased focus, allowing you to fully concentrate on your training and using a perfect form.

    Due to its pronounced antioxidant effect, dimethylaminoethanol can protect your muscles from free radical damage and accelerate your post-workout recovery.

    Power / Strength & Endurance Matrix

    This innovative combination of high-potency ingredients aims to maximize your strength and performance while simultaneously delaying any exhaustion as much as possible to allow you to endure workouts that are so murderous and intense that others would flee with fear at the mere thought of them.

    But you will be able to do these workouts with perfect form, as exhaustion will be a foreign word for you. The Power / Strength & Endurance Matrix will optimize your mind muscle connection, to allow you to become one with the heavy weights on the bar. And the more murderous and intense your workouts will be, the more strength and rock-hard muscle mass you will build.

    The Power / Strength & Endurance Matrix contains the following ingredients in clinical dosages:

    Beta Alanine Polyhydrate™ - 3,000 mg

    Beta alanine is the only naturally occurring beta-amino in your body and acts as a precursor for the body's most potent acid buffer carnosine. Beta-Alanine is the rate limiting substance of your body’s carnosine production, meaning that the more beta-alanine you have in your body, the more carnosine will be produced. It was shown by scientific studies that the carnosine concentration in your muscles can be increased by up to 80% during a beta-alanine supplementation.

    But why is the acid buffer carnosine so important? As you exercise, your muscles will become acidified by an increased production of lactate and other metabolic waste products, and the more acidic the environment in your muscles becomes, the less force your muscles can produce, until they will eventually reach a state of muscle failure, when the acid concentration gets too high. This hyperacidity is also noticeable by the characteristic burning sensation you will feel in your muscles during an intense set of your workout. Carnosine can neutralize this hyperacidity, with the result that the onset of fatigue will be severely delayed to allow you to execute these last few repetitions of a set that will produce the strongest stimulus for gains of size and strength.

    In addition, it has been shown that beta-alanine will synergistically interact with creatine when it comes to building new muscle mass.

    Of course, we use our innovative Beta-Alanine Polyhydrate™, which scores points for superior bioavailability and superior stability in your digestive tract.

    Creatine Polyhydrate™ - 3,000 mg

    Creatine is the best studied supplement available on the market and its effects have been proven beyond doubt by hundreds if not thousands of scientific studies. As creatine will dramatically boost your ATP resynthesis during your workout, it can dramatically increase your strength and performance during intensive resistance training, while stimulating gains of size and strength and making your muscles look fuller because of an accumulation of water inside your muscle cells. As explained in the description of the Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix the latter can also increase your gains of size and strength

    Of course, we use our innovative Creatine Polyhydrate™, which contains creatine HCl, the most effective creatine form with the highest bioavailability that is further enhanced by our Polyhydrate™ acid buffer.

    Betaine HCl - 2,000 mg

    In addition to its numerous health benefits, this amazing ingredient can not only dramatically increase your strength, power and muscle endurance, but also significantly delay your muscle fatigue. In addition, betain hcl will prevent a dehydration of your muscles and thereby enhance the effects of the Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix.

    Taurine - 2,000 mg

    Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can not only increase the effects of caffeine, but also increase your energy levels and delay the onset of muscle fatigue during your workout. In addition, taurine possesses glycogen-sparing effects, as it will cause an increased usage of body fat for fuel. And if that was not enough, Taurine can accelerate your post-workout recovery and - as a powerful antioxidant - protect your muscles from free radical damage during strenuous physical exertions.

    N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine - 600 mg

    In addition to its use as a mucus remover, n-acetyl-l-cysteine is also a potent nootropic agent that can increases the secretion of dopamine in your brain. These elevated levels of dopamine will increase your mental and spiritual energy and may improve the motor coordination of your muscles, resulting in an increased power output.

    In addition, n-acetyl-l-cysteine will act as a precursor for the body's strongest antioxidant, glutathione, which can protect your muscles from free radical damage and accelerate your post-workout recovery.

    Alpha GPC - 150 mg

    Alpha GPC, also known as alpha-glycerophosphocholine, serves as a choline source for your body and can significantly increase the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Higher levels of acetylcholine will not only increase your focus and your physical performance, but also improve the so called mind muscle connection, which will result in a significant increase in strength - scientific research says 14%.

    In addition, according to scientific studies, Alpha-GPC may increase your growth hormone levels by up to 221%, which of course will have very positive effects on muscle gains and fat loss.

    Hydrate & Defend

    Coconut water concentrate

    Coconut water extract is very rich in essential minerals and trace elements and will give your body exactly the substances it loses through sweat during gruelling workouts. This will promote an optimum hydration of your body, which is important because even a dehydration of 2% will significantly reduce your strength and endurance.


    Hesperidin is a flavonoid found naturally in some citrus fruits. In addition to its many well known health benefits, which include a cholesterol lowering effect, a scientific study from 2010 showed that hesperidin can also produce anabolic, muscle-building effects if used in sufficiently high doses. This study has shown that hesperidin stimulates stem cells to develop into muscle cells, which will not only result in a faster and more pronounced muscle growth, but will also significantly speed up your recovery after intense workouts. Of course, T1 Virus contains the full dosage of hesperidin needed for these effects.

    Together with the vitamin C contained in the Fuel Blend, hesperidin will promote the formation of collagen, as well as strengthening your collagen structures, which will greatly improve health and resilience of your joints, which are severely challenged and strained during gruelling workouts.

    White Willow Bark Extract

    White willow bark extract not only possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which will produce analgesic effects, but will also inhibit the breakdown of the highly stimulating endogenous neurotransmitter norepinephrine, via which the stimulants contained in T1 Virus develop part of their effect. In other words, white willow bark extract will enhance and prolong the stimulating and performance enhancing effects of T1 Virus.

    Fuel blend

    The Fuel Blend Matrix contains a number of supportive vitamins and minerals that work together synergistically with other components of T1 Virus to enable you to execute even tougher and more intense workouts. The contained minerals calcium and magnesium play a crucial role in the function of your muscles. These minerals are primarily used to replace minerals lost during exercise through your sweat to maintain your full muscle contractility.

    The contained vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that will protect your muscles and joints from damage caused by an exercise-induced increased production of free radicals, while promoting and accelerating your post-workout recovery.

    In addition to its numerous health benefits, the contained niacin has a pronounced circulation promoting effect and will synergistically support the effects of the ingredients of the Pump / Vascularity & Energy Amplifier Matrix for an even more brutal pump with all its advantages. In addition, niacin is needed for the energy production of your body and can increase the maximum working capacity of your muscles.


    Piperine is an alkaloid found naturally in black pepper. Piperine is known for its unique ability to dramatically increase the bioavailability of a myriad of compounds and supplement ingredients by up to 2000% by blocking enzymes responsible for their degradation. In practice this means that T1 Virus will have a much stronger effect, as piperine will guarantee a maximum absorption of all ingredients.

    Warnings: Do not use this product if you are taking any medication that falls into the group of MAO inhibitors. If in doubt, consult your doctor before using this product.

    Note for athletes tested for prohibited performance enhancing agents: Ingredients of this product may cause a false positive drug test due to structural similarities. Please discuss the use of this product

    Recommended daily intake: Add 30 g (2 scoops) powder to 600 ml cold water and shake

    By Phillip S on 05/15/2018 5
    Title: Geiles Ding
    Text: Sehr potenter Booster. Definitiv nix für Leute, die noch nicht wissen wie sie auf bestimmte Sachen reagieren :D
    By Güngör K on 05/6/2018 4
    Title: T1 Virus
    Text: Guter Geschmack--Guter Pump---Lieferung schnell und zuverlässig ..
    guter Booster für alle die beim Training ein kick brauchen um bei der Sache zu bleiben
    By Didar A on 04/27/2018 5
    Title: Infiziert!
    Text: Das ist der erste Booster, bei dem ich die Wirkung spüre. Der Geschmack ist sau gut (Black Cherry) und nur weiterzuempfehlen.

    Der Pump ist extrem,
    Die Ausdauer ist extrem,

    Gute Arbeit Gigas-Nutrition!
    By Marcel A on 04/24/2018 5
    Title: FUUUUUUK
    Text: Dieser Booster ist nicht Normal habe sein langem mal wieder einen Booster mit Stims genommen und es wohl etwas übertrieben dachte mir ich nehme mal 40g wiege ja auch 100kg XD



    Habe dann mal heute morgen die 30g genommen und muss sagen ein HAMMER BOOSTER großes lob an GN !!!! EIN CRASH UND EIN HAMMER TRAINING !!!!

    Weiter so GN !!!

    Eine absolute Kaufempfehlung aber nicht mehr als Ein oder Zwei mal die Woche nehmen und nicht mehr als 30g ; ) !!!
    By Tanja A on 04/22/2018 5
    Title: Der Hammer
    Text: Der beste Booster den ich je hatte.
    Der Pump ist brachial.
    Die Stimulanzien machen einen zum Gott für 2 Stunden.
    Die Koffein Wirkung könnte was stärker sein, da kann man mit Tabletten nachhelfen 200 sind für einen Hardcore Booster doch recht wenig.
    Ansonsten wirklich perfekt!
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